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Even through we do not fall under HIPAA rules, we strive to follow HIPAA standard; this means that your sensitive data remain encrypted. Users who no longer take medicines because of allergies, intolerances, or take a different dose or instruction, can update those prescriptions. You can print your calendar for daily, weekly or monthly schedules, or a simple wallet-sized list. Since patients have access to change their medications, to see when, how many pills, and even IF they are taking their medications, and helath care providers have access to changing patients' medications, everyone can see when the changes were made.

For each patient, a medicine list can be created and edited, to keep track of the medicines a patient is supposed to and are really taking. A printed calendar of medicines to take can be given to patients, which will improve patient compliance. We are working on partnering with a group to give patients incentives to take their medications. Further, every user can grant viewing rights to their proxies (eg, family members) or health care providers, thus ensuring privacy.

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