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Low carb diet is in these days and is adopted by many people in order to lose excess weight and to keep themselves fit. When in one’s teens, more than anything all one cares about is looking good where people can notice you. A great way to stay fit, energetic and healthy is by following a total body workout routine. It is something that can’t go without notice that fashion and trends are taking a new position in the lives of people and that too in a very significant way. There has been a completely new definition to fashion and its revolution solely because of the growth in the desire to look good and appear flawless.More and more people, irrespective of their age and gender want to leave a lasting impression where their persona is concerned. It is this passion among people that is triggering the importance of fashion in the daily lives of people. The new definition of fashion has made sure that it is incurred in the lives of people on a daily routine. There is a lot to be considered for women where looking fashionable and chic are concerned. Firstly, it will totally depend on your face shape and the kind of haircut that will suit it.
Well again, hairstyles and haircuts are those aspects of fashion which will also be affected by the age of the woman. You really need to know the basics before you move ahead. Here in this fashion and style guide, we are about to mention all the short kind of hairstyles that will suit perfectly on women who are above the age of 50 and believe in fashion as much as the youngsters do. Guide to Women over 50 for Short Haircuts and Styles These hairstyles mentioned below are not only stylish in their approach but will definitely accentuate your beauty and confidence. The Princess Style A short bob haircut which even has hair strands falling on the forehead is something that will give you very much of a look that resembles of a princess.
This is something that women with round faces can definitely consider when they have passed the stage of 50 plus age. Short Layers Another considered hairstyle for 50 plus women is short layers which is considered for soft and silky strands of hair and that too with a side parting. The Pleasant Haircut Look This is one hairstyle which is even considered by a lot of women celebrities over the age of 50.

Blonde Curls Look Herein, the hair is very short and all the strands are made into curls tossed all around the head to give a very sweet aura to the face and the personality of the woman. Yet again, those with white hair can consider this ideal hairstyle for themselves once they have crossed the age of 50.
The Aging Charm Appearance  Herein, the messy bob haircut is uniquely merged with bangs of short hair that hangs on the forehead to give a very pretty look to the woman. At Rest Hairstyle There is one hairstyle for 50 plus women which is not only simple to look at but also very easy to maintain. Side Parted Matured Hairstyle As the name says, the hairstyle of this kind is parted in a sideways fashion and definitely for women who want to retain their matured look in this old age. Short Crop For women who have heavy features even in the age of 50, should opt for a short crop hairstyle which is easy to achieve. Puffed and Short Look The hair is short and you are above the age of 50, the only thing changes here is the puffiness that you need to get through this kind of hairstyle.
Casual Short Curls Those who are not in the extreme scale of fashion and trends can opt for short hairstyle with curls and a very casual and messy look. Charming Hairstyle For those women who want to retain their charming look even after the age of 50 should definitely try the charming hairstyle where the soft fringes fall all over the forehead and is shallow in nature. Washing hair regularly with a good shampoo is necessary to keep your locks clean, healthy and beautiful.
How many times have you started a diet on Monday and ended up on the sofa under a pile of chocolate wrappers and takeaway by Friday? On average, we give up on a new diet 15 days in, with 35 per cent of us eventually putting on more weight than we lost. And a new book by Jessica Ortnet, Tapping for Weight Loss, is now, err, tapping into this research. Give what’s bothering you a stress score between 0 and 10, with 10 being the most distress you can imagine.
Then you run through the eight-point tapping sequence while repeating your reminder phrase. Also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, it’s a scientifically proven method for reducing stress and anxiety levels.

A recent study of 89 women saw those who tapped for 15 minutes per day lose an average of 16lbs (just over a stone) in eight weeks, without following a strict diet or exercise plan.
This is valid both men and women, now that the days are past gone when it was supposed to be a luxury only women and that too of the high class could afford. It is not only the clothes, shoes and accessories that form a part of the fashion fiesta but also things like your skin, makeup as well as hair care and hairstyles.
For example a short hairstyle suggested for a teenager will never be the same as a short hairstyle advised for a middle aged woman. It is definitely a hairstyle that will bring back the attention of the people on your face. Herein, the hair has shaggy edges and falls just above the eyebrows to give a very stylish appearance to the face.
It is a short bob haircut where the fringes are soft and dark and falls comfortably on the forehead without any mess. It is simply a short bob otherwise which has a side ways glance to it giving you a serious and experienced look. By massaging these points, you decrease the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to increased appetite and sugar cravings. It is one of those hairstyles that you can feel really comfortable in if not fashionable or highly trendy.
It can go with most of the personalities and face shapes making it quite a hot favorite among women over 50 years of age. According to Ortnet’s theory, you may still have the troublesome thought, but no longer the anxiety or related craving.

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