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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. No, the tumbnail picture of the woman in the blue bikini isn’t me, its Kate Gosselin (after tummy tuck).
I wanted to lose the weight fast, so unfortunately I stopped nursing son #2 sooner then I should have. Not my belly, but this is a problem that plagues some women after losing weight after baby.
So I went on to have two more lovely babies which really didn’t improve my belly situation. So I remain hopeful that maybe one day the world will not judge women so harshly in the magazines for having stretchy skin or the last remnant of cellulite. I wear one-pieces, that typically fit me a little too big, because I’m so thin and petite. Going through the same thing- What are we to do- I feel exhausted chasing two kids and two dogs around as it is- what else is expected of us- Try try try again- Everything you’ve done I’ve tried ( minus teaching fitness classes -ha!) But I am on a strict workout routine and push eating healthy in my home- so frustrating!
I have had the same problem and I really fear that no matter what I do (currently Turbo Fire and the shakeo)that my lower belly will be like the one where she is super fit, but has the stretched out wrinkly skin from stretch marks.
I had a baby he is now three but i can asure you new moms that it will get better over the years just give it some time lotion regularly and antioxidents help too!!!
I am only 26 but foolishly gained up to 249lbs after having my first child who is now 5yrs old.
I got a derma roller (Amazon for about $25) and after each use either vitamin e oil or coconut oil. I'm a wife, stay at home mom, fitness coach, fitness instructor and Pilates Instructor who loves to cook.
Since you are sincere in wanting to burn stomach fat and increase lean muscle, the best program we have found is The Truth About Six Pack Abs* It is a progressive program that centers on making good food choices and using strength building workouts to increase metabolism naturally.* This is old-school all the way. It is a dream for every woman to have a flat belly so that she can look her best in every dress she wears.
OS why not discover some really nice exercises for reducing and shedding those extra kilos around your belly and give some shape to your body. It is not just the look which is the bothering part the other aspect which bothers people with protruding tummy is that they suffer from various health problems too. This will solve your dual purpose firstly you will be able to sport whichever dress you like and secondly you will stay fit and healthier too by losing your tummy fat. These are really simple workouts or exercises which you can do every day and just see the change in your figure and say good bye to your belly fat within few months only. Since it is supposed to be a toughest task to lose fat around your abdomens, so why not learn some good exercises which will stretch your abdominal muscles and help you in losing belly fat around them too. All the abdominal muscles will get worked out and stretched while moving your legs in cyclical manner. Choose whichever cardio exercise you like and do it for half an hour which will be enough to reduce fat around your tummy. Like you can exhaust 170 calories if you do brisk walking for an hour, but in the same case if you do cycling or swimming or skipping for an hour then you will burn 270 calories so it depends on which exercise you choose and with which intensity you do it. This is a kind of yoga exercise which you can combine with meditation too and should be done under the supervision of a yoga expert for best results. This will raise your stomach towards outside as air will get filled in it when you will inhale.
This exercise is very good for reducing belly fat and makes your stomach muscles also stronger if you do it for 5 minutes every day. Although it is not advisable to do weights exercise everyday but doing it twice in a week is very good for stomach muscles. This is a real good form of exercise for strengthening the muscles around your tummy and the amount of calories burnt while weight lifting varies in different people according to their body’s metabolism. In this contraction of the tummy muscles is done, where in you have to sit straight and squeeze your belly inwards and with normal breathing at least for 5-10 seconds. Just remember that while your tummy is tucked inwards you have to breathe normally, do not hold your breath for 30 seconds. Thus all these belly fat losing exercises if done regularly with proper diet like drinking skimmed milk and avoiding fast foods will do wonders and make your belly flat and slimmer.
This will give you the correct chiselled figure which you want in order to wear any dress which you like and want to wear.
Weight lifting is good exercise to reduce tummy fat but if you have any health problem, don’t do it. If it wasn't for Suzanne telling me on the phone that she didn't want me to be disappointed if 3 treatments didn't work, I would never have spent that extra money to get all 6 treatments at once. I considered myself to be in good shape and I exercised daily, but I could not get rid of the fat around my mid section until I tried the Abs Natural Sculpting System.
With the Natural Sculpting System, you can spot target your stomach safely and it won't cost you a fortune. You may be wondering if this is too good to be true, or you may say you've wasted your money on tummy tuck alternatives before. If you want to get good results with my product, you must be sure to use it exactly as instructed + you must follow the schedule.
This story starts out when our now product coach Patty Zimmerman used the Abs Natural Sculpting System for the first time back in 2002.
