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Have you tried to lose your ugly stomach fat by trying a fad diet such as Atkins, south beach, or something else?
What about one of those ridiculous "miracle fat burner pills" that promised it would melt your belly fat in something like 9 days? And you certainly don't need the hundreds of crunches and situps that most people think they need to do in order to flatten their stomach.
Instead, the REAL TRUTH is that properly designed full-body resistance training workouts coupled with a particular type of nutritious diet is all you need to lose all of the belly fat that you want and keep it off for life. I know that dieting isn’t a pleasant thing to do but the results are well worth the effort. A light healthy snack: it should be half the size of the snacks you have eaten during the day. The diet will help you lose the stubborn belly fat but you have to work out your abdominal muscles to make your abs look ripped. If you want to burn the belly fat you will have to reduce all the fat quantities from your body.
Lie on your back on a yoga matters with your face to the ceiling, your knees bent at a 90 degree angle, your legs lifted up and your calves being parallel with the soil. Put your hand behind your back and your elbows towards the outside and lift your shoulders form the matters.

Stand with your legs slightly apart and your hands above your head with your palms oriented towards the inside. Keep the other leg straight and lower yourself lowering at the same time your hands next to your body.
Retract your left leg so that you stay straight and then put forward your right leg and lift your hand above your head. Straighten your left leg while you pull your right leg towards your right and lower your arms at shoulder level. I hope you will lose the belly fat and replace all that fat with stunning ripped six pack abs that will put the Hollywood stars to shame. Always keep in mind what you are struggling for and your dieting efforts will become more easy and pleasant. Make 8 small circles with your extended leg in the air, clockwise and then backwards another 8.
Step with your left leg behind and to the left of your right foot, bending both your knees at a 90 degree while you lift your arms above your head with your palms oriented towards the inside. Bend your knees and bring your arms towards your belly with your palms facing each other and your elbows slightly bent.
Place the sole of your right foot on the left knee while you lift your arms above your head.

Take a 1 say bread between the aerobic exercises so that you don’t exhaust your body too much. But it has been adapted and now it is an universal diet that both men and women can follow.
The diet contains foods like almonds or other nuts, beans, vegetables, spinach, dairies, oat flakes, whole grain bread, eggs, turkey or chicken meat, peanut butter, virgin olive oil and berries. Unfortunately just keeping a diet won’t cut it when it comes to blasting belly fat away.
When you start doing aerobic exercises, which are famous for their fat melting capabilities, your body will have to start burning the fat because there is no sugar in it to burn.
Because it also lifts you, water exercises are really good for people who suffer from joint problems. Because your body knows it is going to get all the food it needs it will start burning the excess fats instead of packing them on.

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