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Your eyebrow hairs become thinner as you get older, so over-plucking your brows will only do more harm.
Watch the video above for more tips to younger-looking eyes, including the right concealer shades to mask dark circles and a non-surgical way to fill in lines. As your vision worsens with age, other muscles around the eye pitch in to help you focus, says Ranella Hirsch, MD, past president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery. Here are dos and don’ts to improve your makeup game and easy ways to get out of a beauty rut. Here’s why: Most of us reach for powder to set makeup, but it also tends to magnify lines in the skin, aging us.
Here’s why: Eyeliner is an excellent tool to open up the eyes and make them appear wider, but the color black can be too harsh.
Try this instead: Opt for a light color liner or a neutral brown shade that’s universally flattering. Here’s why: The right color blush can add a youthful look to a tired face, but the key is finding a shade that is just right. Expert Advice: “A pop of healthy, rosy color on your cheeks is very youthful-looking —like a young child’s flush or like you have been working in the garden,” notes Carol.
Try this instead: Avoid bright colors and looks for a shade that is neutral, soft and sheer.
Here’s why: No one can claim to have "perfect" skin, and foundation can work wonders on uneven skin tones. Here’s why: Eyebrow color fades as we age, so filling in over-plucked spots or fairer hair is a must in any makeup routine.
Try this instead: Pencils are great for precision, but gels have longer lasting staying power. Here’s why: While concealer seems to be the answer to erasing under eye circles and combating the look of fatigue, if used incorrectly, can actually make you look older. Try this instead: Look for a concealer with a lightweight texture and bonus points if it offers sun protection.
Expert Advice: “Primers help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a silky-smooth finish, plus it helps your makeup last longer,” notes Carol. Try this instead: A thin layer of a silicone-based makeup primer can fill in lines and pores, but so can natural ingredients like oatmeal and cocoa butter. Here’s why: Not only is the look of heavy lip liner dated (hello, ‘90s!), it can also emphasize the fine lines around the mouth. Try this instead: Keep your application clean and easy with a chubby stick that has the precision of a pencil, but has the staying power and look of lipstick.

Here’s why: As we get older, we lose the pigment in our lips making lipstick that much more indispensable. Try this instead: When in doubt, opt for a nude lipstick and look for one that offers sun protection, anti-aging, and collagen-boosting properties.
Here’s why: While we’re not opposed to adding color to eyelids, it’s best to avoid bright or dark eye shadow shades, which can draw the wrong attention to the eyes. Expert Advice: To be sure, Carol isn’t against shimmer or shadow on the eyes, “I think wearing eye shadow with a little soft, reflective pearl or shimmer is very pretty on the eye, at any age.
Try this instead: Play up your eyes by emphasizing lush lashes, but skip mascara on the lower lashes. Having worked on the faces of Naomi Watts, Teri Hatcher, Nicole Kidman, and Debra Messing, Carol Shaw is one of Hollywood’s most called-on makeup artists. Also I think its important for older women to use make-up brands that cater to older skin, mostly with things like foundation, face power etc. One day you wake up and suddenly notice crow's feet or smile lines around your eyes, but this isn't necessarily because you're getting older. Show your peepers some TLC with a balm, cream or serum that is formulated specifically for this delicate area.
But as these tiny muscles are increasingly taxed, they can deepen lines around the eyes, and that can make you look world-weary (instead of wise). But if you’re applying it incorrectly or using the wrong products, makeup may just be aging you — rather than making you look fresh and youthful. Celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, creator of LORAC Cosmetics, offers her advice and expertise on common culprits. If you can’t give up powder, try switching to a sheer translucent powder or a mineral-based one, which illuminates and brightens the skin.
Switch to a softer shade of brown and avoid lining the lower lash line which can look overdone. Women with fair and medium skin tones should look for rosy pinks and peaches, and darker skin tones look best with coral and berry shades. Keep brows shaped and defined, and choose a pencil or gel shade that is one or two notches lighter than your natural brow color.
Too much makeup around the eye area can highlight wrinkles and lines in this delicate area.
If you pile on the concealer without blending it in, it can settle into fine lines and wrinkles,” Carol advises. Mix with foundation or tinted moisturizer or apply a light layer as the first step in your makeup routine.

Soften the look with a liner that closely matches your lipstick or use a creamy lipstick pencil for easy application. That said, steer clear of anything metallic, glittery, or too dark and avoid a heavy hand when it comes to applying. A more subtle way to play up your peepers is to play up the lashes and a precise wand ensures a non-clumpy, non-spidery lashes. As a teenager growing up in the beauty business, Carol knew makeup artistry was her calling, and later developed a makeup and skincare line, LORAC (Carol spelled backwards). Use it under and around your eyes and blend the same to the surrounding skin so as to merge the difference.
And when you apply the liner, pull the left eye to your left and the right towards your right slightly. Foundation and concealer can sometimes sink into wrinkles and a good primer will prevent this. In the video above, PopSugar Beauty reporter Kiribie Johnson discusses three beauty mistakes that make your eyes look older and tired.
Your dermatologist can improve the appearance of these wrinkles with botulinum injections, but Hirsch says that it's also helpful to get your eyes checked.
From neglected brows to over-made-up eyes, we found 10 easy ways to nix the mistakes you just might be making.
Using too much foundation, especially one that’s too thick, can cause the product to settle into fine lines.
LORAC launched with 10 shades of oil and fragrance-free foundations back in 1990, and Carol’s products have built upon a reputation for being both effective and easy-to-use. I, older at the age of 50, would definitely love it when a few faces turn around here and there on the street or at a party to see me. It is a fact that the primer fills the lines and wrinkles and, prepares the skin for the next make-up application.
Avoid anything matte and be sure to prep the skin with a moisturizer and primer before applying.
But, as the saying goes, ‘all women are beautiful, but only some know how to look beautiful’.

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