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First of all, you know that’s not a good question because you know it’s probably not healthy to lose fat as fast as possible, but I’m going to indulge you and show you to fastest way to lose weight in a healthy, wholesome, natural way. Now the thing about this is, this is not necessarily an approach I’d recommend for the long term. Out of all the things he tried, one of the things that’s fascinating, one of the things he tried was exercising multiple hours of the day, vigorously. The only thing that worked for him, he eliminated all starches, no wheat, no bread, no pasta, none of that stuff. Second is the fact that most of these things are loaded with sugar, salt, or fat and all this crap that you don’t need.
What it means is that, generally speaking, you’re going to get a fraction of the vitamins and nutrients. And you get a salad with the chips for your lunch and you realize you’ve just eaten 900 calories for lunch… and you’re still not even that full! When they eliminate fiber or they fry food, when it’s finely diced and added with like a sauce, it’s processed. You can be eating a salad at a place and with the dressing, or depending on how the food is made, you could be dramatically overeating.
Now, here is the ideal meal to eat every single day if you want to lose weight as quickly as possible.
So it will vary for everyone, it really depends on how much you’re eating for the rest of the two macronutrients (protein and fat).
The emphasis here is protein, fat, and veggies in every meal, and then fill the smaller, leftover area with carbs. So the foundation of each meal should be a big piece of protein, half a plate of veggies and then whatever carbs you can eat after that. Back in the hunter gatherer days, Cortisol was naturally released in higher amounts when we woke up, it helped us get up in the morning. But, the problem is that chronic elevation of Cortisol, like super high amounts of Cortisol levels over a period of time are directly related to belly fat gain. Well, there’s two main ways that our Cortisol levels go through the roof and for us modern humans there are two main reasons why our Cortisol levels would be high.
Lack of sleep is one of primary but understated reasons why we have excess Cortisol levels. Now, did you know many competitive athletes or body builders, they actually sleep nine, sometimes even ten, eleven hours a day! Number one because that releases more human growth hormones, helps them build muscle; but also because it lowers the Cortisol levels, crucial to rebuilding, restoring and healing the body. If you’re taking caffeine pills, or you’re whether it’s “legal or illegal” I won’t go in that argument, all those things elevate your Cortisol level. Now what’s cool, or not necessarily cool but important to know, in one of the studies they found a very strong link between less sleep and obesity. So one of their main theories as to why modern people are so much more overweight than before is because we sleep less.
Now in that study, people with impaired sleep, or insomnia, or just people who aren’t sleeping enough like business men or super-ambitious types sacrificing their sleep, two things happen to their body and their brain.
When they had the brain scans of these people, as they were looking at food, and as they were eating it, different things were firing and going off in their brain, different from what was going when they had slept, when they had enough sleep. And here’s what happened, and this is astonishing: as a result, these people overate by up to 600 extra calories a day! People say between seven or nine hours, but if you can get through the day and you don’t feel tired, and you don’t have that afternoon slump, you’re probably getting enough sleep. And here’s why: With weights, you’re building muscle mass, and the more muscle you have, the higher your normal metabolic rate.
Which is why you see these… these fitness chicks that are… they are very muscular, but they’re like ripped, they’re tight. You’re not going to get ripped just by running or doing a tread mill or doing that Insanity workout! I am sure you are not planning to eats tons of protein, tons of calories to build a ripped physique.
One of the reasons why we get fatter as we get older is because of the loss in muscle mass. And lifting can be especially good for older women, for people with osteoporosis, lifting weights is one of the best things to improve your bone density!
With the food section, I talked about having about 30-40% of protein in your plate, 50% veggies, and the remaining will be whatever kind of carb source you’re eating – but do focus on the low GI carbs. In a future chapter, there’s a whole carb section, so don’t bother looking up now, I’ve got your back. Don’t forget if you’re drinking soda, that too has caffeine, and if you’re on other stuff like energy drinks, that has (A LOT) of caffeine too. And then we saw how the study showed that people who do not sleep enough overeat a lot by as much as 600 calories a day.

