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The Role of Non-Dairy Milk in Vegan BakingIn vegan baking there are two schools of thought. Curdling Soy Milk to Add Flavor DepthOne way that I enhance flavors and create flavor depth in vegan baking is to slightly curdle soy milk before it's added to the recipe by whisking it in a small bowl with a bit of apple cider vinegar.
I picked the particular non-dairy milks in this review because I felt they are widely available brands in the continental United States that were good representations of their non-dairy milk type. Please keep in mind that the ratings and opinions in this review are from my taste perception alone and may not be the same as what your palate tastes. The Taste TestI found this moderately creamy non-dairy milk to taste slightly sour with a nutty, salty finish. IngredientsPurified water, almonds, tapioca starch, calcium carbonate, sea salt, potassium citrate, carrageenan, soy lecithin, natural flavor, vitamin A palminate, vitamin D2 and D-alpha-tocopherol (natural vitamin E).
IngredientsHemp nut base (filtered water, hemp nut (shelled hemp seed)), natural flavors, tricalcium phosphate, carrageenan, sea salt, vitamin A palminate, vitamin D2, riboflavin, vitamin B12. IngredientsOrganic coconut milk (organic coconut cream, water, guar gum), calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, carrageenan, vitamin A palminate, vitamin D2, L-selenomethionine (selenium), zinc oxide, folic acid, vitamin B12. Protein: 1gNon-Dairy Milk Review Wrap UpI learned a great deal about how different non-dairy milk types stack up against each other in vegan baking applications in these tests.
I found it interesting how the curdling quality was directly proportional to the amount of protein in the non-dairy milk. I'm going to stick with soy milk for my vegan baking adventures but keep hemp milk as a close second alternative (as long as it's not added to my coffee).
The manufactured or synthetic version is usually in the form of retinyl ("vitamin A") acetate or retinyl ("vitamin A") palmitate.
So not only is it BAD for you, I hope you know there's no such thing as sustainable palm oils.
The Post-Antibiotic World: The overuse of antibiotics leads to dire consequences, causing scientists to search for new natural sources of anti-bacterial compounds.
Indonesia's Palm Bomb: As the demand for palm oil grows, growers in Indonesia push farther onto rainforest land, torching the forests. Granted, soy milk does curdle better, and I do still use it to make your fabulous vegan butter, I find that almond milk curdles just fine for my baking needs.
I truly love this website; the recipes and the info are invaluable to a new vegan like myself!
Having tried many of these products, I can't ignore never feeling very good after having something from a tetra-pak. Try the original So Delicious coconut milk or the vanilla, if you want something to drink straight up.
I have tried making my own milks but the time, energy, and mess it creates isn't worth it for my needs. This was very interesting to me because I've been vegan for over 10 years now- a vegetarian ever since i was 11.
I definitely like soy milks that err on the side of simplicity; I usually avoid brands that use excessive starches and sugars. I thought the hemp milk was disgusting—it tasted like, well, ground up hemp rope, and it was light brown & gritty, with the only similarity to milk being that it was liquid.
I prefer cooking with soy, and am quite fond of vanilla flavored soy, rice, or almond on cereal or in a glass.
As for the hemp milk, I find it has some specific applications in which it far outperforms soy. I also sometimes mix hemp milk with some homemade cashew cream to provide extra fat but keep the lighter consistency.
A glass of milk is packed with nutrients like protein for strong muscles, calcium for healthy bones, and vitamin B-12 for a fully functional brain.
Soy milk is probably one of the most well known alternatives on this list, and for good reason too. You know what else goes perfectly with a morning meal and comes with its own set of unique benefits? If you’re someone who’s allergic to soy and nuts, fear not; rice milk is also a nutritious substitute. For those who are lactose intolerant (unable to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk) or just looking for a healthier alternative to cow milk, there’s plenty of non-dairy options that are far more natural than drinking another animal’s milk. Setting your Club will show you Product availability and pick up options while you are shopping.
This food group includes milk and milk products - cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais - but not butter, margarine or cream. Even whole milk is relatively low in fat and certainly semi-skimmed milk can be labelled as a low-fat food. Some supermarkets have now started selling milk with a 1 per cent fat content which has almost half the fat of semi-skimmed milk but retains a more creamy flavour.
