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If you want to feed your family well but aren’t sure where to start, this is the post for you. If you are wanting to make some changes in your own life this is a great place to start… you can do anything for two weeks!
On to the 2 week menu for Summer Clean Eating, more of my thoughts on food and eating clean is at the bottom of the post! Day 8: Crock-pot Steak Carnitas in corn tortillas with all the veggies they can hold (have you ever tried cucumber on your tacos?! Day 9: Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers with quinoa and black beans – One Lovely Life (no quinoa? Sides for dinner- if they aren’t included in the recipe collection then add what is on hand.
Popsicles – Strawberry banana are a favorite at our house, any 100% fruit juice frozen is great too (and easy), I make a double batch of smoothie and freeze half in popsicle molds all of the time.
You have lots of snack options that go beyond sliced fruit, vegetables, and string cheese sticks, but those simple snacks are always winners and take very little prep on your part. Eating whole foods (meaning you are cutting out things that are processed, ingredients you can’t read, and refined sugars and flours) is so much more than food.
Natural sugars like honey and pure maple syrup are worth the cost and are great things to learn how to use.
I’d much rather have my kids eat my butter, sugar, and white flour chocolate chip cookies than anything made with a box of sugar-free Jell-O. This is a message that I love to tell people about and hope that the message reaches lots of ears.
PS- If you’d like to make all two weeks worth of dinner I have a free printable grocery list to make that even easier for you. I love your common sense approach especially about letting your kids be kids and making sure they eat healthy at home and establish good habits but letting them participate with others when they are out. I like to fill everything out on the computer so it's nice and neat versus my chicken scratch all over the place. I took three sheets of vinyl: pink, green, and navy, mirorred the text, cut them with my Silhouette Portrait, then transferred the wording on to the back of the boards. I hope this little customization helps keep track of what board is for what and eliminates the possibility of cross contamination. Don't forget to download your meal planning sheets, your free cut file and to check out these amazing Silhouette projects from my friends from The Silhouette Challenge on Facebook. The number of food servings a person needs depends upon their sex, age, body type and physical activity. Eating plan-based meals can help you reduce your risk of common chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, colorectal cancer and type 2 diabetes. Depending on your level of restriction of animal products some nutrients may need more attention such as calcium, zinc, vitamin B12 and omega 3. If you're new to the world of plant-based eating or simply wish to incorporate more whole food meals based on legumes, wholegrains, nuts and seeds into your weekly repertoire, follow Sue Radd's Healthy Eating Plate to design your own meals. For more detailed advice and a personalised meal plan relevant to your lifestyle, medical conditions and body weight, please speak to one of our friendly Accredited Practising Dietitians who have a special interest in plant-based nutrition.
Check out these sample food plates, which show you how to translate the theory into practice. See our recipe page for instructions on how you can make some of these and other yummy dishes.
Most of us know that we should be eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day, but how many people actually know what else makes up a healthy balanced diet?
The Government's Eatwell Plate shows the different types of foods we need to eat, and in what proportions, to have a well balanced and healthy diet.
Experts tell us that we should be trying to improve our diets to reduce the risks associated with being overweight or obese, or from not having the right types of foods in our diets. A recent publication looking into how the Eatwell Plate helps us to achieve a healthy diet, has shown that just 1% of the UK population met all current official UK healthy eating guidelines. If we take out the recommendations for fibre, protein and oily fish, the statistics improve a little, but still only 12% of the UK is managing to reach targets for total fat, saturated fat and 5-a-day. This piece of research has highlighted just how difficult it is to actually reach healthy eating guidelines every day - we all have good days and bad days, and really, if we can all be striving to do better most of the time, then we're halfway there. 99% of the UK population aren't reaching all the healthy eating guidelines every day, so it's important to be a realist about your own diet.
Although it's hard to consistently meet guidelines, there's nothing stopping you from taking a look at your diet and thinking of ways to work towards being an 'achiever'.
