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Once we hit thirty, most of us spend more on skincare in the pursuit of preserving our youthful glow – yet how many of us realize that a hairstyle can take years off our age?
A romantic but hip style for longer hair: the fishtail technique sets this look apart from schoolgirl braids. Part your straight or wavy hair just off the center, gently comb out any tangles, and work through some styling cream for shine and hold. This short hairstyle is practical and chic, yet the softness of the layers adds a romantic element.
To style your layered pixie, work in a small amount of styling gel through your hair and use your fingers to sweep the front hair section forward and cover your forehead.
Shoulder-length hair is easy to maintain and is perfect for pulling off a variety of hairstyles, great news when you have a busy schedule.
Take care of your lob with oodles of protein-rich conditioner and styling products that enhance its shine.
The bob haircut is a classic look that has been trending in one form or another since the 1920s.
Why: Many women bemoan their wrinkles as the reason they look older, but science says skin tone has more to do with youth (or lack thereof). Experts say the main reason people are judged as older is not because of wrinkles but because their skin tone is not uniform-looking. Try: There are tons of foundation, powder and concealer products for making the skin on your face look more even. CONNECT YOUR THUMB WITH THE LITTLE FINGER IF YOU CAN SEE THIS TENDON, IT MEANS SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL! With the Japanese women, doesn’t matter if it’s about their complexion and skin condition, 50 is the new 30. The question is how are they able to preserve their porcelain-like skin even into the later years? So what action is different from us that that enables them to have such amazing preservation of their youthful and elegant skin? The skin secrets of the Japanese women have been presented, and many of them may even shock you.
Next: YOU DON’T NEED TO USE Inhaler Anymore, THIS Juice DRINK Completely Cures Asthma Attacks, Guaranteed! When you age, you tend to lose some of your radiance in your skin, especially around the eyes.
Using the right lipstick is one of the best ways to look 10 years younger in just 10 minutes. If you wear glasses, you need to make your beautiful eyes stand out in order to look younger instantly. You might think that it’s not a way to look younger in 10 minutes, but it’s actually important to wear sunscreen daily.

Although we can’t hide every wrinkle or facial line, we can do a few things to look a bit younger.
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Younger women tend to have fuller brows, so darkening and thickening pale, thin eyebrows can have a dramatic effect.
Lips lose their pouty fullness when we get older, so avoid dark lipsticks, which can accentuate the thinness. Many of us are too busy with our families and working lives to prioritize our tresses, but knowing you have great hair refreshes your energy reserves! Tie your ponytail a few inches above the nape of your neck, and scrunch through a little styling wax or gum for that carefree, beach-tousled finish. Not only is a long bob feminine and chic, it suits women of all ages, with any face shape and is right on trend. Now there are also products geared toward making the skin on your body look more uniform via pigments and light-reflecting particles. To give your eyes that glow and sparkle again, just sweep on a shimmering highlighter on the inside corners of the eyes and under the brow bone. Just sweep you eye pencil along your upper lash line (closer to the roots) and wiggle it between the roots. As you age, your eyelashes can become thinner, shorter and even lighter, so it’s important to choose the right mascara.
Most women try to hide dark circles under the eyes with a thick opaque concealer, but that’s a big mistake. Wearing a high quality sunscreen can help fight skin aging and lower your skin cancer risks. If you want to keep your long locks, take time to maintain it with regular trims and root touch-ups. If you grew up with dark hair, you’ll probably want to go lighter than you’ve been used to.
As one stylist puts it, “It’s very, very rare that someone looks younger with a beard and mustache. It’s easy to get too enthusiastic and overpluck, so get a pro to shape them — or at least ask the barber to do a trim. Use a salmon-colored concealer for the dark under-eye area; it sounds strange, but unlike a yellow-toned concealer, the salmon neutralizes the blue. Use an exfoliating scrub once a week and moisturize your face; you may see a big difference. Wrap it around the larger part of hair and under the section on the right, before grabbing a section from the right side and repeating the motion in the opposite direction. If you have fine hair, give your roots an extra lift with some light teasing and spritz with hairspray.

Dress it up with a slick of the bright red lippy that's been storming the runways for Spring 2016. The new body BB creams use sheer pigments and light-reflecting materials to create the illusion of more even skin. They were definitely using something strong, as it ended up to be a natural and very effective emollient and antioxidant. No matter whether you are in your 30s, 40s or 50s, with these little tricks you will look much younger in no time. You need to choose mascara that will add volume and length to your eyelashes and will make your eyes stand out.
Since it can be difficult to find the right concealer and foundation, don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what you need.
Just do one sweep of purple, teal or aqua eyeliner across your lash line, pump up your lashes with mascara, then add a coral lip and cheek and you’ll look amazing in no time.
Eat healthy, drink enough water, exercise and stress less, and you will feel and look more than just 10 years younger. Before you decide to go for the chop, consult your hairstylist on what style of bangs would suit your face.
However, keep in mind that if you don’t eat healthy, don’t exercise regularly and don’t get enough sleep, these 10 ways to look 10 years younger in just 10 minutes won’t help you.
If you can’t make a perfect line, don’t worry, a hint of smudge is also great, because it will help you look younger instantly. This will help the foundation to glide on evenly and create the perfect canvas for blush or powder.
Apply it under the eyes, at the inner corners and at the outer corners of the eyes to create an instant eye lift. Tease out the sides of your braid, let a few tendrils fall at the front, and then spritz with hairspray. One of the best ways to check it is to put a bit of eyeshadow on the back of the hand and go into the sunlight. If you have hazel eyes, opt for forest green eyeliner, and for blue eyes, try chocolate brown. Create a side part; sweep a section of your face-framing hair over your forehead and tuck it back with bobby pins.
If you are in your 30s, 40s or 50s, prime your eyelids with a bit of liquid foundation and powder.

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