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If you have mid-length to long hair, styling hair in loose waves goes a long way in creating the illusion of thickness.
After 20 years in the business Morris reveals all her tips for making women look younger and slimmer. I didn't think blue eyeshadow looked good on me at 15, so I ain't going there at 51.While I could get away with deeper brown shades in my 20s, they look like I've been beaten up now.
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Younger women tend to have fuller brows, so darkening and thickening pale, thin eyebrows can have a dramatic effect.
Lips lose their pouty fullness when we get older, so avoid dark lipsticks, which can accentuate the thinness. Forget going under the knife to turn back time – just hit up your hairstylist for a cut that’ll make you look decades younger. Darker, monochrome shades can leave you looking washed out and may draw more attention to dark circles under your eyes.
Rather than having straight or blunt ends, opt for wavy tresses that frame your face and add body to your hair style.
Up dos are elegant and sleek, but when they’re pulled back too tight they can draw attention to flaws on your skin.
If you’re working a short hair style, like a bob, have your stylist layer it with longer, angular pieces around your jaw line and progressively shorter pieces towards the back. Scientists have researched the thickness of hair in women of all ages and found that there’s a measurable difference in the thickness of strands between young, middle-aged and elderly women.

Just look at celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts, forty-somethings whose luxuriant waves make them look so much younger. Nights on the rave, smoking, stress and poor nutrition will have you looking haggard even under makeup. If you want to keep your long locks, take time to maintain it with regular trims and root touch-ups.
If you grew up with dark hair, you’ll probably want to go lighter than you’ve been used to. As one stylist puts it, “It’s very, very rare that someone looks younger with a beard and mustache.
It’s easy to get too enthusiastic and overpluck, so get a pro to shape them — or at least ask the barber to do a trim. Use a salmon-colored concealer for the dark under-eye area; it sounds strange, but unlike a yellow-toned concealer, the salmon neutralizes the blue. Use an exfoliating scrub once a week and moisturize your face; you may see a big difference.
Read on to find the perfect hair style that will get everyone talking and have you looking years younger. Whether you have long tresses or a cropped bob, bangs will finish off your do with a softer, more feminine feel.
To amp up the youthful factor, add honey brown, golden or copper highlights to your hair style to liven up your skin tone.
Loose waves are great for texture and add a playful element to your look, which can make you look much younger.

For a younger look, style your hair in a looser up do, especially one that’s slightly roughed-up or voluminous around your crown. So even if you don’t experience gradual hair loss (knock on wood), your strands literally thin with age.
Such harsh treatment can result in rashes, sensitive skin, age spots, hyperpigmentation and an uneven skin tone. Try to find colours that are sold individually rather than in pallettes because you very rarely use all of the colours equally in a pallette. Just like your skin gets tanned to protect it from the sun, the cornea becomes darker in response to sun exposure. A light rosy pink to brown colored lipstick with a bit of brownish pink blusher gives a healthy look.
A rose-coloured lipstick is essential- Have a couple of different shades of foundation, one for each season as your skin tone will change, and that beautifully covers pigmentation and veins- Get eyeshadow colour right- Shape eyebrows correctly- Remove all stray hairs around the mouthDON'TS- Don't over-arch or over-pluck your eyebrows- Don't use really strong lipstick colour, especially if your lips are drooping on the sides- Don't overdo the powder because it can make skin look flat and dead. In fact, Morris recommends not using powder at all and says liquids are much more flexible on the skin- Don't smile when applying blush because your cheeks lift.
When you stop smiling your blush will be closer to your jaw- Bin all bright frosty eyeshadows- Don't use pinky-beige foundation colours because they are ageing- Don't test foundation on the back of your hand- Don't use heavy eyeliner under your eyes if your eyes are beginning to droop - it will accentuate the droopiness.

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