Patty then teamed up with a local supplier and started offering these amazing products through spas. After meeting Patty back in 2005, I began testing the Natural Sculpting System on every part of my body too.
Simply put, you'll love your results as long as you are patient and can follow instructions. The first time I used the Abs Natural Sculpting System, I documented my results over an 18 day period.
As you can see above, I got great results, but the first two treatments barely worked for me and this wouldn't be the first time that happened. After getting such good results on my stomach, I then tried the Legs Natural Sculpting System which comes in pairs.
I was very disappointed to not even notice a difference, but like a good coach, Patty explained that some people need up to 6 treatments to get good results and I this was perfectly normal. I didn't stop there, I then used 6 treatments of of the Natural Facelift System with the Chin Natural Sculpting System at the same time (these are the only two products you can do this with - the NFS is formulated differently and does not target fat). How would you like to shed inches just like the astonished Natural Sculpting System users above and below? The results that the Chin & Neck Natural Sculpting System gave me are indeed a dream come true.
I started to accumulate fat around my hips and after using six Legs Natural Sculpting System pairs on my hips and legs, I lost 6.25 inches total. I was embarrased about the fat I accumulated under my chin over years and was strongly considering liposuction. My wrinkles were getting so deep around my mouth that they were turning red in the evenings. I used the Natural Facelift System three times to target my eye wrinkles and I gotta say I am impressed. Now you too can tighten, tone, lift and firm your abs, back, legs, arms, chin, neck & face. You'll get a new safe & effective, Non-Invasive way to get the results you are looking for. The Natural Sculpting System helps an estimated half of all Natural Sculpting System users to lose inches from one single treatment.
The Natural Sculpting System contains carefully selected, proven ingredients, that until now have never been applied to a cloth.
Some of the ingredients in The Natural Sculpting System are flown in from as far away as France and Switzerland.
I would like to introduce you to a product that began as a result of a two-year study on homeopathic and herbal remedies.
When the Natural Sculpting Systems were applied, skin would appear softer and cellulite, wrinkles and stretch marks disappeared. Step 1: Drink a 16 ounce glass of water before Natural Sculpting System use and drink lots over the days ahead.
Step 2: Take a hot shower or rub a warm wash cloth on your target area to help open the pores of your skin. Step 3 : Unfold the Natural Sculpting System (or Natural Facelift System) and place firmly onto your skin. Step 4 : Leave on your skin for at least an hour and make sure there is good contact with your skin and the Natural Sculpting System.
YES, the excess fat you lose should stay off as long as you maintain sensible eating habits. When you lose your desired weight and inches, I suggest that you use our Smoothing Cream to help you maintain your results.
I would also suggest you purchase the product "HCG Homeopathic Drops" it will help the body to burn fat by increasing metabolic activity.
I believe our products will assist you in your weight loss attempts, but only in conjunction with a strict diet and exercise program. Will the Natural Sculpting System System work on my cellulite, even if you don't have excess fat to lose? None of my customers have reported issues from their use of the the Natural Sculpting System. If by chance you have sensitive skin, rub a little on and wait 24 hours before applying a single treatment. No, you won’t feel strange just a soothing tingly feeling that let’s you know instantly that the product is working!
We highly recommend you exercise and diet (decrease caloric intake) while using our Natural Sculpting System. The legs Natural Sculpting System can be used on your butt or anywhere on the body that you wish to tone, tighten and firm. I need to lose 6 inches from my waist and 10 inches from my thighs (5 inches from each thigh). Our products, just like other products in the same classification of Nutritional Supplements, do not require the approval of the FDA.
A few months ago, I was selling single treatments of the Natural Sculpting System for $199 each.
When I committed to marketing the Natural Sculpting System, I set out to help people look younger and help reduce the depression aging can cause. After getting so many complaints about the price, I knew I had to renegotiate my wholesale prices. Before signing an exclusive contract to market the Natural Sculpting System in the US and Canada, my team and I tested this product on hundreds of people and documented all of the results. I know you will get total satisfaction from using my product and because of this, I will allow you to purchase 1 treatment for only $99.00. I know once you try one treatment, you will purchase 1 or 2 three packs so you can maximize your results. Most of my select businesses are still selling single applications for $199 and witnessing unbelievable results within an hour.
The absorption of our proprietary herbal combination causes the availability of natural fat cell metabolizing ("fat busting") enzymes in your body to increase, therefore causing more fat cells to metabolize ("burst") and release their energy enhancing molecules for immediate use! The Natural Sculpting System will be shipped to you within 2-6 days depending on where you live. I'm not going to tell you any stories about cutting off this offer on Wednesday at midnight or any tricks like that, but the out and out truth is, I only have a limited supply of the sample Smoothing Cream bottles.
