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But seriously… last week a client told me that she thought it was a better motivation to NEED to lose weight vs.
And maybe you need to lose weight, eat better, move your body and meditate to be healthier and to live a quality of life (like one of my clients did after he had a heart attack). I find that if I take a cheat day too soon in my new workout regimen i end up on a slippery slope.
Sweets can always get the best of us but at least you recognize your weakness and wont quit. We all have set backs, I am glad you are not giving up and going to continue to try to reach your goals.
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We all have bad weeks when trying to change our eating habits, so don’t beat yourself up over cheating a bit. I have been trying for weeks and I know what you mean, my downfall was a business lunch; when this awesome chocolate lava cake was served, I was toast. Fad Diets Don’t WorkAll of has have felt the excitement of getting out of the starting gate of a fad diet. As your health partner, we will be with you along the way in achieving good health and proper food choices. I have massive portions so i’m cutting them down, but I have a sweet tooth that I often find hard not to give into.
I have been slacking in fact I been cheating a bit on what I am not suppose to be eating even while I’m not able to work out.

Calories Are A MustCutting too many calories out of your diet will send your body into a mode that keeps you from losing weight. Your brain sees that you are not eating what you have been, and it gets over anxious and starts holding on for dear life.
The secret that works is to eat 5 or 6 times a day with very small portions.Stop thinking of these as snacks.

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