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So you didn’t exactly get around to sewing your own Nicki Minaj Halloween costume this year, so what? Trick (or treat) your friends as a pre-recovery Charlie Sheen, or grab a pillow and go as a pregnant Beyonce. Check out these pics for eight quick and easy celebrity costume ideas you can throw together last minute. If your nails are short or long or stained or brittle and are missing that youthful 'baby nail', healthy color then I have an amazing polish you are going to love. For $3.99, this hydrating lip balm, which has a hint of pink tint, keeps lips conditioned and supple for hours making your fingers less likely to dip for or a smear every 30 minutes, like other lip balms. I couldn't live without this, and truly rely on it 365 days of year, how often can you make this statement!
On days when work isn’t an issue and especially weekends, I need to be up and ready for action by 6AM.
After applying my serum and moisturizer, I apply Honest Beauty’s Truly Daring, which is a perfect shade of flush.
I encourage you to check out the whole line, as I am still experimenting and loving all that I am trying from the Refreshingly Clean Powder Cleanser to the Magic Balm, which I hear is Jessica's favorite and definitely one of mine! Our skin changes its color and 'type' from season to season, so I am a firm believer to switch and add to your everyday beauty routine. I always like to play with products and concoct custom shades (right Michelle, insider joke, my BFF always says, "what did you create now"!), adding a lighter with a darker then adding a little more moisturizer or a drop of vitamin E.
Add one drop (it comes with an eyedropper to make it easier to control) of the pure pigment to any moisturizer to transform it into a tinted moisturizer, use two for a medium-coverage foundation, and for fuller coverage, add three. The chemist in me researched the science and the reason it works so well is because the pigments are individually coated in a molecule called lecithin, which not only binds to skin but also helps bring together oil- and water-soluble ingredients.
There was a time when summer's forecast called for you to raise the color notch one or two shades brighter.

Leaving eyes bare might seem like the easy way out, but truth is, bare can leave you looking washed-out.
Japanese women are on to something when it comes to mascara, and has prized themselves in developing the best-selling brands. You’ve still got time to craft a pretty impressive celebrity ensemble that will look as though you’ve been planning it for months. Just please don’t dress as Lady Gaga for a third consecutive year, those shoes will kill you later in the night.
Charlie Sheen: First things first, round up a few goddesses (you’re going to want to look the part and we guarantee a few of your girl friends don’t have costumes yet either). Pregnant Beyonce: A flowy orange dress, dangle earrings, and a noticeable baby bump are all you need to achieve this look. The Kardashians: If you and your entire crew have no idea what to be for Halloween, make it a family affair and dress up as the Kardashians.
I bought mine on Amazon ($12.99), but sure you can find it at any mass retailer nationwide. Remember, a little goes a long way— I only needed a single drop (I even use less than a drop) to achieve a light-to-medium coverage. The actual pigment looks thick, but whatever you drop them into, they blend and sync well with it. These Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio in Nude Eyes by Physician Formula allow me to easily define my eyes along the lashes, very subtly. Stick a few cigarettes in your mouth, or nose and ears, and throw on a fedora and some shades. Considering every girl probably has a leopard print or body con dress stashed away in her closet, the guidette option might be a safer route.
Don a black wife beater, some headphones (the large kind) and carry around a grenade whistle to blow at friends all night.

Boyfriends can go as Scott Disick, Lamar Odom (another Lakers jersey?) and Kris Humphries, and if you’ve got some extra gal pals they can be Kylie (swimwear) and Kendall (or Khloe’s BFF Malika). And, it comes in 25 shades, which is truly an amazing range for you to pick and choose the one or two shades perfect for you. The liquid ingredients then evaporate quickly, leaving behind only the skin-care product and pure pigment, so you don't feel slimy and your makeup stays put. Give your hair a big volume boost, put on some fake lashes (and loads of makeup) and don’t forget to get a spray tan before you head out!!! Accessorize with a trophy, yellow or purple sweatband and a basketball if you feel like it. Kim and Kourtney should wear big buns on top of their heads and every girl should dress in animal print, no exceptions.
This product never changes the texture of the skin-care product you mix it into, you can even mix it with your favorite sunscreen, it only enhances it with a tint of color, combining the beauty benefits of both products.
Tell the bartender your tab will be taken care of by Queen Elizabeth and ask if he knows who you are. Then you pile on a ton of glitter, accessories, tease your hair out and slip into a pair of combat boots, a rocker tee and some denim cutoffs (hey, you’re about to hit this city). Add a championship ring (AKA borrow a ring from your girlfriend) to let people know you’re the man. But before you leave, brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack, cause when you leave for the night…yeah, you get the gist. Fake British accent. All Prince William will need for this costume is a suit and Kate a fancy dress, a blue cocktail ring, high heels and a crazy hat if she has one.

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