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Former chief minister of Karnataka and former state president of Janata Dal (Secular) H.D.
Give your rating: ?????? ????????? ?????????????? ?????????????? ??????????. Sruthi Hariharan, started her career as assistant to a choreographer in Bangalore and slowly graduated to acting in Kannada and Malayalam films. How did Pawan Kumar cast you in Lucia?I really loved Pawan’s debut film, Lifeu Ishtene--it was the second Kannada film that I watched on the big screen after Mungaru Male. What do you have to say about crowd-funding and marketing on social media platforms?These platforms have existed for a while now, but I think it is pretty much because of Pawan and the way he has taken it forward.
Apart from Malayalam and Kannada, would you like to do films in other languages as well?I would really love to do Tamil films. Give your rating: View PhotosActress Parineeti Chopra has reduced a lot of weight, but the actress says that it is not for her upcoming Karan Johar production Hasee Toh Phasee.
Kumaraswamy, who turns 57 years on December 16, works out at gym at his residence in Bangalore, with his son Nikhil Gowda to lose weight as per doctor's suggestion. When you do your weight loss exercises at home, there are more chances of you being regular. After doing two Malayalam films, Cinema Company and Thekku Thekkoru Desathu, she has three releases in Kannada this year.
How did acting happen?Imraan Sardariya was pretty much the guy who introduced me to the film world. It will change the way independent Kannada films will be made in the coming times.Why Kannada especially?People have explored this option in other states, like in Tamil there was this film called Kurai Ondrum Illai which is a crowd-funded film.
Being a Bangalorean it is easy to be multi-lingual, so when an opportunity comes from Tamil or Telugu, I will not say no to it.

The movie, which is going to be one of the most challenging roles, which Sivakarthikeyan had done in his career till now, will see the actor appearing as a girl.
Before that also I believe someone else has explored this option elsewhere in India.Usually, indie filmmakers try and break into the mainstream with scripts that do not appeal to the masses. The working culture is great in the Tamil industry; in Malayalam they are technically very strong, so when I am working there, I am learning so much about the technical aspects of acting and filmmaking.
Touted as a romantic entertainer, the movie has forced Sivakarthikeyan to lose a handful of body weight, besides that of the girly features like – growing nails.
But, strangely, Pawan called me and explained what Lucia was all about.How was it working with Pawan?Pawan is not the usual core Kannada film industry man. You should be thinking about the kind of daring attempt that Siva is making right now; well, you are not alone as the whole industry is awaiting to get a glimpse of Siva from the movie.
I thought it was another independent film and I don’t think even Pawan thought it would go commercial then.
She constantly tries to make her man a better person, pushes him towards the brink of challenging himself and doing something and making her proud of him. And, I really would love to do at least a small character role under Anurag Kashyap’s direction in Hindi, just to see how he works. I had a commitment with the company, but I took up the film and they shot it in about six months in Kerala. He was talking about the DVD and online release and all and he also said it may or may not work on the big screen. I fell in love with the stage, loved performing, and loved the resounding applause at the end of it. In the second character, I play this heroine, pretty and dumb, who is in love with this star and who doesn’t know where to draw the line.

The men in the crew locked up my hair stylist Vaidurya Lokesh and me in the projection room of that theatre to protect us from the eyes of these guys who were there to watch a B-grade flick. After college, I decided to take up dance as my profession against my family’s wishes. Navya Naveli Nanda Shares Her WEIRDEST Pics; Also See Her 20 New Hot Photos With Her Friends! I did some freelance work, danced with some professional dancers and also worked in the Kannada film industry as assistant choreographer to Imraan Sardariya. These are not things you would do in any normal commercial film.You mentioned that Pawan is not a core Kannada industry man and makes urban films, which is why you wanted to work with him. It was moulded into what it is today by Pawan Kumar and it wasn’t envisioned this way by any of us. When you have just five or 10 people shooting a film you know that this is a really small film. The fact that it has garnered so much attention and focus in the social media is still very hard to digest. I don’t want to be doing only extremely mass masala films where the female lead is mere eye-candy.

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