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Well, it is a good deal if you don't eat whole fruits or veggies as part of your regular diet.Why Juicing May Not WorkSo why would I deny myself a healthy concoction of vitamins and minerals?
Dieters and exercise junkies come up with wild concoctions of veggies, fruits and supplements then liquefy them into drinks that sound healthy. And is juicing for weight loss really effective?Part of the reason depends on why you drink your fruits and vegetables. Juicing shortchanges that experience.If you’re on a diet, you may also need to enjoy the sensory experience of eating. If you add spinach to your drink, you also get iron, niacin, riboflavin and a host of other healthy nutrients.

Losing weight may mean that you have to give up some of your favorite foods and eat less than you normally would. When you also deny yourself the positive sensory experiences that happen at mealtime, you could easily tip the stress scales too far in the wrong direction and end up ditiching your diet altogether.More Downsides to JuicingBut even if the sensory experience of eating isn’t important to you, there are other reasons to think about whether juicing for weight loss is right for you. When you separate fructose from fiber (found in the meat of the fruit) the sugar is digested very quickly. If your juice drink is replacing a meal, then it's reasonable to consume 400 or 500 calories in liquid form.
The whole forms of fruits and vegetables are really good for you and juicing may mean that you to eat less of them.

When you eat fruits and veggies in their whole form, you gain all of the weight loss benefits of fiber. But just like with anything you put in your mouth, you should know what you're eating and why. Make sure you know the nutrient content, including grams of sugar and total calorie count, before you decide whether or not your juice drink is healthy.

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