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I like my cheat days to coincide with Sundays because, call me crazy, I like wings and nachos when I watch football.
Intermittent Fasting = She Lost 124 PoundsHi, Adrian!I am 5'7" & I have lost 124 pounds. Helps you live longerProtects you from the effects of Alzheimer's & Parkinson's diseases. MarisolIf I do this and also do the fasting would it be okay if I take my fat burner pills during the fasting?
Does the intermittent fasting need to be continuous or could you do a few days a week then do a few days under 2000 cal or maybe IF Mon to Fri? No, the key is eating the right amount of calories and usually under 2000 is what you need but depending on your weight and activity level then it is possiblr to lose weight with more than 2000 cals.
So I am doing intermittent fasting and I stop eating at 8pm and start eating at 1pm or 12noon my appetite is in a mess, it's so large, I get hungry quickly and I don't feel full more often.
SarindraOther then this after 16-20 hour can I eat any thing in that 1 meal (fast food n all) according to my required calories deficit..
SarindraSir tell me that how many days in a week I have to do jamping jack workout hiit??n can I eat 1 regular meal after intermittent fast hours..
MelissaI have been searching for a way to safely lose weight for a vacation in May without making myself crazy. PhillipAnd also to mention i don't feel hungry or anything and i feel 100% fine while doing a 20 hour fast and eating under 1000 calories but i was just curious to know if its unhealthy eating that less. The Handy Plan Weight Loss ClubOver 10 years' experience and research in wegiht loss, distilled into The Handy Plan from Hoyles Fitness.Handy Plan LecturesArticles specifically for people losing weight with The Handy Plan.
I am fan of intermittent fasting and teach the approach to my personal training and handy plan weight loss club clients. On first glance, many people are worried about the term ‘fast’, thinking they are going to avoid food for days and end up starving! An intermittent fast is a managed period without food – it allows your body to run on stored fat, making you leaner. I could go on and tell you about Chris, Amy, Catherine, Ian etc who have all had similar results, but I would be labouring the point, which is used correctly, intermittent fasting WORKS and works well! Nobody said fasting has to be done in the day time to work, so use sleep to your advantage!
I strongly advocate eating as soon as possible after training, so if you are going to train during a fast, do it at the end so you can eat immediately afterwards.

Common knowledge tells us that hunger is often dehydration, so prevent this being an issue by staying well hydrated throughout your fasted waking hours.
When you come off the fast, the temptation is to eat junk as you have been avoiding food for 16-24 hours. These are the general guidelines I set for my clients when they are fasting, and they have worked so far. Intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone, and I have never claimed it to be, but I use it, my clients use it and it works for us. If you have enjoyed this article and these intermittent fasting tips, please share it via social media and email! Some had to do with fasting, obviously, but there is some stuff that has to do specifically with the cheat day as well.Like any style of fasting, removing food for an extended period of time can lead to fat loss, because it often leads to lower caloric intake. I like my cheat days to coincide with Sundays because, call me crazy, I like wings and nachos when I watch football.This means that Mondays, I don't eat AT ALL. You have helped me so much and I wanted to share my progress with you from intermittent fasting and a diet of 1800 cal a day.
And if i workout at 5 or 6 pm will my body use the stored fat or will it use what i ate in the morning and noon ??? I currently weigh 201lbs and would love to see 40 pounds gone in the next month and a half. I have been on 1200-1400 calories for about a month and I started out at 248 lbs (slow progress). However ive been eating under 1000 calories during my 20 hour fasting and i usually have one cheat day which is on a saturday. Furthermore, a basic lack of understanding about fasting has lots of people concerned about the catabolic effects on muscle tissue.
Additionally, research has shown that occasional fasting also increases levels of growth hormone in the blood when coupled with a high intensity exercise protocol, making it an excellent double-whammy for fat loss! As I mentioned earlier, I teach it to my clients and give them strategies as to how they can fit it into their lives with the fewest negative effects. Before I fast I eat a large meal so I don’t feel as though I haven’t eaten for a long time! My approach to fasting is to eat an evening meal and then not eat again until the following lunch time – a good chunk of which is taken up by sleeping. I typically teach a 16-18 hour fast and very rarely stretch it beyond this as I don’t feel it is necessary.

You don’t have to be intimidated by the idea of not eating for a few hours – we are designed to do it and done properly, you will feel great and lose lots of body fat doing it! However tempting it might be to fast repeatedly and for longer in search of quicker fat loss results, you are likely to catabolise muscle and in the long term, slow down your progress, so fast intelligently! Not only would I be in the bathroom more than I wanted, but my stomach would hurt, and eating was a huge chore.I had come from the old school bodybuilding mentality of, if you fall off the wagon, get right back on, immediately. Pretty simple.But the reason this works well is because it's coming on the heels of a cheat day. In the Handy Plan I suggest a cheat day once per week, so an ideal time to fast is the day after, when blood glucose is probably elevated. Personally, I allow clients to drink coffee and tea during a fast, but I want them to keep sugar to a minimum, so that is out apart from an occasional level teaspoon worth. Effectively at this point you are a nutrient sponge – what you eat will be used, so eat well and fill your body with good quality vitamins, minerals and protein, not sugar, chemicals and preservatives!
By planning your week you can throw in a fast or two, keeping your progress good whilst you enjoy the occasional indulgence! This won't detract from any of the hormonal stuff, it just adds in some calories where there weren't any before. Monday happens to be the busiest day for most people (myself included), so if ever there was a time where it helped to free up a few hours by not eating, this is it. I've been fasting for few days now and feel great have even seen my scale go down I'm going for the (16) and hope I get some great results. I would think I would be able to take my daily meds in the morning and it not effect the fasting period.
I started using this method before looking into science of any kind, and it just happened to work.
My dad is a dr and he is the most healthy 71 year old you'll ever meet and he stresses the importance of fasting as well.

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