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I started my weight loss challenge against Paul Piotrowski exactly 102 days ago, which means that there are only 18 days left!
As a quick recap, we each must lose 14% of our starting body weight (which works out to 30 pounds each) within 4 months (120 days). I am writing this post right around midnight, so by the time I post it, there will actually only be 17 days left.
As you can see, I’ve been continuing to lose weight at a fairly gradual rate if you look at it from the long-term instead of day-to-day. Paul’s tremendous progress finally started to slow down this past week, and it almost looked like he was about to bottom out, until he lost 1.8 pounds yesterday. Anyway, Paul basically has this in the bag now, and so it’s now up to me to see if I can make it in time. In addition to my ‘daily list’, I’ve also been occasionally going for my ‘long walks’ which works out to around once every 4-5 days. I’ve been slowly incrementing the distance each time I go… by around 0.25 KM each time so as to not shock my system. I originally only walked the entire thing, but now I do a tiny bit of jogging once I hit the trail.
Also, lately I noticed that I just felt like picking it up a notch and would break into a jog for a while.
Since I am still behind the minimum pace in order to make this challenge on time, I increased my number of daily crunches by 1 last week, and increased the time of my daily walk today by 1 minute. It’s hard though, because while I try to only eat enough to satisfy my hunger, I am usually still hungry even though I’m eating slow.
Paul has been continuing with his Dr.Bernstein diet, albeit on ‘maintenance mode’, which has continued to do extremely well for him.
That being said, the competition isn’t over, and he’ll have to maintain his weight for the final weigh-in. It’s also interesting… while Paul has lost 30 pounds, it looks like he could still afford to lose another 20 in order to really get in shape. In my last few weight loss contest updates, I included polls to see what you guys thought would happen in this challenge.
With Paul having already lost the target goal of 30 pounds and me still needing to lose 7.8 pounds, it will be interesting how people vote this time around.
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BTW, I was thinking of getting started on a similar journey, just wanted to know, what kept you going initially. Of course on weight-in day I’m going to (a) be doing my weigh in during the evening and (b) I will be holding the camera so I have to add in that 2-3lbs buffer into the equation.
I had a question, rather than a comment — that graph you have (with the red and blue lines), I was looking for some sort of software or a program to graph simple charts. Looking forward to see it come down to the wire and hope you manage to pull off a last minute miracle, Tyler. I think you are doing a great job, but you do need to step it up a bit if you are going to beat the challenge. My friend did something similar to this about three years ago (by himself, though) and donated all the money he raised to charity.
This competition is just so great, I wish I had a friend with whom I could put up a weight loss challenge. Exactly when I read this post, I was also thinking if I have some one with same mind set how it would be.
Sorry, If you both want to fix the weight and win, must you really starve the last 10 days and live only on water and miniral tablets. Good Luck with the weight loss Tyler, I am glad to see that you are involved in doing something that will definitely help your health in the long term. Follow me on Twitter to get faster updates and news sent mainly from my Blackberry when I'm on the go. Sign up to my newsletter to stay informed with a summary of recent posts, upcoming contests, and other news.
It is quite incredible how fast time seems to go when you are nearing the cut-off time of a very ambitious project. That works out to nearly half a pound… that’s half a pound I have to lose EVERY DAY for the next 18 days, just to barely make the challenge! He gained 0.2 pounds today, so he’s not out of the woods yet, but unless he goes completely insane, he’s going to make this challenge no problem. He did weigh in at 4 pounds more than me, but he basically lost all of that on the 2nd day of the challenge. My heart is unable to handle jogging past a minute or two, but I do try to jog whenever I have the capacity. I’m a little bit behind with my vegetables, and appear to be eating too much for a late dinner.

And he’ll actually have to lose a couple pounds more in order to compensate for the added clothes and camera during the final weigh-in.
Basically, I’m unable to do things that increase my heart rate by a lot for extended periods of time.
Although fruits sugar is natural, it is still sugar and can be something that inhibits weight loss.
Enjoyed following this second challenge quite a bit and picked up some good weight loss tips along the way too. I hope to supplement my income by making websites but all I can seem to find here are blogs about losing weight and taking walks and playing with video cameras. Reaching out to people and trying something in remote isnt that great when you have some one very near who can talk about it on a day to day basis. It takes some serious determination to stick with a weight loss challenge for this long.
Weight Loss Miami, Weight Loss clinic Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Aventura, Miami lakes, Lipotropic Diet Miami, fast weight Loss, Natural Weight Loss, Day SPa, Botox, prp treatment. In fact, I will probably only have time for one last weight loss update after this post before the competition is over. I guess he really ate a lot on the eve before the challenge start time in order to influence his numbers.
Just replacing the fruit with some more vege’s might help you get a couple of pounds closer to your goal. I need to lose a few pounds too lately as I’ve let myself go due to extra work loads and bad time management.
Maybe we’ll have to settle on having the loser buy the winner a burger and coke to celebrate the weight loss.
You mentioned that you used social crocodile to gain 5000 facebook fans and 2000 twitter followers. It’s not very far, but it does get me out walking for 25 minutes every day, and it adds up – 2.3 KM everyday over 1 month works out to 69KM (43 MI).

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