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This weight training routine illustrated below has been proven efficient with many of my clients and its focus is to build muscle and strength. Cardiovascular activities promote cardiovascular health by stimulating the elevation of the heart rate and then its reduction. This plan works very well and if you follow those three steps exactly and combine them, your body fat percentage will start dropping and you should start seeing results within the first 2 -3 weeks. In the the first three parts of this Post, I explained how adrenal fatigue affects fat loss. A ‘working-in’ exercise is any exercise that you can perform at a low enough intensity that your breathing rate and heart rate do not increase. I recommend you work on your posture in the gym and also receive advise on how you can improve your posture during ever day life, including advice on good ergonomics at work and home.
You should also consider receiving advice on aspects such as nutrition, food sensitivities, hormones, gastro-intestinal infections (which are very common today), detoxification protocols, non-toxic toiletries, perfumes, cookware, water filtration systems etc. Whilst any one thing may not seem such as big deal (like eating wheat now and again), they all add up and all need to be addressed to minimize unnecessary stress. This is when your body should be repairing and building lean tissue and increasing your metabolic rate.
Top UK CHEK Practitioner and Health Coach Leigh Reveals Insider Secrets The Orthopedic Surgeons Don’t Want You to Know. However, the fact is that you need to lose overall body fat, so as to get rid of love handles.
Cardio workouts help in promoting blood circulation throughout the body, and help in boosting up the metabolism level of an individual. Apart from doing exercises to get rid of love handles, it is also imperative to follow a healthy diet plan. Therefore, it is crucial to eat healthy foods, rich in all essential minerals and vitamins, so that the fitness level of the body is maintained and love handles are lost quickly and successfully. Toning the oblique muscles would be quite helpful with respect to getting rid of love handles. Strengthening of lower back muscles would be of great help with respect to losing love handles.

It is important to reduce the intake of sodium in the diet, so as to avoid prominence of problem areas like love handles and gut.
An individual may suffer from heart problems like stroke and heart attack due to increased consumption of salt in the diet.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. This routine will help you lose fat because if your muscle mass grows, your body will consume more calories in order to maintain your muscles and provide more heat to your body due to the thermogenic effect. He fell in love with bodybuilding when he was only 12 and loves to motivate , teach and inspire people at all times. In this final Post, I’ll be explaining how to reverse or prevent adrenal fatigue and therefore, help you to achieve and maintain a lean body. A typical person will be over or under-exercising, may have an injury, eating a poor diet, a poor quality diet, going to bed too late and not getting enough sleep, working too many hours, using tap water, drinking alcohol on a regular basis, using toxic cosmetics and toiletries and I could go on and on, but you get the point! If you are feeling ‘drained’ and not ‘invigorated’ at the end of your workouts, then that’s a clear sign that your workouts are too intense or too long in duration.
Exercise such as Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi are just some of the forms of exercise that help to cultivate energy (what Paul Chek calls ‘Working-in’) as opposed to ‘working-out’ where you use-up energy. Well, when your muscles move they create tension through the fascial system and an electrical current, called a piezoelectric current is created.
If you have poor posture you’ll be using a lot more energy throughout the day than you need to. Three hours of exercise in the gym per week will not undo 165 hours of poor posture outside the gym each week. Gut infections and food sensitivities can have devastating affects on your health and can be a total roadblock to building muscle and losing fat.
If you go to bed too late, you can never catch-up on that recovery time by sleeping longer and waking up later.
Some people may require as much as 10 hours per night for optimal recovery and tissue regeneration.
It is commonly believed by people that by working on this area of the body, the amount of fat would be reduced.

Once,you start doing exercises for getting rid of excessive body fat, love handles would be lost automatically.However, it is important to remember here that it is not a one day’s job. The energy and strength of an individual would also be improved, consequently enabling successful and quick fat loss. Excessive consumption of oily and junk foods may result in increased body weight, and may not allow the fat around the abs to go away.
A few exercises which would aid in toning the oblique muscles consist of lying twist, trunk twist, lying leg raise, and oblique crunch. You need to work hard to reduce the fat from your lower back, so that fat from the abs can be reduced effectively.
Reducing the intake of salt in the diet would be of large help with regard to keeping in good health and losing love handles.
The workout works different muscle groups on different days; take a minute rest between each set.
I recommend doing cardio using HIIT (High intensity interval training), for 10 minutes before your weight lifting session and then allocate a specific day where you also do HIIT for about an hour.
Just because you might see obese people being tortured on reality fat-loss shows, by so-called experts, doesn’t mean that’s the way to go. If you go to bed too late (after 10pm), your body is unable to benefit from the time when your growth hormones should be at their highest.
Aerobics, dancing, walking, jogging, cycling, and running are appropriate forms of cardio workouts which would help in keeping the body in good shape. So if you exercise at a low intensity (work-in), you actually create more energy than you use.

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