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People have been using laxatives to lose weight for years, but few people associate laxative abuse with potentially serious side effects. Using laxatives to lose weight is dangerous and can cause detrimental damage to the gastrointestinal system.
Related Articles:Top 10 Foods In HCG 500 Calorie Diet Menu Plan Best Herbal Laxatives Tea Options For Weight LossDandelion Tea For Weight Loss Secrets Revealed! DisclaimerThe information provided herein is intended for a general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or a treatment for specific medical conditions. A 32-year-old elementary school teacher a€” we'll call her Jamie to protect her identity a€” never felt like she belonged. Jamie is not alone in her struggle, methamphetamine addiction across the American interior is far from uncommon. We were introduced by email five years ago and have had loose contact since, but it wasna€™t until last summer that she told me her full story. Jamie told me it wasna€™t the guys her sister dated, or the easy availability that hooked her on meth in 2005. She had put on 75 pounds following a divorce, and without a good diet pill, her sister suggested meth. She recalls:A a€?The house was old architecture, the kind that would be cool in the right hands. A thick, stale, mold smell spilled about the place, thicker in some places than others, as she looked up and saw black and green patches on the ceilings and walls. Methamphetamine can be smoked, swallowed, snorted, inserted in the anus or vagina, or mainlined into a vein. Addicts will tell you it's a progression, eventually leading to the tip of a needle; that place where the most intense, never-to-have-a-feeling-that-good-ever-again high hangs out and waits. From the back room of that house, she was led deeper still into the grimy bathroom where a nursing student poked and jabbed her way up Jamie's forearm until plunging down with a needle full of the drug.
When Jamie returned to the back room, her sister, eyes all eager and expectant, asked how it went. Face twisting with rage, embarrassment, and disappointment, she grabbed Jamie and dragged her back to face off with the dealer. Her sister eventually won the argument and got a fresh syringe, on the house, and took Jamie back to the bathroom. With her new a€?dieta€? came positive attention, with many of her fellow teachers immediately telling her she looked great. Jamie laughs at that on a hot, still day in the baseball park bleachers of her hometown, watching a Little League game. She kept running those words through her head to separate herself from the people at the drug house. All of that does a number on the soft tissue, but a€?meth moutha€? a€” the rotted, snaggle-tooth, gum disease affliction a€” is the product of a few other things, like poor oral hygiene during extended highs lasting days, weeks, or months, along with cravings for sugary, carbonated beverages. Jamie knew what junkies looked like and shea€™d smile at herself driving down empty stretches of highway. She clicks open a self-photo she snapped on her cellphone at the time and says, a€?Look at that shit.a€? Shea€™s referring to the bruised-looking patches on her cheeks. She reaches down, grabs her cigarette from the ashtray on the table between us and takes a deep drag. At that early hour, shea€™d skip to the bathroom and grab her a€?riga€? a€” the hodgepodge mix of paraphernalia stuffed into an old paisley eyeglass case above the vanity, where her kids couldna€™t reach. Private partyJamie used a contact lens case, but it is also common for users to prepare drugs in a spoon. After mixing the powdered meth in a contact lens case, shea€™d a€?slama€? 40 cca€™s of crystal straight into the largest vein she could find.

