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As new research shows our breasts age quicker than any other body part we're thinking about ways to protect our lady lumps for longer.
While most of us are busy obsessing over the elasticity on our hands, the fine lines around our eyes or the saggy skin around our necks, our breasts don't seem to get a look in.A little south of our drooping jowl dilemmas there's a whole other story going on with our breasts so (thanks to a little push from the experts) it's time we checked in with our biological boob clock.
So that means even if you're a sprightly 32, your breast tissue could be looking about two or three years older. Rule number four: Support that chestIf you're a sporty sort then one of the best things you can do for your bust is invest in a supportive sports bra. A highlighted of a dark brown hair really looks adorable which is really make her skin tone looks sexy.
No matter how many creams you apply and home remedies you adopt, proper diet always plays a vital role in retaining your charm, especially the beauty of your eyes.
While she is not working, she loves to read books, play sports, dance, watch movies or simply travel. Forget jabbing at your jowl and obsessing over your hands - it's time to give your cleavage some anti ageing TLC!
It's sad, bad news for your boobs, but there is something you can do about it - in fact there's lots.Rather than getting your bra in a twist why not discover the best ways to age-proof your assets to ensure they grow old as gracefully as the rest of you.But what makes our bust age so quickly? A key anti-ageing ingredient to look for here is vitamin B3 or niacinamide.?"It is a superb ingredient for reducing wrinkles and improves elasticity of the skin.
Sue McDonald, creator of the Optifit bra says: “The correct sports bra shouldn’t restrict so women can breathe as easily as possible. But less people are brave enough to experiences of a new hair style, especially for women who are used to have long hair.
A swept side bangs make her hair more volume and the asymmetrical cuts emphasize her cheekbone. Taking this opportunity, I offer you 5 important foods that will make your eyes look younger.These foods not only make your eyes look younger, but also detox your skin and regulates blood circulation. Subscribe Now Subscribers2,50,000G+ Views4,167,817Facebook546,080 Subscribe with us to be Updated on the Latest Fashion Trends, Beauty and Health Tips! Nausheen Qureshi, Biochemist and Founder of Elethea Luxury Beauty, explains:"Breast skin is very sensitive, thin and directly subject to hormonal fluctuations within the body. Make sure you're looking at the list of ingredients and ensuring there are high enough levels of actives like this in the cream you are using."If you want to pamper yourself in private with a touch of luxury why not go for gold?

They shouldn’t feel as though they are breathing against the bra, rather that it is moving with them.“It is important to get a sports bra that does not have any under-wiring in it whatsoever and is designed to open the chest and will rotate the shoulders back by fitting low down under the ribs. 10 Of The Best Creams & Oils To Prevent Stretch MarksFrom Skin Smoothing Glycolic Acid To Acne Busting Salicylic Acid! Throughout our lives, our breasts change in shape and content - the collagen decreases as we age, when we give birth our mammary gland system activates for the production of milk, etc."Therefore it is no surprise that this tissue is quick to age.
This elevates the breast away from the body and keeps them stable.”Why not check out our edit of the best sports bras?What are your beauty tips for age-proofing your breasts? The bob cuts make your face look like being framed, especially if you make it an angled cut.
DulseDulse, more popularly known as the dried seaweed, is a natural source to fight under eye dark circles. Beside this hairstyle is so simple, it is recommended to welcome summer season in this year. With short hairstyle you are able to make it curly, wavy, bob, pixie, hawk and many more forms as you wanted. Dulse can also reduce puffiness which is caused due to improper sleep, consumption of salty food and body retaining too much water. Nowadays, ombre is one of the hottest hair color and also could be applied in short hairstyle.
Even though kidneys balance fluids in the body, too much of salt causes water retention, thereby causing dark circles and puffiness.Dulse, which is enriched with vitamin B, helps in balancing electrolytes that balance fluids throughout the body. Apart from reducing cortisol level, cabbage also helps reduce wrinkles from around the eyes. Cabbage is incorporated with Vitamins A and C, which prevent fine lines along-with wrinkles on the face.Go for purple cabbage, as it is infused with vitamins 6-8 times more than the green one. Of all the vegetables and fruits you consume every day, you can get 80% of more Vitamin C in one cabbage.
WatercressWatercress is a natural beauty food that is not only useful for eyes, but also fights against uneven skin tone and dark patches.
Improper blood circulation makes your eyes look exhaustive with puffiness and also leads to hair loss. Moreover, watercress has great cleansing ability and also oxygenates tissues, thus it also helps you in obtaining glowing skin.

CilantroAlmost all the green leafy vegetables are good for eyes, as they are loaded with Vitamin A and improve sight.
Cilantro not only helps with sight but it helps in removing heavy metals from digestive tract and boosts toxin secretion. Apart from drinking green tea, which offers numerous benefits to your body, you can keep cold bags of green tea on your eyes that help in reducing puffiness and under eye dark circles as well. The cooling effect along-with tannins present in the tea constricts the blood vessels and thus swelling is reduced.
To read how you can use makeup to cover dark circles, click here.So these are the top 5 important foods that make your eyes look younger and beautiful.
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