Cheese contains the same beneficial nutrients as milk, but most cheeses contain much more saturated fat and high levels of added salt, so it's important to only eat full-fat cheese occasionally and in small portions. Calcium is a mineral that helps build strong bones and teeth, regulates muscle contraction (including the heartbeat) and makes sure the blood is clotting normally. More importantly, research also suggests that calcium in your diet is less important in developing healthy bones than vitamin D (from your daily diet or from the sun's effect on the skin). Calcium can continue strengthening your bones until the age of 20 to 25 when peak bone mass is reached. Calcium is an essential nutrient for all children to help grow strong bones and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis when they're older. If your diet excludes milk and dairy products, or if you can't tolerate milk sugar lactose, then you need to look for calcium alternatives.
Please note that ingredients, processes and products are subject to change by a manufacturer at any time. We used to just have soy milk then rice milk showed up on the scene followed by almond milk. One is to take measures to make foods that are somewhat less detrimental to one's health by using less sugar, fat and utilizing alternative ingredients that add nutrients. This can be done with lemon juice as well but I prefer apple cider vinegar because it adds dairy-like flavors on it's own. I tasted the non-dairy milk after curdling to assess the degree to which these flavors were produced.
I selected unsweetened versions of all non-dairy milks except the Rice Dream because they don't make an unsweetened version of it. I encourage you to buy different types of non-dairy milk and come to your own conclusions while using this review as an aid.

I remember how much I love the chocolate version of this almond milk but I didn't find the same to be true of this version. I found this moderately creamy beverage to have a pleasant slight maltiness that was consistent throughout the flavor journey. Hain Celestial Foods (the owner of West Soy as of this writing) is one of the last, big honest companies selling organic, nationally distributed soy milk which is also one of the reasons I patronise this brand. I was excited to taste it again since my palette is much more well tuned than it was the last time I worked with it. You could argue that I didn't bake anything as part of these tests so this review only goes so far in judging their performance.
I'll now think twice before calling for non-dairy milk instead of soy milk in many of my recipes where I rely on the flavor compounds created by the curdling of apple cider vinegar and soy milk. The next time I'm in a pinch and soy or hemp milk can't be found I'll turn to almond milk as a third alternative and if I can't find this I'll go on the lookout for coconut milk, followed by rice milk.
If you guys want to stay ahead of the game, you NEED to STOP using Palm Products and advertise that you don't use them. I am also amazed that you come on here complaining about soy being carcinogenic, when dairy itself contains two naturally occurring hormones that are the strongest known contributers to growth of cancer cells in humans, IGF-1 and Casein, both of which are FAR, FAR more carcinogenic than anything in soy.
You know soy causes cancer, you know it causes infertility, you know it leads to men growing certain things that aren't natural, but yet you keep pushing and promoting soy. Just wanted to add some tips for using cocnut milk and for those who want to stay clear of soy. I have to use Oat, Rice, or Hemp milks when cooking and I try to stick with "original" flavor and avoid the flavored ones due to sugar content.
I also don't drink or use enough milk to make at home, as homemade milks tend to need to be used within 3 days. I started out using Silk Soy Milk as i'm sure many of us do, and i remember liking it okay [for cereal, coffee, baking] but never liked it for drinking. WestSoy is a good company and their soy milk follows this minimalist style while still tasting awesome. I had been curious about that coconut stuff, but it sounds as though I'm better off using actual coconut milk if I want to make something along those lines.
For instance, soymilk pancakes tend to be very dense and not fluffy and light, like how pancakes should be.
I did this for some chocolate cupcakes this weekend and they were light, moist and decadently rich. The white beverage traditionally comes in different varieties like low-fat and skim after being milked from cows, but did you know there’s a whole range of options that are completely dairy-free like soy, rice, almond, and coconut milk? On the negative side, it contains a relatively high amount of carbs and the drink comes up to a grand total of 120 calories. The most common in the UK is still cow's milk, but others include sheep and goat's milk, as well as a number of plant-based substitutes - including soya, rice, oat and almond milk - for those with lactose intolerance. Contrary to popular belief, lowering the fat content in milk does not affect the calcium content, so an adequate calcium intake can still be obtained from lower-fat dairy products.