She explains that if she doesna€™t do that quick needle rinse, it stings when breaking the skin and she wants to avoid wincing, avoid any unpleasantness at all. Meth is only painless when it courses into a vein, and worse, if the shot hits muscles or blowsA through the vein, not only will there be unsightly bruising, there will be no high. Private PartyMost meth users progress to shooting up after snorting or smoking the drug as their tolerance for the drug grows. She pauses before continuing, as the next part gets graphic, but I can tell she wants to continue and nothing will stop her from reliving the experience.
Oddly clinical at the end, with each word buffering the space between the memory and the telling. Jamie says she still cana€™t give blood, get a shot, or have a needle anywhere near her without that reaction. The way she describes it, the high is alive, sliding up beside her with a strong easy arm draped about her shoulder. Then at the most intimate and vulnerable moment, the high pulls away, loses its intensity, becomes detached. She doesna€™t really say much of that at the time, but over the course of our correspondence and time together I come to understand the loss and pain wrapped up in that first high, that post-rush sense of loss.
Bottom line: Seconds into a 14-hour high and Jamie cana€™t wait to break her rig out again and fall beneath a brand new high.
In the summer of 2005, when she didna€™t have class to teach and her weight came off, all she really cared about was the fleeting, broadside chemical blast of affection in that unforgettable moment. Her employera€™s health insurance was top notch and covered five weeks of in-patient recovery. When she invited me to meet with her in August 2012 and told me this story, Jamie said it had been four years since shea€™d last used.
The sister whoa€™d introduced her to meth had gone down in a massive federal sting and had only just been released from a halfway house. The sistera€™s boyfriend had overdosed after informing on everyone to whom hea€™d ever sold meth. Hearing about meth and what it does, it's real enough to understand, soak in the horrible images of destruction and decay.A The stuff is everywhere. Jamie quit her teaching job, cashed in her 401K and moved to Europe one month after I left.
In fact, I know all to well how many people’s good intention seems to go by the way side.
Why do you want to lose weight…no really, WHY is it so important that you lose weight? I bet it’s either someone in your family, one of your close friends, or your significant other.
Fasting to lose weight, abuse of diuretics and laxatives and other potentially hazardous actions can cause permanent damage to your body. Her older sister dropped out of high school and hangs out with the wrong type of guys a€” the type who carry around a baggie of meth in the front pocket of their jeans on any given night. She relayed it over several days as we roamed around a small Midwestern town in the dead, oppressive August heat. What drove the schoolteacher and mother of four to develop a staggering methamphetamine addiction was her weight. She stepped into what she says, looking back, felt like a secret club where she felt lucky to have been invited. It was all she needed to give her college-educated brain over to the toxic rot a€” the chemical slide of methamphetamine addiction.
The house is so quiet it seems loud; her kids living with their father now, neighbors inside or elsewhere.

But unlike Walter White from the TV show "Breaking Bad," most people who cook meth dona€™t have a chemistry degree to help them refine their product. Shorts the synapses, fries the neurons, plays with the mind's juices so the drug's effects loom larger. And if the drug is smoked from a glass pipe, the heat from the flame quickly makes its way to the tooth's nerve and kills it.
All shea€™d see were her white teeth filling up the rear view mirror, looking past the purple cheek lesions and hollowed-out shadow of a meth addict.
Whispering the sweetest nothings, the high folds her up in some slick, musky memory before therea€™s any thought at all. As 2006 began, Jamie went to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting every other day and prayed for strength more often than that.
Addicts in recovery are taught to keep journals, so this is what she breaks out the day after giving me her detailed account with the rig. Each relapse is tagged with one of those, green a€?Sign & Date Herea€? tabs that lawyers use to mark points where clients need to apply their signature. Ita€™s not abstract, ita€™s not recreational a€” ita€™s a lifestyle thata€™s uglier than you can imagine.
She's since returned from living overseas and now lives in a city far from where we met, where her sister still lives. After all, you feel comfortable and trust that they will push you because this is what you really want.
Always consult with your doctor or other professional healthcare provider for a medical advice. Now a recovering methamphetamine addict, she tells the story of why she made the choice to use meth as a way to lose weight, as a way to help make her feel like she belongs. She talked; I wrote and recorded a€” in bars, restaurants, the parking lot of my hotel, and everywhere in between.
Through all the time we spend talking, this is when shea€™s most animated, engaged, and alive.
And then she watches everything that mattered fall away, and all she can think of is when ita€™ll be like it was again.
It can be difficult to stay motivated, especially if you aren’t doing the right things to stay motivated. To often, I hear many people talk about discovering a new eating program, finding a great gym that has the latest and best training methods.
It just means that picking those closest to you is not the right method to selecting a partner.
Here are three tips that you honestly may know…but my guess is you are just not implementing them.
The tool most often overlooked and rarely used is the journal. Do not just log your workouts and nutrition, but rather write down why losing weight is so important to you. Instead of putting on those headphones at the gym, take them out and start talking with people around you. Whether you are talking with someone on the treadmill next to you or at your spinning class, I bet you will find someone who has the same goals that you do.
Instead of skipping the workout, find a stationary bike, pedal at 30-50% effort for thirty minutes and use that time to start brainstorming ideas on your phone. More importantly, how great will you feel about yourself after you accomplished two of your daily goals!

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