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Health care costs for employers are rising and the future is predicted to be even more costly.
Both in and out of the workplace, employees face challenges that easily lead them to poor health. Your employee's Genetix Program Coach connects with them by phone every day, whether at work, at home, or on the go. Send an e-Appointment request today to schedule your next appointment with one of our qualified doctors.
If you are already a patient, access NextMD to view results, message your doctor’s office and schedule appointments. Shawnee Mission Health's Bariatric Surgery Program is designated as a Comprehensive Bariatric Center of Excellence by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program. As a surgery candidate, you'll receive nutritional counseling with a registered dietitian and a thorough psychological evaluation with a clinical psychologist who specializes in care of weight-loss surgery patients. A registered nurse who specializes in bariatric surgery will see you before and after surgery to answer questions and provide support. The Shawnee Mission Health Bariatric program is backed by a quality nursing staff trained in care of the bariatric surgery patient, and a state-of-the-art surgical facility to help make your hospital stay safe and comfortable. Body contouring after major weight loss reduces the excess skin and fat that is left behind from the expansion of skin, loss of fat and lack of tissue elasticity that often occurs after a major weight loss.
Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic goals for what body contouring can accomplish. Individuals committed to leading a healthy lifestyle including proper nutrition and fitness. Before you decide to have surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with Dr. During your consultation, you will learn about the surgery, its limitations and risks, and discuss your needs and concerns. After your consultation a photographer will take photographs for your medical record and you will meet with Dr.
If the abdomen is to be treated, the incision is made and the skin is lifted up from the abdominal wall.
Arm surgery (brachioplasty) is performed by excision of the skin of the upper arm and removing excess skin and fat from an incision that runs down the upper arm. The second stage typically involves a medial thigh lift, breast lift, and lateral chest wall excision. Techniques vary if the breasts are to be treated, but the most common procedure involves an anchor-shaped incision that circles the areola, extends downward and follows the natural curve of the crease beneath the breast. Be sure to arrange for someone to drive you home from the hospital and stay with you to assist you in and out of bed the first couple of days while at home.
You will wear a compression garment or binder for two weeks day and night following surgery and then during the night for the next two weeks. You will usually return in 3-4 days following surgery then in 7-10 days for suture removal.
Most Insurance companies consider this a cosmetic procedure and rarely pay for body contouring surgery after major weight loss.

We include the below listed Consultative services that are required for the care of bariatric surgical patients, including the immediate availability of an ACLS-qualified physician on-site that can perform patient resuscitations.
For more information on the Surgery Weight Loss Program at UMC, please call (520) 626-2635. Therefore, having a Corporate Wellness solution that extends beyond the workplace is essential. Shawnee Mission Health - Prairie Star 23401 Prairie Star Parkway, Lenexa FreeJoin Shawnee Mission Health - Prairie Star for strawberries, health information and fun for the entire family at the eighth annual Strawberry Festival. That means we offer a full-service bariatric program, that includes pre- and post-operative education and care, support groups and even a clothing exchange for our patients after surgery.
All of your appointments before and after surgery, and the surgery itself take place at Shawnee Mission Health - Prairie Star in west Lenexa (K-7 and Prairie Star Parkway). You will receive information regarding weight-related health conditions, each of the procedures we perform, the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery, dietary modifications and lifestyle changes required to be successful. Kenkel has helped develop several new body contour procedures designed to help patients attain optimal weights and body shapes after massive weight loss. This sagging skin commonly develops around the face, neck, upper arms, breast, abdomen buttocks and thighs and can make your body appear irregular and misshapen. The umbilicus is released from its position in the skin but stays attached to the abdominal wall. The medial thigh lift requires not only an incision in the groin, but also one that extends vertically down the medial aspect of the leg. The skin from both sides of the breast is brought down and around the areola, shaping the new contour of the breast.
They can be either directly excised with incisions extending to the back, often in the bra line. While you are in the hospital your pain control is intravenous narcotics for the first 24 hours. Kenkel can give you information about nutrition and exercise but ultimately it is up to you to retain your results. At the time of your initial consultation, you will be quoted a price that will include the surgeon's fee as well as hospital and anesthesia fees. Galvani’s Administrative Assistant and will be your first point of contact for the Surgical Weight Loss Info Seminar as well as scheduling of initial appointments.  She has worked with Dr. She is the Bariatric Program Coordinator at the Surgical Weight Loss Program located at the University Medical Center.
The information on this site is designed to support, not replace the relationship between a patient and their doctor. Cardiac, pulmonary and physical therapy evaluations may also be required before your surgery is scheduled.
The surgeons will answer any questions you may have and you will receive a packet of information that you may return to the office to start the journey toward weight loss surgery and improved health. If you have undergone dramatic weight loss either through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, and you are at your optimum weight loss goal, you may choose to have this procedure. He is Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery and Director of the Clinical Center for Cosmetic Laser Treatment at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Kenkel understand your expectations and determine whether they realistically can be achieved.

If a patient has fat in addition to skin excess, we may elect to stage the procedure with liposuction first followed by excision several months later. Alternatively, incisions can be limited to the arm pit and lateral chest, extending into the breast crease.
We will use a pain pump that will deliver continuous pain medication to the abdomen for about 3 days. Mary’s where she worked until 2004.  Kelli transitioned to UMC in 2004 as a Transplant Dietitian of which she is still active in, but has become interested in Weight Loss and Bariatric Nutrition with a desire to assist people with weight loss and why we eat what we eat!! Barbara has worked in the medical field for a number of years including holding the position of Administrator, Clinical Director, Staff RN, and Manager of Ambulatory Surgery Centers prior to joining our team.
Antonia has worked in the medical field for a number of years, including family practice prior to joining our team. Our facility has an Intensive Care Unit, if needed, as well as a full complement of medical specialties, including cardiac, pulmonary, physical therapy, psychology, nutrition and emergency medicine staff.
He will examine your body and will consider such factors as the quality of your skin tone and the contour of your body. This will include information about any medical conditions, drug allergies, medical treatments you have received including previous surgeries and medications that you currently take. Out of all the areas we treat, these scars may be the most prominent not only because of the location but also in the way they heal. Aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs can cause increased bleeding, so you should avoid taking these medications for a period of time before surgery.
When you are discharged, you will be given prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics as well.
Barbara assists patients through the surgical weight loss process from seminar to surgery by answering questions, tracking patient clearances including tests and evaluations. Antonia’s role is to assist patients from bariatric info-sessions to answering insurance questions, obtaining benefits and submitting for surgery authorizations. You may also schedule for appointment for computer imaging to see what the proposed surgical outcome may look like.
While this seems excessive, it is a very powerful operation that not only improves the waist but also the buttock and lateral thighs.
The skin is sutured in place with the combination of absorbable and non-absorbable sutures.
Following this visit you will return in approximately 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and one year. Barbara will ensure you know what you need to do prior to your surgery, what will happen the day of surgery and during your hospital stay. Wound care around the drain sites is easy and you will be taught how to care for these areas before you leave the hospital. Antonia enjoys her job being able to help patients move in a new direction for a healthier life style.

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