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Based on the traditional pyramid of world’s healthiest cultures covered in the earlier feature of Food Guide Pyramid the following is Kenyan Pyramid Diet which is easy to follow. In addition to promoting wellness, the diet above will not only keep you in shape but add variety and eat tastier foods.  Now you don’t have to wonder anymore which recipe to abide by, you now have a healthy Kenyan Pyramid Diet. Living Featuring the latest in sustainable living, natural health, foods and environmental beauty products. Stella McCartney, famed for her commitment to animal rights and a vegetarian lifestyle, is an industry leader in creating eco non-leather shoes and handbags.
This year Stella McCartney is continuing her companya€™s responsible fashion projects by releasing a line of ethical faux-python totes. The new collection isna€™t just good news for snake advocates; it also benefits communities in Nairobi, Kenya, where ita€™s manufactured.

The tote bags in python-patterned screen prints are made of recycled cotton safari tents and sewn by seamstresses in Nairobi. With theirs striking pythona€“effect finishes, Stella McCartney’s faux-python line combines elegant and contemporary bohemian style.
An informal Facebook poll on what Instagram meal you most wanted her to demo lead to today’s episode; the ever popular Vegan Pizza! We've been on The Doctors TV show and the BBC representing all that is good about keeping it carbed! The designer teamed up with the International Trade Centera€™s Ethical Fashion Program on a line of Kenyan-made accessories. This pizza is low fat, salt free, oil free, gluten free and dairy free with no cheese substitutes – but its not lacking in flavor or substance.

Durianrider often speaks of how all the best Kenyan runners rely on Ugali for energy, and with its simple vegan ingredients, we just had to try it out! With a thick corn meal crust and loads of veggies (and technically, fruit…) plus some key herbs, this unique pizza is satisfying and healthy, too.
You could certainly add more ingredients to this basic recipe to create your own version, too! Our version is pretty clean, with no oil, salt, onions or garlic, though we do use several spices to add flavor.

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