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I’ve been thinking about this piece of beauty advice for a while now, and the more I mull it over, the less sense it makes to me. Basically Colour Theory is understanding what colours enhance each other, and what colours lessen the impact of each other. You can see that yellow and purple complimentary colours, and so are orange and blue, red and green, etc.  So how does that translate to makeup? Conversely, most makeup artists would tell you to avoid blue eyeshadow if you have blue eyes, and green eyeshadow if you have green eyes. And here I am wearing an Inglot Lipstick #15, which you can see has a very blue purplish undertone in it. I have stained teeth from my nebulizer inhalation treatments and I always wondered if I could pull off purple lipstick. If you have a wide nose and you always wondered how to make it look thinner only with the help of makeup then you are in the right place. There's pretty Halloween makeup, and then there's the kind of terrifying Halloween makeup that requires the use of adult diapers.
Turns out this talented lady doesn't just post to Reddit, she also has a YouTube channel where she's been rolling out other Halloween videos. Is there a product out there that can instantly — and easily — transform your look better than lipstick? Second only to her headlines in films, were her headline making marriages…all 5 of them.  This little girl born in Brooklyn went on to marry some of the world’s most eligible men including Orson Wells and Prince Ali Khan. In spite of a tumultuous professional and private life, Rita never forgot how fortunate she was to be a celebrity.  In one of her many notable quotes Rita says, “Sometimes when I find myself getting impatient I just remember the times I cried my eyes out because nobody wanted to take my picture at the Trocadero (a small Hollywood nightclub where she was discovered).

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They use nothing more than a little contouring and light shade makeup.Make up is almost necessary to most modern age women these days. The reason being, rather than enhancing your natural eye colour, as a complimentary colour would, it will compete with it, and distract.
The much maligned orange colour, which we believe to make your teeth look more yellow, should in fact bring out the blue (which would definitely make them look whiter). I was completely certain I had debunked a makeup myth and was going to change the way women chose lipstick forever.
I can’t tell you why or how this happens, it makes no sense at all from a colour theory perspective, but at least you can confidently wear your blue toned pinks now,  knowing that your teeth do indeed look whiter. Purple shirts or purple lipsticks look purple because they reflect purple light, hence, wearing a blue shirt reflects more blue light towards your eyes, and make them look bluer, and purple lipstick reflects purplish light towards your teeth, so they look cooler toned, hence whiter.
Do blue based tones actually make teeth seem whiter if you poll the general public without telling them what your hypothesis is? This trick is so easy to do and makes such a great difference in your appearance that you will be amazed. Use some shinny lipstick to catch the attention to your lips and you can be sure no one will notice your nose. Try a fun new color to get you through those rough phases when you just want to cut it all off.
These are the colours opposite each other on the colour wheel and they are they enhance each other.

If you have green eyes, chances are you love to wear copper eyeshadow because you can see it enhances the green and makes your eyes look bright and vibrant. Look at it like this: Our teeth have a tendency to become yellow with stains and wear and tear. She posted this "infected" makeup look, and we're with the Reddit commenters who think it has more of a spooky, evil-forest-nymph vibe. Time will tell, but we're definitely keeping an eye on this one — and thanks to her, we may be sleeping with that one eye open, too.
If you have blue eyes you probably own heaps of bronzes and warm browns, because orange is your complimentary colour. Purple, the opposite of yellow, should neutralize the color of the teeth and make it appear whiter since the yellow is countering the purple.
If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. I can wear gold, red, pink, orange… but purpley (bluey) pink is my favourite colour and I cant open my mouth!
I stick to true blue tone based lipsticks, purple tones, and red tones that do NOT have an orange base unless it is sheer.

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