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Although there are medical conditions that require going gluten free many people are adopting a gluten free diet to help live a healthy life and also lose weight.
I gave up breads, wheat and other delicacies that have gluten protein in it, instead I replace them with healthier ones like cereals and grains. Researchers say it has the po… moreIn a new paper published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers from the Oxford Martin Programme on the F… moreThe ubiquitous nutrition facts panel has graced food packages for many years. This is how to lose weight on a gluten free diet that so many people simply don’t consider.

But can it be improved?… moreNationwide study of 2.3 million Israeli adolescents examined from 1967 through 2010 finds association between elevated BMI in… moreInfertility is a silent problem that obese men have to face.
Just by changing a few of the items you eat on a regular basis and trading in one snack a day for a fruit can have a big impact on your weight.Are All Gluten Free Foods Healthy for Me?Marketers and companies see just how popular the Gluten free diet craze is and try to take advantage of it. Most people start changing their diets and eating more fruits which helps them lose weight. So in reality you’re just eating more healthy foods in your diet which causes you to lose weight.

This is how to lose weight on a gluten free diet.Do I Believe the Hype of Gluten Free Foods?There are many celebrities who are pushing the Gluten Free diet and lifestyle. They have a following and certainly many of their fans and followers also adopted the gluten-free diet and lifestyle.The only way to tell if you have Celiac disease is by getting a blood test and then an intestinal biopsy.

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