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You can join a regular class, under an expert mentor who will help you to learn the steps and lose weight with indoor cycling. It is most important that you chose the right size of the bi-cycle to start with indoor cycling.
Next to the chair, there must be a nodule (to adjust the height), that allows the chair to move up and go down.
Be extra cautious so that during the movement your feet never lose contact with the pedal and the knee never comes in contact with the handle bar of the cycle. You have to arrange the resistance of the bike to something that will help you to paddle with less effort.
Along with practicing the exercise, it is also very important to calculate the calories that you are burning every day by practicing indoor cycling. Indoor cycling is a total exercise that moves your body inside out. Regular and proper practice of this exercise is enough to combat obesity and health problems that arise due to obesity.

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However, instructional DVDs are now also available to practice indoor cycling at home, at your convenient time. It is because, if your feet don’t reach the pedals comfortably, the exercise will not work effectively. When it is all done, you can start the exercise by placing your hands on the handle bars, leaning slightly forward and moving the paddles very slowly. The result will help you decide either you require more practice, or it is well enough to stick to the present timing of indoor cycling.

You can take help of BMR calculator to measure BMR (basal metabolic rate), which is the particular amount of calories that you lose every day. Then set the time you require every day to lose weight with indoor cycling.If the calorie intake and the BMR rate is almost equal, it is suggested to cycle for seven hours in a day to lose just a pound.
Here steps in the idea of indoor cycling to lose weight with less effort and get a better result. Indoor cycling is actually and high-intensity aerobic exercise that helps to burn maximum calories and become slim in a very short time.

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