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Although, there are numerous delicious Kenyan dishes, we have picked 10 delicious local foods you mustn’t miss during a visit to Kenya. Kenyans like eating Pilau – absolutely delicious. Pilau meal consists of rice flavoured with spices cooked in stock meat, chicken or fish.
Mukimo is a popular food in Kenya. This traditional delicacy is made with potatoes, peas, corn and onions. Kenya is a beautiful country, located in Eastern Africa and one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Africa. Famous with Kenyans who live along the lake region, fish is another Kenyan food that you definitely should eat.
If you are visiting Kenya, do not let your stay elapse without dining on some of Kenya’s traditional vegetables. If there is one Kenyan snack that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time then it has to be grilled (roasted) maize. A foodie is a person who loves food beyond the basic need of it being nourishment for their body. Any self proclaimed foodie out loves them some comfort food, comfort foods that instantly make you feel better after eating them, but many a time we think of comfort food in term of junk food and snacks, but what about some of the meals that our moms used to make? When made well, mukimo is a gift sent from heaven especially when it is paired with a nice and spicey stew with lots of soup or even some nyama choma. Pilau is one of those great foods that can an accompaniment in a mea or it can be a meal all on it’s own. Everyone loves chapati, all the constant conversation about it on Kenyan social media is clear proof of this.

To be specific we mean bhajias made by those who are experts in making this delicious dish and not the sham that many fast food restaurants feature on their menus. Expertly prepared nyama choma can be life saving and if you find a place that prepares nyama choma well you hold on to that person or establishment for dear life. Matoke is like the african stepbrother of mashed potatoes, and when made just the right way it have you ighing with contentment with feelings of satisfaction and missing home. Beating out regular chips as a lot of Kenyans go to meal to sate their hunger at lunch time, masala chips brings together two of kenyans favourite things spicy sauce and potatoes.
One cannot mention comfort foods and not include tea, I’m convinced that many of our mothers think tea can cure everything be it a runny nose, a chesty cough or a broken heart the answer for everything is tea. Ugali is a staple starch cornmeal made with maize flour. Our fans like to take Ugali along with saucy beef, mushroom or fish stew, Sukuma wiki or green vegetable soup. Nyama Choma is a grilled meat and it is barbecued over an open fire and usually eaten with Kachumbari. Some of these vegetables are known to cleanse blood and sometimes doctors might recommend you eat these vegetables to improve blood circulation in your body.
It is prepared from rice and meat, cooked with flavor bursting spices like cardamom, cloves, cumin and cinnamon. These are common along the Kenyan streets and goes down well with some chilli, salt and lemon garnish to add a unique taste to it. Great nyama choma does not need a lot of additives to be enjoyed just a bit of salt and perhaps some kachumbari. It can be enjoyed as a stew and honestly I think this is the best way to have it, although adding beef stew to your matoke never hurt anyone.

In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Irio is sometimes served along with grilled steak – Nyama choma and the combination is normally called Nyama na Irio.
Kenya boasts of athletic prowess, beautiful climate, sandy beaches, diverse wildlife and game reserve.
The potatoes and peas are boiled and mashed together then served with a stew of your choice. Some of these vegetables include amaranth (ododo), cowpeas, pumpkin leaves, black nightshade (sutsa), and pig weed among others.
One thing about irio is the fact that it is delicious and can keep you filled for a long time. The rice is then pan fried with the meat for a few minutes before warm water is added and left to cook for 15-20 minutes.
A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger. With the 42 tribes, it only means that Kenya has the most diverse culinary prowess in the world without a doubt.

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