If you want to be guaranteed the lock-in the price of $99 with $315 worth of free bonuses: then you must take action today.
If you have any questions, just send me an email I am here for you and available to help you get started!
After gaining 55 lbs with my second pregnancy last year, I had some work to do to get my body back after delivering October 2011. The FYM system really works!All you have to do is make the commitment and follow the steps that are outlined for you to follow. I consider myself a very skeptical person, but I am SO THANKFUL I took the leap and gave FYM a chance. It has proven to be more than worth the investment I have made and is now a lifestyle for me. I was 8 weeks postpartum with my 4th and final child and had been given clearance to resume normal activity.
My pregnancies all had pre-term issues causing me weeks of bed rest, lots of hormone injections and meds that made me gain weight and bloat. I was not ready for such work outs and I stupidly believed I was still at the fitness level I was 8 years ago. This time I progressed slowly and I read the materials…however, I only followed the exercise guidelines, not the nutrition.
With the next Transformation Challenge I was more motivated than ever and this time I did it RIGHT. Avitality has taught me a€?attitude is altitudea€? and truly everything I need to transform my body, my mind and my life is within me. My goals now are different than when I started with the ebook or moved on to the Transformation Kit.
FYM continues to offer me more and more at the level I am at.A  I am never at a stand still. I don’t run marathons or do Spartan races, but I train hard BECAUSE I WANT TO and because I CAN! FYM is not just a work out program but a mindset complete with empowerment, self exploration and reward. I getting healthier mentally as well a€“ as I stated in my transformation challenge goals, I had more physical goals in mind, but this transformation really worked on MEa€¦not just my body a€“ but my soul. After three pregnancies and almost 11 years of marriage, I am in better shape today than I was when I was in the Army 11 years ago!!!A  That says something!A  I cannot wait to see what this next year will bring for FYM and for ME! My family is getting healthier, too and together, we will live longer, more active lives!A  What a gift for my children! When Holly asked me to share what FYM means to me, I jumped at the chance to share my story and to sing the praises of the FYM lifestyle! Once I went back to work I continued to do the E-book workouts but dabbled in different a€?dietsa€? here and there.
I remember my turning point was sitting at the kitchen table over Christmas holidays hating how I was feeling. In January 2011 I signed up for the New Years Transformation Challenge here at ClubFYM and took the plunge!
Not only was I experiencing physical changes I was going through an even deeper internal transformation.
The accountability of the Club, the ability to reach out and ask for help, and Holly urging us to ask ourselves the tough questions that make us uncomfortable a€“ this was all truly life changing!!!
Throughout 2011 I stayed strong and committed to my transformation challenges, Club FYM, my workouts and my supportive eating! I completed the run and did great and I know it’s because of the foundation that had been set from my FYM lifestyle.
I’m a person that likes to be in control and as scary as it was to give up the scale and the tape measure, I felt free!!! And the best part is I’m back to feeling how I did last fall and I’m feeling stronger than ever!!!
The internal changes that I’ve been able to make, and continue to make, have been priceless.
To me, Avitality means health, strength, support, accountability, no excuses, friendship, transformation and fun!
I was CONVINCED the only way my stomach would ever see the light of day again was if I had a tummy tuck…I used to spend HOURS doing cardio, getting nowhere and away from my family. The first defining moment for me was early on, with the exercise of creating a Vision Board.
I feel honored to have had the opportunity to watch them on their journeys, which was a constant reminder that I was not alone. I especially had to stop blaming my husband for when things didn’t work according to my plan.
When I boil my original goals down to their essence, it was to get back to my pre-pregnancy body. I did stick with it and complete the NYTC and was very consistent with my meal plans and workouts following the 30 minutes three times a week. When I stated, I could barely button up my size 16 blue jeans, and once I got them up my belly just hung over my jeans.

It took me a few challenges to get the momentum goinga€¦.and now I am amazed that just this past year alone I’ve lost 60 over pounds, made the decision to go back to school, was attending my first semester of college in 5 years and am now working towards getting my degree as a Physical Therapy Assistanta€¦all on top of being a busy mom and military wife! All I have to do is look back at my before photos of me from and I am quickly reassured that I have surpassed my goals and I am ready to set new ones!
