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If the gland, which wraps around the windpipe just below the “Adam’s apple,” releases too little hormone (hypothyroidism), fatigue, weight gain, memory loss, cold intolerance, hair loss, dry skin and brittle nails can ensue, Hartshorn says. Sometimes, a nodule or lump in the gland can cause the problems and is frequently benign, but thyroid cancer would have to be ruled out, Hartshorn says.
Diagnosis and treatment have come a long way, and the bottom line is people shouldn’t live with these symptoms, Vanderveen says.
My main symptom leading me to seek help at AltneraCARE was hypothyroidism; I was diagnosed two years ago.
After I received treatment at Alternacare I lost 30 pounds, I came off my thyroid medications, I have more energy, improved sleep and reduced anxiety.
After receiving treatment at Alternacare I dropped 4 sizes in clothing and lost 38 pounds!  I have lots more energy, I’m sleeping better, I’m not as anxious and I’m feeling much better!  Thanks Alternacare.
Before I came in to Alternacare I had thyroid problems, cholesterol problems, and most importantly, suffered from chronic tiredness and just never felt well.
After coming to Alternacare my diabetes improved and my blood sugar is now consistently around 100. Take Our Free Online Weight Loss and Health Evaluation to help identify the cause of your health and weight problems.
After I came to Alternacare within 7 months I have lost 93 pounds and I am down almost 7 pants sizes.
Signup for our Email newsletter to receive special offers and great tips on health and weightloss. For those individuals who sleep enough, for around 9 hours and still feel tired, it is possible that they have an underactive thyroid. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, including lack of concentration and memory as well as brain fog can be a true indication of thyroid disorder. Frequent bowel movements as well as diarrhea are symptoms of hyperthyroidism, while constipation is a common symptom of hypothyroidism. More symptoms of thyroid disorder include: brittle nails, hypersensitivity to cold and heat , hair loss and ringing in the ears.
Unlike the polyunsaturated fats found in many foods, coconut oil is rich in “healthy” saturated fats. The unique structure of coconut oil makes it an excellent source of energy for the organism and its particular fat balance is beneficial to the thyroid. Unhealthy diet as well as high blood sugar levels may have a serious impact on the thyroid function. Many people have highly improved their thyroid health increased their energy and lost weight by including 2-3 tbsp of virgin coconut oil in their everyday nutrition. You can also add one or two tablespoons of coconut oil to your favorite smoothie and feel the greatest benefit of this oil for your thyroid health as well as to your overall health.
Consuming fast food, processed food, GMOs and sugary treats we make our organisms acidic, even though they are preordained to be alkaline.

Lemons have deserved all the rights to be labeled as a super food, because of their numerous benefits for human health. Lemon has characteristics that are astringent and disinfectant, and is used in many home remedies and beauty recipes. But in many cases, particularly in women past age 50, a small, butterfly-shaped gland that polices metabolism causes the chaos.
If it releases too much hormone (hyperthyroidism), anxiety, racing heart, hot flashes and weight loss are common symptoms.
After seeing my primary care physician for an annual physical, he called to tell me my diagnosis and that he had already called in my synthroid prescription. Rob’s program specifically designed for my health issues for four months, I returned to my primary physician for another thyroid test.
I was taking medication but this was not healing my thyroid.  At my worst I was not sleeping, I was shaking and nervous. I had been overweight since I was 16 years old and had tried every diet program available without success.  I always felt fat and self conscious.
I was not sleeping or eating much, yet I was still gaining weight and could not figure out why.  I was so exhausted I could not do activities with my family. According to the results, coconut oil is a great source of powerful fatty acids which enhance the metabolism, give your body energy and promote weight loss. Of course, there are many other health conditions which may lead to chronic fatigue, but generally, it is recognized as an early symptom of thyroid illness. Underactive thyroid is associated with memory problems, while an overactive thyroid leads to poor concentration. Coconut oil with his components has the ability to raise the good cholesterol levels, while decreasing the bad cholesterol levels. When you will incorporate them into your nutrition you should notice a significant improvement in your thyroid health.
Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance. Frequently, a simple blood test, which should be done during annual exams, and medication can resolve the problem. Although thyroid disorders strike men, too, experts suspect a hormone connection leaves women disproportionately affected. One of the major reasons why conventional medications are not effective for more than 80% of people suffering from an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) is because it is an autoimmune disease. Lauric acid and other fatty acids in coconut oil have the ability to protect against infection from viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi and parasites. It was an emotional moment when I heard my primary physician say, “Discontinue the use of your synthroid.” However, not only did my thyroid heal, but my other symptoms improved, as well.
I was extremely overweight, had just been placed on thyroid medicine, was already on an anti-depressant and anxiety medication, and was dreading getting married in a year because I felt so terrible about myself.

Nothing in this website is intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any medical condition.
It tastes great with everything from sauteed onions or vegetables to baked dishes and eggs.
At work, I didn’t feel motivated to do the paperwork involved in my job and I didn’t want to be creative and solve problems. After coming to Alternacare, I lost 40 pounds, my sleep is greatly improved, I have energy in ample supply, no more naps, no more puffiness under the eyes, and no more meds!! Although trying the two previous months to eat right, exercising (I was training for a 5k), and trying to lose weight, I had gained 7 pounds. To put the icing on the cake, I had spent three months going to a medical doctor, trying to figure out what was going on with my body.
I had my reserves at times, I’m impatient and like things done right away, but so far it has all been worth it. My meals were becoming increasingly less nutritious because grabbing something quick was easier.
Other symptoms, that I was unaware of until I didn’t have them, that have gone away are raised bumps on my legs, skin discoloration, and anxiety. I even sleep better – even if I awaken during the night, I go back to sleep quickly and awaken in the morning feeling refreshed and rested!
AlternaCARE is staffed with wonderful, caring people – they want to see you healthy and living your best life!
I was supposed to get married in less than a year, and didn’t even want to put a dress on.
It has been a hard road; changing my lifestyle and not just dieting, putting in the work and effort to make changes. I was hesitant at first, but decided that I could either live with my health issues or give this alternative a try.
My dad called me up one day and asked if I wanted to go to a live demonstration with a doctor that was right down the road from my house. Besides hypothyroidism, I was experiencing other symptoms: eczema, weight gain, and muscles aches (especially in my right shoulder and hip). Rob give his demonstration, I knew I had been taught all the wrong things about weight loss my entire life.

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