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Many people are worried with the extra weight they have put on and are always finding different ways to shed it. This is the first in a series of blog posts describing my journey to lose my excess baby weight gained during my second pregnancy. Well despite losing my appetite during my pregnancy and trying very hard to make healthy meals throughout the last 9 months I’ve still managed to end up 33 pounds heavier after having my baby.
I want to stop eating junk as it’s not doing me any good and losing weight is a good incentive to eat more healthily. I want to encourage others to get healthy and lose excess weight and I can’t do that if I am overweight myself.
I find exercise easier when I’m not carrying around all that excess weight and I find it easier to run around with my kids.
My husband is getting through this tough time with coffee but I can’t drink the stuff, so chocolate it is for now! So with all these great reasons for drinking green thickies, why on earth would I want to do anything else this time around. So when my baby starts sleeping slightly longer and spacing out the time between his feeds I’ll be starting my new healthy diet. You can read my next week’s struggle getting back on to a healthy diet and my battle with sugar addictions. Hi, I am so excited for you to start this new journey and I would love to go on it with you and everyone else interested.
You mention that you have written an ebook about three different diet plans and that is what you plan to follow.
I’m just making the final touches to my ebook and then I’ll be looking for testers for it, so watch out for a post coming soon if you fancy testing it out for me! Remember that fruit is super easy to grab and eat throughout the day -maybe eating more of it would help with those nighttime chocolate cravings? I used to track my food intake but felt too restricted doing that but agree it’s definitely a good strategy for losing weight. My 2nd son will be 3 in November and I’m still 20kg over weight (went right up to 93kg at 9 months! The Filtrete 4-Bottle Water Station allows        Purify tap water wherever needed with Brita.
Increasing your daily water intake can get you closer to meeting your fitness goals for 2013. Drinking more water can be the beginning of achieving a more healthy and fit lifestyle.

About KoryYou'll see me writing on a variety of topics, but they all come back to two basic things: water and air. There are many different ways to lose your weight and the most successful ones include the consumption of Chinese Diet Tea. This will help you in digesting the food you have had at night and will keep your body healthy. My second baby will be a year in two days and I am still 14 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight from this pregnancy and a total of 32 lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight with my four year old. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and am not drinking green thickies, thanks to you.
I plan to share my weight loss journey to my readers on the blog for the same reason as you – to keep me accountable.
I have about 30 lbs to lose myself and would like to follow your meal plans to see how it could work out for me – not just for weight loss but for feeling better as well. I am trying to lose this stubborn weight that just seems to stay there no matter what fad diet I try or what different DVD or As Seen On TV equipment I buy.
No matter how much weight you are looking to lose over the coming year, there is a simple and effective way to lose those unwanted pounds: drinking more water.
This type of tea has gained popularity in the last few years and is responsible for quick loss of weight. I didn’t gain an exceptional amount of weight with either pregnancy each about 25 lbs, but I managed to put weight on and keep weight on while breastfeeding from putting anything in my sleep deprived mouth I could get my hands on.
I have been drinking greem smoothies to aid in weight loss and I really notice a difference when I drink them compared to junk. Half the battle for me is just figuring out what to eat, so it would be great to follow how you go about it.
I keep thinking I need to lose my muffin top, but I haven’t tried very hard and my last child is 8!
I first came across your Green Thickies website and Facebook page around the beginning of this year. I have a 5 year old and since i got pregnant have not been able to loose all the extra weight. I have an online health store and I’m studying plant based nutrition, so I don’t have a real excuse! Studies show that dieters who drank at least 2 cups of water before a meal lost 5 pounds more than a group of dieters who did not increase their water intake.

Along with eating healthier, drinking healthier is effective in losing unwanted pounds and getting more fit. Although this technique gives you the desired results, you must not use it for more than the required period. Repeating the process on a daily basis will help you in developing a good healthy routine for yourself and you will see a prominent change in yourself. But I have been searching for a more detailed plan to follow and doing it with someone would make it even better.
Maybe some sort of ‘better in the morning, better in the afternoon, perfect for dinner’ type break down? Im 25 years old and 5’4 and have 163 lbs and is difficult to dress with nice clothes because middle my section. I'll do my best to filter through it to show you exactly how clean water and air impacts your life.
Drinking the cup of diet tea in the morning will set a standard for the required daily consumption of food.
I have lost weight before but now i just cant,i have tried it all and it has been a waste of time and money. These reusable water bottles are safer for the environment than plastic bottled water, which lacks regulations and pollutes our nations landfills and waterways.
The tea contains ingredients that will burn fat quickly and will help you in losing weight quickly and in a healthy way. I was thinking that we could all comment on your blog updates of your progress with our weight loss numbers and things we found that worked or didnt work etc. By using reusable water bottles, you are losing weight and helping to protect the environment. Even though its all through cyber space it would be great to see your progress and everyone else’s.

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