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Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the giant Kaiju monsters that threaten Earth. After all, how is one to know which should be the most feared? The magical girl trope -- that is, stories involving young girls with magical powers -- has been around since the 1960s.
SC: What magical girl did you choose to contribute to the collab, and why did you choose her? SC: Why do you think that artist collabs have grown so popular over the past couple of months? MKH: I think it's popular because it's a fun little thing to work on while you do other stuff, and also due to people wanting to contribute to something they like. Paramount Pictures has released a full list of the Transformers which will appear in Revenge of the Fallen. One thing to point out might be the list has forgotten Megatron the leader of the Decepticons and a pretty important character.
Are you a stay-at-home mom (SAHM)?  If so, why are you a SAHM?  It’s because you want to be with your kid(s) and not miss out on all of the important stuff!
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The symptoms of stress can show up mentally, physically, emotionally or behavourally and within each category they cover a wide range of symptoms. As you look over this abbreviated pie chart of body, mind, emotions and behavior symptoms you may begin to realize that your stress symptoms fall more into one group more than another.
There are numerous symptoms of stress from each of the four groups, as illustrated by the following list many common signs of stress as listed by the American Institute of Stress. As demonstrated in the above list, symptoms of stress can show up in a mind bogglingly wide range, and have huge impact and effects on our sense of self, our emotions, moods and behaviours. You may see a number of symptoms that describe you, and yet have trouble grasping that stress is their cause.
How would we know what freedom from stress is like it we have never experienced any other kind of existence? We may also have trouble grasping the seriousness of stress because, well, stress is a brain killer. And our brain is only one of the systems that we can be unaware of, or worse oblivious to, being heavily affected by stress overload. Though most commonly found fluttering around Japanese anime (cartoons) and manga (comics) series, the magical girl archetype has most certainly spread to the United States and beyond (think Powerpuff Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.) and is beloved by many. The final poster the project yielded offers a beautiful survey not just of magical girl characters over time, but of online artists' different styles. As this Magical Girl collab was inspired by several collabs that came before, one can hope that MK's venture will inspire a whole new slew of artistic projects in turn.
I watched Cardcaptors on TV here growing up, and then went on to watch the original show and read the manga, so it's always been a part of my life. I mentioned the collabs I've been in, and they're all things I'm interested in, and I wanted to contribute my interpretation of, say, a Piranha Plant, or my favourite Villager from the new Animal Crossing game.

The list  contains many of the characters from the first film along with a few new Transformers to stir things up a little.
It Works offers a chance of a lifetime that is perfect for stay-at-home moms.  Be your own boss, set your own schedule, continue to be a SAHM and enjoy your kid(s), and make money! There is no one list of symptoms that describes stress because the symptoms themselves are highly subjective and as varied as we are. A steep roller coaster dive might be enormously distressful for some of us yet the same ride can be pleasant for others. This may give you helpful clues for choosing stress management techniques and knowing how to handle stress in your individual situation. It may be hard to think of stress as their direct cause, when often the symptom is in itself a cause of stress, and perpetually locked into a vicious cause-effect cycle. I wanted something that would offer a lot of variation, and enough selection that people would be able to suggest new characters if someone they wanted wasn't on the list. Neuroscientists are warning us about disregarding the fragility of our brains with regard to stress.
Because of that we got an interesting mix of classic (Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth), new (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Daybreak Illusion), and even Western versions of magical girls (Powerpuff Girls, Jem and the Holograms, She-Ra).

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