And for exercise, I recommended weights and cardio, if you want to lose weight the fastest, but in a healthy way. So that is it in a nutshell, how to get back in shape with Beyond Diet and lose it the fastest. For the past 10 years my answer has been the same and always will be because I have proven time and time again with clients that it works. But NO the 3 listed above are not the fastest and will not change the shape of your body, will not make you become more Toned or reduce your bodyfat% to the point where you can see a beautifully defined and sculpted body.
How guys seem to drop excess bodyfat so fast that in a short time they go from pudgy to looking lean and defined. They are in the weights room lifting weights or doing strength exercises like squats, pushups and chinups. You see when you weight train your body is in a constant state of stimulation that requires a lot of fuel to keep going and this means a lot of calories burned. The more muscle you have and the more active and strong your muscles are the more fat you burn daily and when you are sleeping.
So if you have fat to lose then doesn’t it make sense to work your body in a way that will maximise fatloss and burn fat when you are sleeping. I also get daily emails from women telling me they don’t need to lose weight but just want to tone Up. This can actually be harder then just losing weight as it requires more attention to nutrition and relies heavily on weight and strength training. This way they maintain weight but change their composition resulting in a stronger and more tight and toned body.
I have said it before but two girls who are 168cm tall can both be 62kg on the scale – however the girl who is 18% bodyfat wears a size 8 jeans and the girl who is 34% bodyfat is a size 14 jeans. Now they both weigh the same but the 18% bodyfat girl is way smaller and toned due to her body composition – her body contains very little fat and a higher % of lean muscle. You will not get big and bulky lifting weights – you will only burn fat, reshape your body and reduce your clothing size. The only way you can bulk up with weight training is if you consume too many calories and gain a lot of excess fat over your muscles, have a diet high in fat and starchy carbs or use steroids.
How much you should lift is simple – if you are doing 10 reps the last 2 reps should be tough – if you can get to the end of your 10 reps and easily do another 3 reps then the weight is too light. Make sure you are always doing a good weight and do not be scared to put the weights up – If unsure start heavy and drop the weight as you need, never go super light with weights as you just wont get the same benefit.
A good way to start increasing your leg strength is doing squats with the smith machine or using a leg press – if you do not have access to these use a barbell on your shoulders – a good starting weight is around 20kg. Make sure you are always mixing up your reps which may require different size weights – for example is you are doing 10 reps go heavy and if you are doing 20 reps go lighter – this keeps the body guessing and therefore avoids adaptation  – another good tip is to mix up your workouts by using handweights for say bicep curls one day and use a barbell to do biceps the next. Breath in on the easy part of the exercise and breath out on the hard part of the exercise.. Hi Lisa there is some awesome info in my post ==> How to Tone up Your Trouble Spots and also in my series of Posts ==> How to Get Toned. I have got to the high 180s in the past couple weeks and don’t want to go back up ever again. Hi Emma “cutting” is an advanced technique used by body builders just before competition to wrap skin around their muscles. For complete guidelines, meal plans, foods lists, shopping lists and heaps more check out the Flat Tummy Solution. With the Flat Tummy Solution you also get a trial membership to my membership page where you can get all your questions answered and new workouts to follow every week.
What if your already fat I don’t want to add muscle underneath the fat Wont I just look bigger I am so depressed I have quit smoking and added so much weight I am contemplating smoking again please help! Hey Marisa the best place to start is my Flat Tummy Solution Program- Click here for the link! Everyone will be different but one of my Flat Tummy Solution workouts burn approx 600-800 calories overall.
Because you are working your whole body via weights and strength you will get an after burn effect where more calories will be burned while you rest as well.
