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As New Year resolutions begin again, author disputes alcohol information found in best-selling diet books. The site also gives different serving sizes for wine, going from 3.5-ounces on one web page, to a 4-ounce serving on another.
There also seems to be some confusion with the effects of yeast on lowÂ?carbohydrate diets and what takes place during the processes of fermentation and distillation. As for wine, sulfites are added to ensure that a secondary fermentation won't take place in the bottle, possibly instigated by wild yeasts or even bacteria that might still be found in the finished wine. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. His book dispels many of the myths associated with low-carb diets and alcohol and also contains the carbohydrate counts of over 1000 beers, 400 wines, 60 liqueurs, and more than 200 low-carb mixed drink recipes.

He is a contributor to the Good Eating Section of the Chicago Tribune and is a columnist for the LowCarb Energy magazine. The liquor is separated from yeasts and other by-products of fermentation during the distillation process. Well, did you know that the correct solution for weight loss is to eat healthy food with a regular low-carb diet plan for better health?Low-carb Diet Plan Good News for Weight LossMost of the times, the weight of the body starts gaining again after one returns to the eating habits. The diet plan for weight loss should contain low carbohydrates for reducing weight without losing health. Foods that contain high amount of carbohydrates can be avoided completely and can be replaced by the low-carb food. This is termed to be the best eating habit to remain healthier, younger and happier.How Does Low-carb Diet Plan Work?In general, the sugar and the starch are stored in the body in excess when consumed daily.

Since only a small percentage of sugar (glucose) is absorbed in the bloodstream of the human body, the excess of sugar is stored in the liver and muscles in the of fats.
Low-carb diet helps in burning the stored fat in the body which results in a gradual and stable weight loss.

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