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We know that our skin is affected by many things, environmental factors, unhealthy diet, lack of the essential nutrients, and aging itself can leave irreversible traces. Applying commercial cosmetic products can only worsen the situation but luckily there are some alternative natural remedies which can improve your skin’s condition and get you the velvet complexion you desire. From lemons to sponges to last night’s leftover beer, there are a lot of household basics laying around that could be repurposed and put to use in smart, cost-effective ways. Vinegar may be pretty assaulting on the olfactory senses, but it is probably one of the most diverse products you have in your household arsenal. The versatile ingredient can also be used to maintain skin and nails, soothe bug bites, remove stains, and maintain a healthy and green garden, according to the site. The most potent type, Manuka honey, is found in New Zealand, US News reports, but there are honey-based wound creams and lotions you can purchase through Honeymark International. The sweet treat can also be used as a shampoo booster, hair conditioner, pore cleanser, and scar fader, according to Women’s Health Magazine.
Turns out the little pests will wander right into jars of brewski if you leave them hidden properly in the ground, according to Wisebread.
Wisebread also recommends using beer to cure your lawn of brown spots, revive wooden furniture, and remove stains.
The magazine recommends using the minty stuff to clean sink fixtures and eliminate garlic or similarly malodorous scents from your hands after cooking. Also, if you’re needing your silver to look good for a last minute dinner party or event, toothpaste can act as an emergency polisher. Not all of us can afford to take a spa day when our skin starts looking sad during the dry winter months.
With sunscreen that will allow you to get the bronze color of the body and that will keep you from harmful UV rays, also proper nutrition will help to keep your skin smooth and healthy throughout the summer. With consumption of fresh blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, besides body detoxification, you can mitigate the harmful effects of the sun. It is known that the consumption of cucumber replaces water and hydrates the skin and body.

AboutFor Health Benefits is informational and learning website, created of enthusiasts focused on healthy life and wellness. Have you noticed that some people have good skin even though they do not use any of the highly expensive or so called popular skin care brands that we have on the market today?
Using quality skin care products is good, but you can also give your skin a treat with home made smooth skin remedies once in a while; all you need is to know the right natural ingredients to use.
It is important to note that for the smooth skin remedies to be effective you need to nourish your body by eating healthy diets; this is a two-pronged solution to your skincare problems. Avoid greasy foods because they clog your pores and make your skin oily and prone to breakouts (acne). Nutty face mask – Get some powdered walnuts, lemon juice and honey, make a paste from the ingredients and then apply on clean face. Egg-white paste – Mix one egg white with a little powdered almonds until a thick paste is formed. Smoothing paste for hands and feet – Mixing margarine, lemon juice, banana and honey into a thick paste is the only thing that is required to make this remedy for rough skin on hands and feet.
These are some of the natural smooth skin remedies or body butter that anyone can make at home.
Take 2-3 chilled cucumbers, papaya or strawberry slices, dip them in one cup of cold yogurt and apply them all over the face.
A natural skin care tip here would be to have regular meal times and an active lifestyle so that your bodily functions remain in place.Usually women with erratic schedules tend to mess up with meals and sleep times to end up with bad skin. This will only lead to more acne, more zits and it may leave scars on your face.use this natural skin care tip and consider treating your pimples with medicinal skin creams, not your hands. The logic is that your blood transfers nutrients to your skin, so it’s important to keep your blood flowing well. This practically doesn’t expose your skin to the sun at all.Deliberate breaks for coffee and get your Vitamin D refilled. We spend thousands of dollars on all kinds of cosmetic products, creams, masks, peelings and still fail to get the desired effect.

Our skin gets saggy, loses its elasticity, our pores get wider and our overall complexion worsens.
You can now throw away all the expensive skin care products and forget about spending another dime on them.
Most of the homemade remedies are supported by a study providing evidence in favor of their efficacy, but we can not guarantee that a certain recipe would help you in treating any other similar health condition.
Just mix a cup of the white distilled variety with one quart of water, then rub down their coat with your hands. Be sure the rims of the jars are at ground level and check back on them a day or so later to easily dispose of the unsuspecting critters. Rub a little bit between your hands and it will instantly become an oil that you can rub all over.
Lycopene, which is the basic ingredient of tomatoes, stimulates the production of collagen, which is great in the fight against wrinkles.
These are ingredients you can just buy from your grocery store and mix in the comfort of your home. Eating lots of vegetable, fruits, nuts and sea foods helps to nourish your body and make your skin soft and smooth. Mix equal parts of these two ingredients and rub on your face; leave it on for about 15 minutes and wash off.
If you feel that these remedies are messy and would want to learn about effective natural skin care products that will make your skin soft, smooth, younger and beautiful,Discover the best natural skincare products available today. It is important to note that honey is a powerful antioxidant that heals and repairs damaged skin, making it look healthy, younger and beautiful.

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