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Even if it is recommended (and way healthier) to eat healthy and go to gym so that you get that perfect figure, until you do this and until the results will be showing, we have here some tricks that will help your face look thinner. A face that looks beautiful and thin at the same time is something that every woman desire! Face contouring is a new trend in the beauty world and almost every woman is trying to include that method in her makeup routine. One more eyebrow tutorial, but this one will show you how to shape your brows by using various makeup tools. Coachella was this weekend and while these looks aren't groundbreaking, they sure are inspiring.
It's time to celebrate the beauty of Mother Earth with these 13 eco-friendly makeup brands. Thick, angular brows can help your face appear thinner by adding contour and a point of interest. A pressed matte powder that’s one shade darker than your skin can be a round-faced girl’s best friend.
Apply a translucent shimmer powder or cream with fingertips along your cheekbones and collarbone. Soft side bangs create a natural frame around the face, while longer layers downplay a rounder shape. Hair that lies too flat on the head makes a full face appear even bigger. Add slight volume in the crown to slim a round face. Building extra height at the crown of your head narrows round features and makes your face seem thinner.
And score face-slimming shades: if your face is on the full side, wide rectangular-frame sunglasses give you a sleeker look. I highly recommend face thin tool does work bought it a long time ago and my face looks good people thin i am much younger because the face thin not only burns the fatty around face but also makes face tighter.

Beauty is my lifeline and after years of picking the brains of some of the world’s most acclaimed skin experts, hair stylists, makeup artistes and photographers in my various jobs as Managing Editor at Vogue, Beauty Director at Marie Claire and Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan, this is what I know and enjoy the most!
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Use contour – Think of your face as a canvas and start contouring it with a little bronzer and highlighter remembering that dark makes facial features recede while light makes them more prominent.
Draw attention to your eyes- covering the eye circles, be careful where you place your blush, use eyeliner and mascara that make your eyes appear larger, together with an eyeshadow that works with your skin tone and eye color.
Go all out and wear a Smokey Cat Eye for the eyeliner and dark eyeshadow will help you draw attention the corner of your eyes making your face look slimmer.
Sometimes, even if you’ve gained just a couple of pounds, somehow they’re becoming more noticeable on your face…or what happens if you’ve been born with a chubby face?! But don’t over-pluck them, because is well known that angular and thick brows are the key for your face to appear slim and long!
The latest trends are saying that blue is the new black, which means that you can mix these two powerful colors! Here at Makeup Tutorials, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most outstanding makeup content on the web – right from the some of the best makeup professionals!
This helps elongate the lash line and eye shape in an outward and upward direction, thereby drawing attention to the corners and making your face look leaner.
Highlighting bone structure reflects light, making it more noticeable (thus making you look thinner). A good rule of thumb to find the most flattering, face-slimming part: use the arch of your eyebrow as a guide.
Darker tones, on the other hand, have a slimming effect. So keep the strands closest to your face a shade or two darker than the rest of your locks. Don’t feel disappointed, because the makeup industry is growing and there are so many tricks that will make your face appear slimmer.

The end result is wonderful eyes that are noticeable and they’ll be the only thing that people will be staring at! We’ll share all the most innovative makeup tutorialsWe want you to be inspired to create awesome and simple day to day looks without thinking about it.
Lightly tease the hair near the crown; keep the rest smooth and past your shoulders for a sleeker look.
Or try a pony – for the most slimming effect, match the ponytail height to the tips of your cheekbones. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. Just for you we’ve gathered 10 great tutorials and tips that will make the most important part of your body look thinner! Our experts have taken the time to deliver you the best quality content on the web, so make sure to sign up to our newsletter! You should not rely solely on information contained in this email to evaluate the product or service being endorsed. Try these simple makeup, hair and accessory tips to create the illusion of a much slimmer face. All tutorials are covered with step by step instructions, so don’t worry you can’t go wrong!

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