Add one extra portion of fruits or veggies every day - if you only have 2 at the moment, stretch it to 3. Many people strive to eat healthy foods every single day, but often fall into the old eating patterns that consist of fast food and convenient, ready-made meals that are loaded with salt, trans fats and cholesterol.
Local farmer’s markets are an excellent way to buy seasonal produce and other healthy foods. When you do your grocery shopping, make sure to buy healthy food that you’re going to want to eat, but it’s also important to limit the amount of junk and sweet treats that you buy so that they aren’t all around you.

If you shop at a big grocery store, the snack aisle that contains the cookies, crackers and potato chips is a dangerous zone. Planning your meals a few days or a week ahead of time can help ensure that you have all the ingredients you need; and for many people, having a plan for their meals is enough to keep them from hitting the drive-thru window on the way home from work. And so you have decided that from this day forward, you would do everything in your power to lose weight and become the fittest person on the face of the planet.
While the process of losing weight may be complicated, the concept of weight loss itself isn’t.
This part of the weight loss plan is going to be a bit more complicated than the previous one. I have a whole food approach to eating that the whole family will love, no health food store needed.
To make it even easier I have created a simple PDF shopping list of everything you need to make these 14 dinners. I love to saute up zucchini with a little onion and butter and a heavy hand of salt during the summer.
Keep reading to see my food philosophy and how to make this a lifestyle change and not just a 2 week diet.
I don’t have a pantry full of health-food-store-only-products;I tend to learn towards traditional or “old-fashioned” ingredients. I have a wheat grinder (awesome investment…) and grind my own flour for bread, muffins, biscuits, and rolls. Grow a garden… it’s amazing how much kids LOVE what they have invested themselves in and watched grow! I’m more scared of all that fake stuff than normal old flour, sugar, chocolate, and butter. I am intentional in my efforts to raise well-rounded kids who will try most anything, enjoy green smoothies, and who will never say no to ring pop. Because it’s something I feel passionately about and want to share with you: I want you to do it, too!
I’d totally love you to pin and save this post for later to help spread and share the love. I love blogging and it’s because you all are there to love, help, support, and make my day. I loved the post so much that I wrote a detailed ebook about feeding your family real food.
Once I am finished arranging them and filling them in I print, laminate them together,and hang on the fridge. Since you'll be slicing and dicing your way to a cleaner lifestyle you'll need to keep in mind surface prep and cross contamination. If you meal planning and shop on a budget you should be able to purchase the items you need to start your new way of eating without going broke.
Recent Newspoll research suggests 70% of Australians consume plant based meals in the belief that eating less meat and more plant foods improves overall health. If you already have one or more of these conditions, studies show plant based diets can be used to provide an optimal way to better manage these. New research by Australian and international academics published in the Medical Journal of Australia shows getting everything the body needs while maintaining a vegetarian diet is not as complicated as once thought. Working towards a healthier diet is a very positive step and one that should definitely be encouraged, however, trying to meet every healthy eating guideline may be a task just too difficult to achieve.
The authors of the report dubbed this 12% as 'achievers' but noted that they tended to attain their lower fat intake by switching to skimmed milk, poultry and white fish dishes rather than increasing the amount of plant foods like pulses, nuts and seeds. Even when you're keeping a close eye on your food and drink (such as when you're following a weight loss programme) it's still really tricky to tick off every single nutritional guideline along the way. Every additional portion helps with meeting important nutritional needs including fibre, vitamins and minerals. How about swapping the usual Friday Fish and Chips for a grilled salmon steak with oven baked wedge potatoes and a nice green salad? Use smaller plates, smaller cutlery or just add your veggies or salad first to leave less space - a sure-fire way of cutting back on calories, fat and saturated fat too. Look out for the 5-a-day checker and total fat counter in your Food Diary - designed to help you become an achiever! Plus, in many cases, fruits, vegetables and even items like coffee are cheaper and of better quality than what you’ll find at the big-box store.
