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It’s important to remember that there are alternatives to expensive and potentially dangerous surgeries when your goal is simply thinning or tightening the look of your face.
In fact, when someone starts a weight loss routine, one of the first places that they notice weight loss is in the face. When someone is unhappy with the shape of their face, the reason can usually be traced back to one of two main causes, and usually a combination of them both. There are things you can actively go out and do to counteract both of these problems, and we’re going to discuss all the ones that work in this article. It’s first important to note that it is by and large impossible to target the fat on your face for weight loss independently of any other part on your body.
What does this mean to those of you wanting to lose a layer of fat on and around your face?
As far as exercising is concerned, it will greatly accelerate your results if you do both cardio and weight training. A good workout routine and calorie controlled diet will eliminate any of the fat covering your face and neck area, but it won’t directly influence your muscle and skin elasticity in the face. For these reasons, I recommend facial exercises first and foremost when wanting to lose weight in your face. Place your middle fingers on the corner of your mouth (not inside the lips) as shown in the picture.
Place your index fingers along the laugh lines between your mouth and your nose, along the bottom line shown in the picture. Before someone takes a picture of you, pull your head all the way up, as if held by strings, and then push your chin (and your head along with it) an inch or two forward.
This last one is mainly for women, but contouring your face using makeup can be very effective in reducing or emphasizing parts of your face.
Remember though, these are just last minute tricks, they won’t actually make you lose fat in your face at all. Many times, women are so determined to lose weight in their face and neck that they succumb to questionable (and even dangerous) diet strategies, phony "face exercise" courses, or expensive (i.e. Abdominal obesity is known to correlate with various diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and so on. You can fine-tune your carb intake to get that nice tummy you've always wanted and drop those extra pounds quickly and permanently. This is good news, as the time required to notice a visible change to your face in the mirror is relatively small when compared with some of the more well-known trouble spots, like the thighs and love handles.
Spot reduction is not possible anywhere on the body, as it’s genetics that predominantly dictates where you will lose fast first and how fast you’ll lose it on a particular part of the body.
In fact, they’ve been used by the medical community for many years to correct certain orofacial issues caused by disease or injury. Mark Berman, MD, past President of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons says bout facial exercises.
Particularly when someone loses a lot of fat in their face, they’re often met with the problem of excess skin hanging in their neck area.

Put some pressure on your face with your index fingers, and imagine trying to hold your lips and mouth in the same position during the exercise with these fingers. These are useful to use before someone takes a picture of you, before a big date, before graduation, etc. This causes any excess skin hanging below your jaw line to actually contract, and visibly reduce in size. My first recommendation is also my best, control how much you’re eating, and exercise regularly. You'll also get a free email series outlining the biggest time-wasting myths in the fitness industry today.We hate spam. In this one-of-a-kind book, she tackles downsizing from the much-needed perspective of what lies underneath our clutter-metaphorically, physically, and emotionally. Chances are that you are one of the unfortunates that puts your first ten pounds on in your face. Think John Travolta, Vince Vaughan, Kate Bosworth and Renee Zellwegger (though if the pounds went to our lips like they do on Renee, we might all catch up with Angelina Jolie).
Since extra weight in the face is about as attractive as wearing a watermelon, you are most likely to see a photo of yourself and cut the calories immediately. Some nutritionists theorize that excessive consumption of refined sugar and carbohydrates can lead to water retention in the face.
Bronzing powder that matches your skin tone can help--powder under your chin and along the jaw line. Talk to your stylist about haircuts that slim; you can even be blunt and say you need help finding hairstyles for fat faces.
Since our faces do thin as we age, you will get a chance to meet your cheekbones after all--you'll just have to wait a few years longer than the general population. In these cases, when there is nothing possibly you can do to reduce it naturally, then cosmetic surgery will help. The same things that cause you to lose weight in your thighs or your arms or your belly, will also cause your face to have a more firm, slim, and young appearance. The American College of Sports Medicine puts it like this, “No exercise will eliminate fat from a specific area of the body, just as no change in your level of caloric intake will guarantee that the fat will melt away in the area of the body you most want to address. This will have you losing weight all over your body, but like I said earlier, one of the first places many people start noticing weight loss is in their face. Combine this with a lack of elasticity and tightness in your facial muscles, and you create the need for some exercises and tricks to win your battle to lose weight in your face. Use your fingers as resistance and pull your muscles up towards your temples as far as you can.
Now, purse your lips, pushing them upwards towards the ceiling and hold them for 5 seconds. With some of the most extreme and memorable true stories from the Hoarders show, Breininger reveals what our clutter is trying to tell us and how it relates to our struggles to lose weight and keep it off. However, you will be surprised at the ease in which you can do it once you make the commitment.Once you are past pre-school age, nobody wants a chubby face.

Localized fat loss is a marketing ploy that steals millions of dollars from women each year.
In fact, if you're carrying five pounds on your face, that's five that are not around your belly.
If on the other hand, that extra weight is carried somewhere it doesn't look back at you, you may be able to convince yourself that your jeans are tight due to the dryer.
Meanwhile, may I suggest that you practice loving yourself just exactly as you are, chipmunk cheeks and all! It’s no wonder that so many people want to get plastic surgery to make it look like they’ve lost weight in their face. Contrary to some information out there, your face is not immune to the effects of exercise. Dedicate another 3 days a week to cardio, whether it be running, biking, the elliptical – it doesn’t matter. Certified Orofacial Myologist Licia Paskay says, “exercises for the face are very good, they balance the muscles and a balanced face makes a person look better.” She goes onto explain that they truly are the only viable alternative to surgical reconstruction.
Whether you're a packrat, a neat freak, or trying to tame the hoarder within, Breininger reveals why, to be successful on the scale, you must first master the clutter within you and around you. Refined sugar (desserts, pastries, pop, boxed cereal, etc) is not only quickly stored as fat, it is also bad for your skin.* Get processed foods out of your diet. But if you pop over-the-counter meds, put up with the runny nose for a few days, and see what happens.
Ditch the bangs, and go for wisps if you need to deflect the eye from your forehead for some reason. Do them in front of a mirror, and keep your back teeth lightly touching together throughout each exercise. With the same no-holds barred candor that resonates with TV viewers, she offers advice to help anyone face their stuff, with an organized, step-by-step approach to either toss it, tame it, or tailor it to fit their lives. Face fat is usually the last to make an appearance, but the first (and most notable) when you lose weight.How To Lose Weight In The Face - Reality vs. Go for volume on the top of your head (to elongate it) and keep hair close to your head on the sides.
Filled with personal stories from clients, her own success story, and tips from fitness coaches and organizing experts, this practical book gives everyone the tools to declutter their way to their dream size. Getting more restful sleep stimulates your hormonal system to burn more fat and increase lean muscle tissue.Please understand that sensible weight loss takes time, commitment, focus, and patience.
Please give yourself several months to see quality results.The Flat Belly Solution Program centers on losing a safe and sensible 1-2 lbs. I hope this short article has given you some ideas on how to lose weight in your face, and keep it off the rest of your life.

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