The theme of this particular challenge was to dare myselfa€¦and going back to school after becoming a mother was a daring challenge for me! For the first time since being an FYM I had to figure out how to deal with sticking to my supportive nutrition when being at school — away from homea€¦away from my controlled environment and not having everything set out the way I wanted. At first I wasn’t sure what to do but I figured packing my meals and snacks best thing I could do for myself and I stuck with that until my last week of class! When my husband returned home from the military, I found myself dealing with yet another obstacle. Eventually I stepped on the scale, measured myself, and noticed I “gained” a few pounds! I knew that after all the hard work and dedication to get to where I was I could not allow out of control eating habits to take over!!
With each challenge experience, I have come to realize and respect that in order to get to my big goal, great effort is necessary and I am ready and willing to reach that goal! Plus I am back in school for I want to apply to the Physical Therapy Asst program in the fall of 2011. I just cannot believe how far I have come in so little time, my whole life has changed and I truly mean that.
My goals included really following portion sizes and for me, keeping a food journal that included calories and protein was immensely helpful!! After my coaching call with Holly I gained new insight into food and how keeping a food diary can help make a huge difference. I also read a very interesting article about celebrity trainer Gunner Peterson he basically said that to get results you need to avoid being a closet eater and if you were to put all the food that you eat in secret out in front of other people and eat it in front of them you would not do it. Learning the importance and the true value of food (for nutrition not for comfort) has been the biggest difference maker throughout this challenge.
I started off strong, eating clean and working out regularly and feeling pretty good about how things were going.
I have done this…My all or nothing mode of operation that often hindered and paralyzed my life was being replaced by the slow and steady wins the race mentality. I realized that I cannot wait for an outside source to motivate me to reach my goals …I had to push and press past the obstacles and persevere. On thing that has been vitally important to my success is the wonderful ladies that walked this journey with me.
So, when I found FYM, I decided to jump right in and Dare myself to stick with the challenge for the entire 12 weeks and achieve my goals! Nutrition and Workouts: I was completely stepping out of my comfort zone with the nutrition and exercise but I was determined to make FYM work for me and I have stuck it out.
Prior to FYM, exercise for me included long duration cardio and participating in a resistance training group class. I followed the monthly FYM resistance training workouts and Intermediate Intervals with the soundtracks for this challenge.
6 Months after Mary Dikeman celebrated her one year anniversary of living the Avitality lifestyle, she celebrates once again at the end of the Summer Slim Down Challenge a€“ proving that not only can you lose 50+ pounds a€“ you can keep it off and continue to achieve true fat loss results! Fast forward to the beginning of 2008 and I was 220 lbs and was almost to big for my size 18W jeans. Well that day came when my husband, Mike, forwarded an email from Craig Ballantyne, promoting FitYummyMummy for busy moms fat loss. Instead of just pushing with all my might to just make this fat melt off, I just worked with it. I never let that stop me from doing what I wanted to do, but I have had pain in my feet all my lifea€¦.
In all of this, I plan to continue to tone and reshape my body the FYM way and reach my dream body, too! For now, I like who I am and the body I am in; and I am grateful for the love and support of I LOVE my buddies on ClubFYM!! Avitality Justina, a mom of six, proves that with the right workouts, healthy eats and some determination to want something more…any mom can get an even better body back! Killer of Obesity – 1 Teaspoon Per Day of This Spice and You Can Lose Up to 15 kg in 3 Months! How would like to flatten your tummy, lose belly fat, lose love handles and get six pack abs? How can you flatten your tummy without boring and even dangerous sit-ups and awkward crunches? Getting rid of belly fat for women involves implementing these core ab exercises combined with a change in lifestyle, such as.. Good digestion-although this comes under good nutrition, it bears repeating because digestion is perhaps one of the major keys to good health. Or are you in shape but just want to get that flat sexy stomach that's beach friendly in summer?
The recommended maximum size for a man should be no more than 40 inches, and for a woman, nor more than 35 inches. If you need to lose weight, why not choose the best natural weight loss product that even Dr Oz is impressed with?
With the Flex Belt, you can tone your stomach muscles, strengthen and firm your stomach muscles without exercises. When the muscles contract and relax this way, they do work, they burn calories, and tone your stomach muscles. This is why it is possibel for you to tone your stomach muscles as you go about your daily business.
You do not have to worry about injuring your neck or back doing some abdominal crunches and sit-ups.
In clinical trials, in several tests, 100% of subjects-yes, 100%, got results from using this electronic Flex Belt tummy fat buster! Losing belly fat is not easy-it is frustrating-but only when you are trying to flatten your tummy withoout the Flex Belt. Legumes-beans, lentiles etc., are some of the best sources of proteins-AND complex carbohydrates.