That way, when you open the freezer to reach for the ice cream, all you’ll have is the bag of frozen fruit for a smoothie. Foods like black beans, nuts, wild rice and whole wheat pasta can be purchased in large quantities.
Not only will you pick up foods that are often high in salt and fat, but you’ll often end up spending more money per-ounce in the snack aisle than in the produce aisle. Information and other content provided on this blog, including information that may be provided on this blog directly or by third-party websites are provided for informational purposes only. Well, it has been shown time and time again that doing cardio is the best way of dropping the pounds; cardiovascular workouts require you to move your entire body, and few things are more tiring than that.

It is of utmost importance that you maintain a healthy and balanced diet so as to keep your body strong, functional, and most importantly, with an effective immune system. You are going to love all of the tried and true recipe I’ve been making for my family of seven for years. Eat sliced garden tomatoes with salt and cottage cheese and fresh cucumbers sliced with salt and pepper. You don’t need a health food store and a million dollars to eat well… making a few small changes will get you on the right track! Healthy, local, and sustainable food practices are good for you, your family, your community, and our world. Together we can all eat a little better without feeling totally crazy about the process, and I think this is a pretty great place to start! And with some super colorful cutting boards you'll be ready to start chopping and dicing your way to a better life.
The recommendation is to eat 3 to 5 servings of vegetables and 2 to 4 servings of fruits daily.
A small amount of oil or fat is needed but it should be used sparingly due to the high energy content. Some traditional plant-based diets, such as the Mediterranean or rural Asian diets, may also include limited amounts of chicken, meat, fish and seafood. You need to ensure you still meet your nutritional requirements for nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin B12. You'll bump up your oily fish target, plus you'll be cutting back on unwanted calories too.
After a few days of eating healthy, you won’t miss the ice cream — or at least not as much. By buying in large amounts, you’ll make sure you don’t run out of healthy food at home and turn to that refrigerator magnet for pizza delivery. As you can probably imagine, there is really no better way of burning calories than to move around and exercise. There are many cardio exercises you can look up on the internet, such as jogging, jump rope, stair-climbing, shadow boxing and others. Yes, you may need to make some efforts when following your weight loss plan, such as exercising when you don’t feel like it, learning how to cook new meals and perhaps even eat foods that you do not like, but in the end, don’t you think it’s all worth it to have a healthy body and be able to live a longer and happier life?
You’ll see when you are cooking every night that you’ll have lots in the fridge! Next, you can hot glue a couple of magnets to the back so these babies can take home on the side of the fridge. And for those of you interested in joining our Silhouette group send a shout out to Lauren here.
However, you will need to take a little time to plan your meals and make sure you have healthy food on hand. If your answer is that you don’t really know, then you are in the same boat as hundreds of thousands, if not millions of other people who have no idea how to lose weight, other than the vague notion of “eating right and exercising”.
You will need to put together an exercising plan which has you working out at least four to five days a week, multiple workouts per day. You should also try to include some basic bodyweight muscle-building exercises into the mix, such as pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups. Now, in order to be able to put together something like that you will first need to inform yourself on which foods have a low amount of fat and calories while being high in nutrients; these are the foods you want to be eating. Well, in this case the first step to take is put together your own weight loss plan, and here is how you should go about it. Try and keep each of your workouts relatively light; don’t push yourself to the limit or you will run the risk of injuring yourself.
You should try to keep your daily consumption of calories somewhere between 1000 and 1500, depending on how much you weigh at the moment. The tortilla chips are probably the biggest “cheat” for my whole foods, but we all need a little convenience.
I do however try to make sure what they get in my house is good for them (80% of the time). But remember to read the labels, even if it's in the safe zone it very easily could be filled with no-nos. And hey, if all else fails and you do end up purchasing and eating something that's pretty clean but not 100%, to me that's better than eating dirty. When things are in season they aren’t only fresh and super tasty but they are also cheap.

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