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GMD is a research which is conducted by Nutrition specialist with the purpose to help you losing weight by controlling energy and fat input within 7 days GMD is created for only staffs of General Motors, Inc (a company producing cars in US) and was threated worldwide due to his efficiency in losing weight after checking and supervising in John Hopkins, USA You will be provided suitable diets which not only provide enough energy for daily need, but also not to cumulative excessive fat.
Quantity input of vegetables for weight loss menu is not limited, however please take out potatoes. You can eat any kinds of fruits and vegetables without considering quantity input, however please not to eat anything else, otherwise your weight will not lose. You can change your menu on Friday by eating bananas and drink milk with controlled amount input. Bananas and milk will release the feeling of tired due to lacking Kali and Nitric which were not taken during the previous dates.

Adding carbohydrate by eating 1 bowl of rice and vegetables is the weight loss’s dish you need to take on the 6th date.
This is the last day of weight loss process we need to go with 1 bowl of rice a long with vegetables for lunch. After following all above, you are not going to lose weight but also having to good body, good health as excessive fat and toxic factors are released during this process. It is good to eat water melon because it contains a lots of water and fiber insider which can support in losing weight. Your weight loss campaign may fail if potatoes are taken into your meal as it contains lots of starch.

As mentioned above, please do not eat bananas and potatoes as they are providing too much starch which decreases the efficiency of weight loss. Other good points of GMD are weight loss safely and weight loss efficiently with good mood. Boiled vegetables are recommended for breakfast and dinner which increase the efficiency of weight loss campaign.

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