Do not forget to like this page if you like what you just read-and want to read more of these. When you do, you'll be one of the first to get a copy of the book I am writing on this profit driven cholesterol hoax.
If you're overweight you can lose weight, lose belly fat and reduce your risks of ovarian cancer. Manypeople chronicle their knowledge of numerous items over the degree of your time,as well as obviously, you may notice exactly the same man or woman showing withinmany video tutorials, utilizing a product and revealing their particular progress withthe rest of the world, there can be little doubt still left as to if you arent what they aredisplaying could be the fact.
Well, I hate to tell them, but I’m a living, breathing example of this not being true. I think the there are a lot of people who hold out hope that yes, it can be fixed by diet & exercise. But I’m guessing the lip got rid of any excess fat, and that could have caused the skin to sag more. I pretty much said that it didn’t work for me to improve the little bit of stretched skin. HOWEVER…I am now 54, gained oodles of weight in the belly area (not good) and am embarking on a weightloss program (my own)and will find out in a few months if I got off scott free (doubt it) I wish you and me all the best.
Excepting our bodies as they are is something I can do- Living in a very superficial and judgemental world we can never change- Chins up ladies! I hate my sagging skin as much as the next person with this problem but i have learned to live with it the only real way to get rid of it is a tummy tuck and it can very from surgen to surgen and person to person and much like a nose job can go very wrong not to mention the huge ugly scar that comes with it!! The pregnancy with her was so extremely stressful that I completely ignored myself ang did not moisturizer my belly, like had so diligently with my other two kids, with the daily regime of olive oil.
When he turned 3 I went for liposuction and ended up losing a lot of inches but had some loose skin.
The past 3 months I’ve seen ahuge changw, stretch marks are fading and the skin is getting tighter.
I know healthy clean eating & exercise haven;t worked for me so maybe I will try a derma roller! I had major surgery at 6 and have a massive scar under my bellybutton that cut my saggy skin in two so its even worse looking. I'm dedicated not only to my husband and kids, but also to my team of fellow coaches and my thousands of Team Beachbody members nationwide.
Rather it is an obsession with teenage girls to have flat belly and middle aged women just keep on fighting to get that flat tummy.
With all these unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits it is not just women who are facing this problem rather men are also suffering from the belly fat.
SO if you are also vying for that chiselled body shape with a flat tummy then here is something really interesting for you to read and practise to get that slimmer and flat look. So in order to stay away from various diseases and stay fit, it is necessary to shed this belly fat. Now start moving them in a cyclical manner as if you are riding a bicycle and try to keep the circles of the legs as big as you can.
Each and every cardio exercise has different amount of calories which can be burnt from 100-500 calories. Initially do not start with an hour of cardio exercise, slowly start extending your time of doing to one hour. Remember that inhaling and exhaling has to be done with nose only and keep your mouth closed while breathing. Just remember that the pace of inhaling and exhaling should be fast enough to exercise the stomach muscles. The stomach muscles get the best exercise when you lift weights and thus they do not let any kind of fat deposition around the belly to increase the belly fat. It is just a perfect combination of exercises with balanced diet which will make you look slimmer and lose that extra bulge around your tummy. Tummy fat not only spoils your beauty and personality but also causes several serious diseases. I was strongly considering a Tummy Tuck when I found this miracle Abs and Back Natural Sculpting System product.
I only lost 2.5 inches, but my skin has never been this smooth and I got rid of my lumpy mid section. The truth is, Tummy Tuck procedures are very painful and the recovery time can take months. Below are examples of just some of the complications people can suffer through as a result of tummy tuck surgery. I was introduced to the Natural Sculpting System by a friend who stumbled across these amazing spa products while visiting her family in Houston, Texas. A three pack works about 90% of the time and some people need up to 6 treatments to achieve dramatic results. My friend Patty Zimmerman is even offering free phone consultations to ensure your success. I loved my results so much that I decided to find the source in Spain so I could negotiate better pricing. I was astonished to lose a total of 11.5 inches from 3 different areas of my stomach in less than three weeks.
I was 2 weeks away from scheduled chin liposuction and I decided to try this as a last resort before the surgery. After trying every exercise program and cellulite cream in an attempt to make it smaller, I gave up and become extremely depressed for over a year.
I can't even tell you how grateful I am to have found your product and trust you enough to even try it.
