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The Proteins We Should Eat: A list of High Protein Foods Most health problems we have today can be traced back to the foods we eat and choose not to eat.
Whether you're a complete newbie or seasoned pro in the gym, think back to your very first time. For anyone tirelessly in pursuit of a legendarily lean physique, an ample dose of HQ protein is your #1 nutritional secret weapon. Because protein is such a powerful transformation agent, it’s critical to get enough of it on a consistent basis. One note — veggies like watercress, broccoli raab, spinach, and mushrooms shoot up the list because they have a high protein-per-calorie ratio. I have a really sensitive stomach too and I’ve noticed the same thing — I also just got back from 9 months in Paris without any protein powder and the difference was HUGE (the food is just all-around so much better there, but still). Muscle Mass — a steady stream of protein is required for fresh lean muscle growth, recovery, and to prevent the breakdown of existing muscle tissue from exercise, long-term dieting, and poor nutrition.

When you extrapolate out to 100 calories their protein content spikes, but given how LOW in calories they are, they’re not practical as a primary protein source. It’s difficult for us vegetarians to find variety when consuming a high protein diet. And that was honestly the inspiration behind the list — SO many people have trouble figuring out veg-friendly protein sources, for good reason. I was wondering what your opinion is on someone like me whose stomach is destroyed by protein shakes – I had been trying plain whey, ones with too many fillers, and then promasil. A consistent lack of protein WILL cause your muscles to deflate over time (aka catabolism).
Granted they’re both uber-lean and economical, but hell, a little variety never hurt. However I just cant take them because they make me sick (even with water, drinking it very slowly) no clue what it is, because Im not like this with dairy or any other food!

I think so many of us automatically assume that plain chicken breast is the best source of protein. Its probably the most frustrating thing about my diet that I cant take protein shakes, and frankly its hard to get enough from just whole foods. I think I am most definitely going to start expanding my options with Turkey breast (and crab — If i can afford it!

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