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As I am prepping for my Figure NPC show, I have found that doing my home fitness programs through Beachbody has really helped me with my morning cardio and plyos! So this morning, I decided to whip out the 21 Day Fix Extreme and do that as my morning workout for my training!!
So if you are having trouble losing those last 10 lbs, wanting to really tone up, change to healthy habits and get into the fittest shape of your life, THIS IS IT!! Saturday morning, I was able to do a group workout with my team Forever FIT and it was pretty awesome to sweat for something bigger!! If you are looking to commit to a new healthy lifestyle and journey, I am hosting a new 42 day fitness challenge starting with the 21 DAY FIX and will lead into the next phase with 21 DAY FIX EXTREME! Cook until lightly browned and little bubbles appear on top (approx 3 min each side) and flip. If you would like more recipes, tips, motivation, support and accountability to reach your health and fitness goals, please fill out my application below for a spot in my next 60 day fitness challenge! There is no diet that will give you the results a healthy lifestyle will! As I am prepping for my 2nd NPC Figure Competition, I have gained a lot of knowledge, but also more struggles!
Since then, I've been consistent with my workouts with BODY BEAST and INSANITY MAX 30 as my cardio every morning. Ive learned that no matter what obstacles come in your way, as long as your motive is good enough for YOU, then you will succeed!
In memory of our friend and fellow coach's husband Justin, and our fellow coach and my success partner Katy for fighting cancer!!
So as I am home with my mother visiting for the weekend, she's been on her health kick also and being creative with her meals! I don't like to use the word diet, because I'm not talking about the "diet" where you can't live with..
Since this show in Pittsburgh is much bigger than my first, I need to keep this momentum going so I can place!! I'm talking proper nutrition you can use DAILY for the rest of your life to maintain a healthy lifestyle! You have 1 life, and it is so important to take care of your body as if it were a temple from God.. Because this is not only going to help you save money, but add years to your life, help you be a good role model for your friends, family, children especially! She had some strawberry SHAKEOLOGY in the house and wanted to make a recipe other than a shake! I am learning a lot each time I prep though and it is such a great experience!! So this is my second Figure show I am prepping for and my first one was pretty small. This is what we love so much about Shakeology- all natural, super foods, digestive enzymes, pre and pro biotics, and your veggies (for those who are not fans of veggies but want to be healthy). I am continuing to do my home fitness programs INSANITY MAX 30 as my cardio and plyo, and for my weight training, I am using BODY BEAST!
It is difficult when I am trying to put in some hours and work and be with my boys, so instead of spending 30 minutes driving back and forth to the gym, you have the comfort of your own home and get your workout done in 30 minutes!

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