This is a good option for those people who want to lower the amount of fat they're consuming but dona€™t like the taste of skimmed milk. Some varieties contain living bacteria that are healthy for your digestive system (probiotics).
Milk and dairy products have long been held as an important source of calcium, although more recently the role and safety of dairy calcium sources have been questioned by some scientists and more research is needed to draw a firm conclusion. Similarly, sufficient exercise is now seen as another vital factor in maintaining healthy bone structure and density - concerns have been voiced that a lack of excercise in growing children will have a detrimental effect on their bones. After this point, your bones can only maintain or lose their density and grow weaker as a natural part of the ageing process.
Health professionals estimate that one in two women and one in five men over the age of 50 in the UK will break a bone, mainly because of osteoporosis.
Alisa is also a professional recipe creator and product ambassador for the natural food industry.
We share dairy-free recipes, product reviews, news, recommendations and health guides to aide those with milk allergies, lactose intolerance or a general need or desire to live without dairy.
All foods and products should be considered at risk for cross-contamination with milk and other allergens. The acids it contains curdles the proteins in the soy milk which allows a multitude of complex flavor compounds to be produced.
This test was performed by placing ? cup non-dairy milk in a bowl, whisking 1 teaspoon unfiltered apple cider vinegar into it, letting it sit for 15 minutes then tasting the results.
I picked unsweetened versions whenever possible because I didn't want the sugar to mask the true flavors in the non-dairy milk.
I found it the most similar to regular dairy milk at room temperature and the best tasting out of the bunch. I've found the flavor of West Soy to be very good compared to most of the other soy milks out there.
This is correct but after years of baking I've learned that the flavor of prepared food is the sum of its total parts. I'm aware that over use of soy in food products may be a health concern to many readers as of this writing due to some health studies that have been published. Farm animals are fed most of the soy on the planet so if you are worried about GMO in soy, or pesticides in soy, whatever toxicity in the soy, is also transferred to the meat, dairy and eggs. I am an avid user of cocunut milk for all my vegan needs and discovered early on that if you just pour the milk out of the carton it is watery. I try to steer clear of soy products, when I can, because pretty much everything has soy in it these days and overexposure to soy can cause health problems for some.
Sunflower seeds are a SUPERFOOD with powerful cancer fighting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote heart and brain health, strengthen bones and teeth, and help maintain younger-looking skin in addition to folic acid which enhances prenatal health.
But because So Delicious coconut milk has a very neutral flavor, (unlike soy or hemp, which are very distinctive), the unsweetened version is much better suited for use in recipes and smoothies, where it won't change the flavor of whatever it is you're making. Also, since rice milk is not as creamy as soy milk, you might not want to pour it in a bowl of cereal. However, low fat milk contains less energy and lower amounts of fat soluble vitamins and isn't suitable for children under two years. Inadequate dietary calcium intake before this age can increase the risk of brittle bone disease and osteoporosis, as calcium is drawn from the bones as a reserve.
Women are more affected as they have less bone mass than men, and may lose it faster as they get older, especially after the menopause when falling oestrogen levels result in the loss of the protective effect of oestrogen on bone density. Encouraging children and adolescents to drink more milk, rather than other drinks, can provide not only calcium, but also important proteins, carbohydrates and micronutrients.

I've been using soy milk religiously ever since I switched from dairy milk back in ye olden days and loved it so much I never really felt the need to move away from it. The other school of thought is to make foods where taste and texture are of the utmost importance. I use unsweetened soy milk in my vegan baking recipes for this same reason; I like to have complete control over how much sugar I'm adding to a recipe. It did have a barely discernible bitter finish that reared it's ugly head when I added it to coffee, making the coffee almost undrinkable for me. When pinned against the rest of the competition in this roundup, I found it to come out on top in regards to smoothness and creaminess. Coming from coconuts I was sure it would be more creamy than soy milk, almond milk and hemp milk but found it to be slightly watery. This means that in order to make great baked items, every ingredient you add must be of the best flavor and highest quality.
In vegan baking we're using so little of it that if you're concerned about it you really shouldn't be eating baked items in the first place because the sugar and glycemic index issues are a much more serious health issue.
