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Female patient is is over 40% body fat, in early 20’s and has been struggling with weight for several years. I reminded my patient that she is required to purchase and consume two boxes of the Non-restricted IP foods and one box of Restricted (21 items total), plus vitamin and mineral supplements.
I explained that although I know she purchased a lot of food at the beginning of her journey for variety and to stock up, that now several months later I have lost track and it is clear she has taken a path different from our Agreement and the Ideal Protein Protocol requirements. I further explained that my job as her Coach is to be direct and honest and to guide her in following the IP Protocol which is the most effective and least expensive way to do it.  I made clear that deviating from the Plan and creating her own rules most often leads to undesirable results and additional expense. I acknowledged her improvements in her health and life-style choices and told her I am honored to be a part of her healthcare team and that I would like to continue to help.  I  stated clearly that I do not think she will be successful if we do not follow the safe, medically directed Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. Every day I answer dozens of phone calls and emails about these questions so I think it is worthy of a blog post.
How much does Ideal Protein cost?  How much are your Ideal Protein Chocolate Mint Bars?  How much do you sell your Ideal Protein Triple Chocolate Wafers for?  How do I order Ideal Protein online?
In general Ideal Protein products are available to my patients who are enrolled in the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol.  Are you on the Protocol now at any Ideal Protein Authorized Clinic?
For your information most Authorized Clinics sell the Ideal Protein products for between $4 and $5 per item.

Thanks for your interest and please be in touch if you think I might be able to help you with your health goals. Ingredients: Oat protein concentrate, wheat protein isolate, chocolatey chips (maltitol, unsweetened chocolate processed with alkali, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract), whey protein concentrate, inulin, dried whole eggs, nonfat dried milk, modified wheat starch, contains 2 percent or less of natural and artificial flavors, sodium bicarbonate, steviol glycosides, frutooligosaccarides, fructose, cream of tartar, citric acid, silicone dioxide, sulfites. Ingredients: Wheat protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, oat protein concentrate, inulin, whole eggs, skim milk, modified wheat starch, sodium bicarbonate, natural and artificial flavor, contains 2 percent or less of cream of tartar, citric acid, silicon dioxide, sulphites. Veterans who sign up and pay tomorrow on Veterans Day, receive a FREE CONSULTATION which is a $170 value!
Call NOW to book a private consultation or learn more first by attending our FREE IDEAL PROTEIN WORKSHOP on Veterans Day in Nashua at 6-7pm. Our new sweet and buttery ready-to-serve Caramel Flavored Pudding will soon be available to order. You will definitely get a lot more sex after having the six pack, but you should definitely do it before too. Besides this, you also need to strengthen the abs muscles a bit, through specific exercises. Yes it’s recommended to work them with certain exercises, but to reveal them you really need to work on your diet and burn the fat.

But usually you begin to see the upper abs at 12% Body Fat, they look quite nice at 10%, and below 8% Body Fat they are amazing! Not all abdominal muscles are created the same and not everyone has that nice and proportional six pack. Not only you will burn a few extra calories, but you will also sleep better and get rid of stress. Smaller percentages of body fat are only needed for professional bodybuilders and top athletes. Make sure to vary the speed and the intensity and to work all sides of the abs (the upper abs, the lower abs and the obliques). These are the numbers for men and for women the figures are slightly higher (see the image below and click on it to enlarge it).

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