Sorry Alex those classes have no benefit when you want to get toned- focus on the tips on this page. Inside the membership site Victoria can also offer more specific support for workouts once you have your recovery under way. I started my gym training in March this year but I have only been doing treadmill and circuit due to the fact that a trainer told me I need to first loose Weight before I can start training with weights. I just really want to tone down and build some muscle before I need to hit the stage for championships. Hi do you have any free workouts for someone that’s wanting to lose weight and tone up? So he consulted doctors from the East, from the West, you know, all these experts all over the world and he tried all their advice to see what worked.

Here’s the thing, on many of the popular packaged foods, the calories are not accurate on the package. And you’re going to be eating a lot more calories than you would if you actually cooked the food.
So you’re going to get about one fifth to one tenth of the vitamins and minerals you would if you ate whole, unrefined stuff. The salad is finely chopped, there’s cheese and stuff, and there’s sauces, then there’s mayo, with a dressing. That will keep you fuller longer and it’ll prevent you from eating lots of the really bad stuff. Also on how well your body takes carbs, how quickly you gain ‘carb weight’ and what your actual health or weight loss goals are. Stress and lack of sleep will directly contribute to belly fat, most of you know that, and whether or not you believe it, it does. We sleep on average I think, one to two hours less than our ancestors even a hundred years ago. Or, if you’ve been one of those people that’s been on these crash diets, you lose a lot of weight, you’ve lost muscle mass too.
The way to get that kind of tight body if you’re a female, or even a man, is to have muscle. It will not happen, unless you’re eating like a female body builder who eats like 60% protein and that too in excess, every day. But yes, everything will just get tighter, the fat will go away, even if you do not lose weight, you will look AMAZING, 20 pounds lighter, fit AND young! You manage that by taking care of your stress levels, getting enough sleep, and avoiding stimulants. And that’s because the brain actually perceives food differently when we haven’t slept enough. This is one reason why I don’t like most pump classes – your legs are way stronger then say your biceps or triceps so you need to be adjusting the weight accordingly. What should I be doing more of if I need to burn the fat around my tummy I have been blessed to have great legs since I very athletic growing up but now with a child not so much.
With the challenge you receive a different workout for each day, as well as a nutritional challenge. If you are not down to you last % of body fat then cutting carbs can actually set your program backwards.
A lot of your result comes from what you eat so my 14 Day Spring Slim Down would be a great place to get started with your nutrition. How many calories do you burn on average in your slim dowb challenges Love the routines…. But seriously, if you are looking to get fit for the long term, you actually don’t want to do it too fast.
This is what I’d recommend if you really want to do some kind of like a crash thing, but in a relatively healthy way.
I won’t go in that discussion, but it’s proven hundreds of times, just search around in google. So our heart rate goes up, blood pressure up, blood sugar up (to help the body by ensuring supply of quick energy), we’re breathing a little bit heavy, adrenaline levels are higher than normal, all this is directly related to stress. I have just sent all of the details to your email address- please make sure you check your junk or spam mail folders just in case the messages end up in there. I think I need to lose some body fat so that the muscles will be seen, and without the excess fat my arms will be slimmer. Work out is good and really enjoy it feel like I’ve done a real workout any more advice email me I really appreciate it. When you get your food right you can get into awesome shape without every getting hungry or feeling cravings.
In the meantime, I suggest checking out my Flat Tummy Solution Program – a complete, done for you program that has meal plans, foods lists, my entire Flat Tummy Diet Book, heaps of workouts, my guide to working out and more.
Have a look at my Post How to Get Into Awesome Shape Even if You Have an Injury for some great tips on how to work around any injuries as well.
I love waht weights are doing for my body but am scared that these massive hunger pains will have me back pudgy.
As well as the program which will give you all the guidelines you need to follow, when you purchase the program you receive 14 Days Free Access to my VIP Members Site where you can ask any questions you need to, be part of my coaching community and receive even more workouts and recipes.
Please make sure you check your junk or spam mail folders just in case the email ends up in there.

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