The herbal and homeopathic blend on each facial treatment does not target fat like our Natural Sculpting System products. I was so embarrased that I was doctor shopping for a facelift surgery when I found Suzanne's website and decided to try the Natural Facelift System. Be the first to experience this product made of natural herbs and developed by a leading Homeopathic doctor.
Herbal: Juan Antonio Castaneda is an herbological expert who has worked with the finest herbologist in all of Spain (where herbs are an important part of the wellness process) and as such has lent his expertise to the Natural Sculpting System. Pharmaceutical: The manufacturer of the Natural Sculpting System, Aruspa Pharmaceutical, has been creating significant dermatological (Rx only) products for 27 years and uses cutting edge Scientific Pharmaceutical Research in their development process. Natera's staff pre- applying the herbal & homeopathic remedies to the cloth Natural Sculpting System. Some have to be cultured in controlled environments and some are so scarce that we have to constantly be in touch with our suppliers to make sure there's always enough for The Natural Sculpting System. The study was funded by the Spanish Government and utilized one of the worlds leading experts in homeopathic and herbal research, Dr.
Natera led the research team in studying all aspects of homeopathic and herbal remedies, including safety and measuring effectiveness. The Natural Sculpting Systems consist of a lotion and gel combination applied using a special non-woven cloth.
The Natural Sculpting System was tested at health spas for seven years with outstanding results! My daughter could not believe it.  As a matter of fact, when I was out earlier today, one of my daughter's friends thought that I was her!! I could not believe it - and I asked my 9 year old son if they looked smaller (and he is always brutally honest) and he said "yes".
Natera created the Natural Sculpting Systems to help you tighten, tone and lose inches from any target area.
In other words everybody has a different chemistry make up of their body, so what works for one may work different for the other. As we get older our metabolism slows down and we need all the help we can get to increase our metabolism to burn the excess fat. The herbal formula only goes into the fat layers, and as the fat is flushed through your system, it does not interfere with the normal cyclical properties of the human body. This "break-through formula" knows the difference between the softer, excess fat right under your skin and the lean muscle tissue you must have to survive and be healthy.
This is when we signed the contract to market the Natural Facelift System and they agreed to lower the price if I promised to buy in bulk. My new partnership with the manufacturer gives me the power to bring the Natural Sculpting System into the U.S. Our agreement ends in a few months and the manufacturers warned me that the prices would have to go up. The doctors who created the Natural Sculpting System, package it in sets of three (2 pairs for the legs). Patty will ensure your success & will walk you through the entire process while you sit in your living room. As a former Cardio Queen, I had to take a new approach to my workouts in order to get the results I was after. I love feeling good because I’ve made the best choices for my future not just the moment. I was surfing the net while nursing and came across what seemed like a a€?too good to be truea€? add for the Deluxe Pack Busy Mom Workouts.
I did loose weight and thought I had it under control until I did my first Transformation Challenge and compared the pictures I took with the start of the Ebook to those at the start of the challenge and the Transformation Kit. Clean eating, intense, challenging FYM workouts in the Transformation Kit and a shift in mindset made all the difference. Holly Rigsby and FYM have guided me through mental challenges as well as physical ones, leading me to discover a passion about being the best version of ME.A  I am proud of what I have accomplished and I am satisfied with what is now a lifestyle and a body that rocks.
No longer do I look at myself as being unable to train like an athlete, or look like one even if I am not truly one.
I am becoming the best me, the best mom, the best wife, I can be and it is because I chose to make this healthy switch for a better life!!!! To go from hating myself to loving myself, loving what I see in the mirror and to be full of confidence in myself and knowing that I can do anything I set my mind to. Having never done this before, I was surprised by how much I got into it, quickly filling a poster with pictures and words that depicted the life I wanted to see for myself.
Time to let go of the old story I had been stuck in and transform into the person I hoped I could become.
I was so inspired by their dedication to their process and their positive attitude even amid personal challenges – it allowed me to stick with it and get over the rough patches on my road to success. I feel proud that I was able to meet all of the weight and size goals I had originally set, and yet my goals also transformed with me.

The process of posting regularly to my Progress Journal helped me to see how much things have truly changes in just 12 weeks.
Doing that I was able to lose over 10 pounds, 8.3% body fat, and drop three pants sizes to fit into my goal pants. I trained myself to eat smaller portions that evenly distributed my calories over 5-6 meals a day.
I could not spend an entire hour studying so I would carve out 15 minutes studying a chapter or doing problems and it proved effective! No matter “how bad” or how far off track you may think you are, you can TURN RIGHT BACK AROUND WHERE YOU ARE! I TOTALLY think that was the key (and maybe the start of the Prograde Metabolism kicked me in the buns, too).
