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Bristol Palin wowed the crowd with her new physique during her appearance on 'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars'. After the birth of her daughter in 2012, Simpson dropped 60 pounds thanks to Weight Watchers. In the last four years, Jennifer Hudson has lost 80 pounds with the help of Weight Watchers. Craig David used to hit the music charts, but now it seems he's more focused on hitting the gym. From hot mess to hot mama, the former 'Jersey Shore' star lost more than 40 pounds in six months after giving birth to her son, Lorenzo. For his role in the 2013 biographical drama 'Dallas Buyers Club', Jared Leto had to lose tons of weight and shave his eyebrows. The 'Adore U' singer didn't lose any weight, but her drastic hair and style change makes us all wonder what's really going on. Notizie del giornoFashion shows are changing: Burberry and all that’s new on the runwaysMenswear and womenswear collections will walk together and will be on sale right after the show.
Many of us have often seen this emphasis picture of the slave with the many scars on his back that depicts the atrocities that many slaves endured at the hands of slave masters. Have you ever wondered who this nameless person was, or what the story of his life might have been? During the Civil War, photography heroicized the leading politicians and military officers, memorialized sites where the war was waged, and—remarkable for the time—revealed how violent and deadly the battles between Union and Confederate forces actually were. As this famous photograph suggests, photography was capable of communicating powerful ideas about the so-called “peculiar institution”—ideas that ultimately undermined the prevailing notion that slavery was a benign tradition. The photograph pictures the runaway slave Gordon exposing his scourged back to the camera of two itinerant photographers, William D. The photographic team mass-produced and sold copies of Gordon’s portrait in the small and popular format of the time, known as the carte-de-visite. Within months commercial photographers in Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and London were issuing this image on their own studio mounts.

Recognized as a searing indictment of slavery, Gordon’s portrait was presented as the latest evidence in the abolitionist campaign. An unidentified writer for the New York Independent wrote: “This Card Photograph should be multiplied by 100,000, and scattered over the States.
Two other portraits of Gordon—one “as he entered our lines,” and the other “in his uniform as a U.S.
Together these three images and the accompanying article about his harrowing journey and the brutality of Southern slaveholders transformed Gordon into a symbol of the courage and patriotism of African Americans. The Liberator reported that he served as a sergeant in an African American regiment that fought bravely at the siege of Port Hudson, an important Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River twenty miles north of Baton Rouge. Whether it's by means of weight loss, weight gain or a simple change of wardrobe, stars in the spotlight love to shock others by doing something different. She finally started to focus on her health when she became a mom to daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden and son Sparrow James Midnight Madden. In the hands of Galia Slayen, the blonde toy par excellence has been transformed into a life-size figure. It’s made of wood, wire and papier mache, and it’s been dressed in a size 4 dress that the girl wore when she suffered from anorexia. Too often eating disorders and diseases are covered by a veil of silence, a kind of self-censorship imposed by the people afflicted by them. Upon learning of his flight, his master recruited several neighbors and together they chased after him with a pack of bloodhounds.
As President Lincoln had granted African Americans the opportunity to serve in segregated units only months earlier, Gordon was at the front of a movement that would ultimately involve nearly 200,000 African Americans. Harper’s Weekly reported that he served as a Union guide in Louisiana, and that during one expedition he was taken captive by Confederate forces, beaten, and left for dead. This battle on May 27, 1863 marked the first time that African American soldiers played a leading role in an assault on a major Confederate position.
Yet, this famous image of him lives on as a searing testament of slavery’s brutality and the fortitude displayed by so many African Americans during this period.

Darlene's goal is to educate, motivate and empower people of African descent to learn the rich history of African culture - past & present.
The American student has built a “human” version of the toy that she enjoyed playing with as a little girl. Galia is at pains to point out that her work does not means she blames Barbie for her illness, even if the proportions of the doll (blonde with blue eyes like Galia) were so misleading for her – Barbie was her ideal and she would have done anything to look like her. While the plantation owner discharged the overseer who had carried out this vicious attack, for the next two months as Gordon recuperated in bed, he decided to escape.
Gordon had anticipated that he would be pursued and carried with him onions from the plantation, which he rubbed on his body to throw the dogs off-scent. It was during his medical examination prior to being mustered into the army that military doctors discovered the extensive scars on his back. Harriet Beecher Stowe author of the 1852 book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin can not approach, because it tells the story to the eye.” Abolitionist leaders such as William Lloyd Garrison referred to it repeatedly in their work. Their heroism was widely noted and helped convince many skeptics to accept the enlistment of African Americans into the U.S. It was created as part of the first National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and is designed to show what a female body afflicted by an eating disorder looks like.
Such resourcefulness worked, and Gordon—his clothes torn and his body covered with mud and dirt—reached the safety of Union soldiers stationed at Baton Rouge ten days later. McPherson and Oliver were then in the camp, and Gordon was asked to pose for a picture that would reveal the harsh treatment he had recently received.
Towle, a surgeon with the 30th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteers working in Baton Rouge, sent a copy of the photograph to the Surgeon-General of the State of Massachusetts.

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