The FDA lists vitamin A acetate and palmitate as having "well-recognized toxicity" when consumed at levels of 25,000 IU per day or higher, though some studies suggest toxicity occurs in some people at lower levels.
Sunflower seeds are an amazing source for Vitamin E, Phosphorus, Folic Acid, Calcium and Vitamin D. I haven't worked with oat milk much but I assume it would be pretty watery like rice milk coming from a grain and all. The nutty liquid is also fortified with skin-healthy vitamin E, an antioxidant that can fight off the damaging effects of the Sun! We also offer ample resources for gluten-free, soy-free, food allergy, vegan and paleo diets. Non-dairy milk is such an important staple in vegan baking that recently I felt it would be beneficial to the world of vegan baking to sit down and take a really close look at what I consider to be the five most popular non-dairy milk types. In this school of thought, making healthy baked goods is considered a contradiction in terms.
The acids allow these proteins to unfold and cause the mixture to thicken as the flavor compounds are generated. I would turn to this non-dairy milk for vegan baking if my preferred alternatives weren't available. After curdling it produced a moderate level of complex flavors; more than almond milk but not as much as soy milk. It had a light initial sweetness that evolved towards a slightly tart, beany aftertaste that was pleasant.
Another thing that surprised me about this unsweetened beverage was how much it generally lacked flavor and actually had a slightly bitter finish on my palate.
This is probably because without the sugar this drink would taste a little too much like water. Adverse effects include severe liver injury (such as cirrhosis), bone and cartilage pathologies, elevated intracranial pressure, and birth defects in infants whose mothers consumed supplements during pregnancy. In recipes that call for buttermilk I use the cultured coconut milk and when replacing heavy cream or condensed milk I use 1 part coconut milk with one part mimicreme and the results are perfect every time.
I stick with Pacific Natural as they are an allergy friendly brand and very clear on the allergens in products and how they process their products. In fact, i almost never use soy milk anymore because i kind of felt like i should "mix it up" and avoid eating so much soy. No matter what vegan baking school of thought you adhere to, or if you adhere slightly to both, choosing your non-dairy milk wisely will greatly effect the outcome of your baked goods.
This thickened curdled mixture can further improve vegan baking performance by increasing leavening power and enhancing the crumb quality of cakes and muffins. It performed best on the curdle test, creating a complex yogurt-like flavor, reminiscent of sour dairy cream; perfect for adding extra flavor depth to everything from ice creams to leavened breads to cookies. I'm sure the sweetened version must benefit from the sugar really waking up the coconut flavor.
If you want it to compete with the non vegan competition you must ensure that every ingredient used produces good flavor. If you're still concerned or allergic to soy then it's great that we now have hemp milk as a soy-free alternative. Some studies indicate that the use of water-miscible, emulsified, and solid preparations cause more chronic problems of toxicity (and may be 10 times as toxic) than oil-based preparations! I Love the Pacific Naturals Oat or Hemp milk to make homemade hot chocolates with, or other beverages. However, the one thing your article really revealed to me which i never realized is the comparison of ingredients! However, the downside is that almond milk is pretty low in protein and doesn’t contain all of the essential amino acids.
If you're watching your weight, look for 'diet' versions, or make your own by mixing fruit with natural, low fat, unsweetened yoghurt. I personally follow the school of thought that puts flavor and texture above all else and go to great lengths in order to create flavors and textures for food items that need to measure up to their non-vegan counterparts.
You could actually see the oil droplets suspended in it because they weren't completely emulsified. Its wonderful to finally be in an age where we have so many alternatives to dairy milk to choose from.
Thus, solid tablets or powders containing synthetic vitamin A are more toxic than perles containing oil. It didn't curdle at all during the curdle test which was probably a result of the low protein level. I use Rice milk the very least, but if unable to find the oat or hemp, I have no issues in buying the rice milk. Will my recommended non-dairy milk for vegan baking, soy milk, retain it's vegan baking crown or will another non-dairy milk prevail?
I use Hemp milk for savory things, and the coconut milk has an odd flavor to me so i don't use it.
I think i may have to pay more attention to the different results the different milks render.

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