And I truly believe it is because of my nutrition (being true to portion sizes, minding my caloric intake in regards to overeating even healthy foods and focusing on getting a lot of protein)! I found that to be a very good way of looking at things since my whole eating addiction started out in secret. I also listened to the interval coaching call to get the most out of my workouts and realised I had been doing them wrong!
Even posting my before pictures was out of my comfort zone but my ABs dared me so I posted and kept them up. Now that I have a child, I don’t have the freedom to spend hours working out like I used to.
I am heading back to work in January feeling confident in my skin and looking forward to buying a few new back to work pieces as a reward for achieving my goals. One thing it certainly did was make me aware that for about a week I wrote that I would make the same change almost every day. I am reaching a peaceful place about my transformation journey and that is what hit me when I thought about how fast the end of the Summer Slim Down Challenge came.
I was doing 3 sets of 8 regular pushups at the beginning of the challenge and just this last week, I did 4 sets of 10!! Ia€™d also like my current skinny jeans which are a size 12 in Australia to fall off me by the end of the twelve week Fall Challenge so, I can get a new pair. With the suitable diet changes, lifestyle and exercises, tummy fat can be gone in ten days.
Buy nutrient packed fiber-rich food like fruits, vegetables, poultry, lean beef, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, low-fat dairy products, etc. This visceral fat-as it is known-is a risk factor for high blood pressure, type II diabetes, heart disease, brain impairment, some cancers, such as breast cancer and colon cancer.
These actions work the muscles continuously, causing them to contract and relax simultaneously.
Once you put on this belly fat burner, it works continously, even when when you are not conscious of it. I tried everything to lose the extra weight and the tummy that still looked 5 months pregnant.
But if you’ve been working really hard at eating clean and digging deep with your exercise, and you see results in your arms, legs, everywhere, but your tummy still has that patch of saggy, loose skin, it might not get better.
I can say that mine is not that bad and I’m still working towards that 6 pack but the pic above lets me know that I can be super fit and still have that lil skin issue. Sometimes when a woman is petite, there isn’t a lot of room for that growing baby to go except all out in the front.
I have been bothered by these saggy skin after my 7.5lbs baby (i was 100lbs pre-pregnancy) 3 years ago when I was 25.
I started using the Made From Earth Vitamin Firming Serum twice a day about a month ago under my eyes and I can see a visible difference. I tried working out even got a personal trainer but that didnt help much.Got pregnant again with my 2nd and last child gained all but 10lbs of the initial wt. It happens especially if you gain a lot of weight and then lose it quickly (like having a baby).
I’ve conceded to strive toward wearing a monokini and tossing out my bikini altogether.
I'm ready to help you in every way possible to achieve your health, fitness and positive lifestyle goals.
If you can do then crunches are also one of the best ways or workouts for abdominal muscles and to reduce belly fat.
Various cardio exercises which are of great help in reducing belly fat are brisk walking, swimming, cycling or skipping a rope.
This will help in burning extra calories around the belly by just holding your tummy in for 30 seconds.
But if you want to lose belly fat, you have to choose some special exercise meant for abdomen.Any type of exercise which exerts pressure on your abdomen is known as abdominal exercise and will benefit you significantly in reducing tummy fat. They use deceptive tactics and act like they have the magical cure that'll help you shed inches in a few days.
I got good results from a three pack, but continued to use more treatments to finally get the results I have now.
It will stick to your skin at first, but over time, parts will want to come off of your skin. These treatments will make that area smoother, firmer and hopefully you'll be amazed with your results like many of our customers.
Although most people see wonderful results from a three pack and some people need more than three treatments, especially for the legs & thighs area. Our warehouse is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I am located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you really want to get results, I recommend you use six treatments and take Patty up on her product coaching offer.
FYM has not only transformed my body, but my attitude about myself, food and exercise as well.A  I used to be a long distance runner, but now I LOVE my FYM WOs so much more!
I actually cantered on my lesson horse for the first time last week and I was scared out of my mind but I loved it!!!!! I downloaded the workouts BUT I never did the workouts nor did I get myself involved in the Club. In June of this year, after my race was over, I jumped back into my FYM lifestyle and I haven’t looked back!!! I’m in the best place physically and emotionally I’ve ever been and I owe so much of it to Holly and Club FYM!!!!
I have immense gratitude to Holly Rigsby and how she has beautifully laid out all of the pieces of this complex puzzle in a manner that was manageable and simple for me to follow.
