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1) Favourite – Home Made Tofu ($8) drizzled with Enoki, regular mushrooms and starchy brown sauce. 2) Black Pepper Venison ($14) –   The venison is not too spicy and very, very tender, prepared with spices and sliced onion. If you do visit, suggest the first 4 dishes and also many other tables had crab dishes on them, so might be good try too! My mum recovered from Stage 4 Colon Cancer after colon resection without conventional treatments. Since I just purchase the fish fillets today, I went ahead and cook it for dinner while it’s nice and fresh.

Note 2: It is best to use a soy sauce that is for fish and seafood because it has already been mixed with other ingredients such as salt, sugar and water. I heard so much about it but never tried so we decided to bring my parents one weekday night after work. I like the strong egg flavour in this crispy tofu, and the sauce was a good blend with the tofu without being overly salty. Homemade and unique dish, the taste of the flavorful ingredients are enhanced by the frying. While accompanying her as a caregiver, I experienced a life and health transformation including losing 20kg.

Cover and steam for 5-8 minutes then turn the heat off completely (longer if using whole fish). If you prefer sublter (and i assume healthier) tastes for some of the dishes, this will be a good repeat.

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