Perhaps most important of all, I felt very seen and appreciated by them for what I had to offer to their experience. If I want to eat supportive foods 5-6 times a day, and workout 3 times a week then I needed to take the actions necessary for that to happen. I became much more focused on having more energy, inner strength, endurance and mental clarity.
And as I realized that the FYM workouts are a component that I want to keep in my new healthy lifestyle – I cleaned out the basement and we transformed our storage room in to a workout room where my husband and I can workout together. I have been laser focused on my workouts: not missing ONE SINGLE ST or Interval and completing all finishers! I was extremely excited to start this challenge because as a new mom, it had been sooo long (9 weeks) since I had been able to work out and I missed my FYM workouts! I have altered how I approach my life and have made tremendous changes that will stick with me for life.
The mere fact that FYM is structured in such a way that you attain success in a gradual progression helped me to grow away from my All or Nothing mode of operation.
Resistance training and cardio at the gym twice a week plus power walking with the stroller almost everyday did nothing for my weight loss goals and I was getting desperate.
This aided in my nutrition because I would not give in to non-supportive food when I knew I had a workout ahead and then I would not give in after because I had just worked so hard at my workout.
Well, seeing that made me realize that I had identified an obstacle but was just kind of marching in place behind it wondering why I couldn’t get over it. I received great benefit from reading my AB’s journals, and even those of ladies who I am not buddied up with. Not only am well on my way to body that I am proud of, I got to go on a mini shopping spree with my honey and now have a new smaller?
My weight had been slowly creeping up since the I got married 20 years ago, but it wasna€™t until I had my last daughter in 1999 that I just couldna€™t get control of my weight. I almost didna€™t take a peek, but my darling husband never forwards things he doesna€™t believe in! However, using specific dietary and exercise strategies that affect the abdominal area are needed in order to lose tummy fat.
My friends teased me that I bounced back so quickly that my husband couldn’t keep his hands off me, LOL. I finally found Pilates and got the right balance of nutrition, but I noticed something horrible to me.
I also suffer from a mild diastasis of the abdominal wall, which is a separation of the muscle that runs vertical down your middle.
I drink so much water, I have to wake in the middle of the night to pee.  I drink my Shakeology daily.
Whenever I would see my son, it helps me forget about my annoying saggy belly but whenever I am alone by the mirror at home, I feel horrible. The skin under my eyes is much smoother, tighter, and firmer and the dark circles have lightened a bit as well. You can get rid of tummy fats by following the tips given below.Water is very important to burn fats (any kind of fats). Fiber is very effective if you want to burn fat.Apart from eating healthy diet you should avoid foods which contain oil, sugar etc. Stay in that position for a few seconds, and then lower down your legs to their original position.This exercise not only reduces tummy fat and flattens your stomach but it also cures most of your abdominal disorders such as constipation etc. After using 6 treatments and calling Patty for coaching, I lost a total of 4 and half inches from my waist. She convinced me that the Legs Natural Sculpting System could work for me if I was patient enough to use 6 treatments. The Natural Face Lift system truly works once you make a commitment to follow the instructions and drink lots of water.
Natera had collected significant amounts of scientific data and other valuable information. Based on the success of the Natural Sculpting Systems at health spas, they were developed for retail sale in Spain and Europe. I did not actually take measurements, but I can tell you that it was the most visible thing I have ever seen. Our labeling procedures and ingredients handling and presentations adhere strictly with FDA guidelines.
I worked so hard I rewarded myself with attending the Live FYM Summit that summer and had the opportunity to connect in person with the women I had met online at ClubFYM and was able to meet my mentor, Holly Rigsby.
My muscles are really showing, even at rest thanks to the Kettlebell For Busy Moms and the Trouble Spot Solution series. It helps too to have Holly congratulate you at the end of every work out and kindred accountability buddies send you virtual fist bumps. As the runs got longer, my energy for my resistance training decreased and I can say I had a set-back with my FYM workouts, accountability buddies, etc.
Nine years I’d put myself on the back burner, not even realizing that I could be a BETTER mother to my children if I had patience and energy, both of which I gained from this challenge.
Even with this strong scaffolding of FYM nutrition, workouts and weekly homework assignments, I still needed the emotional support of my Accountability Buddies. That continued to open me up, so that I was able to share more of my self, and then they flooded my progress journal with continuous support and were able to reflect back to me the success I was hoping for but couldn’t always see without their help.
As well as having a more positive attitude, and being more affectionate and present to my family.
Following that simple rule of thumb, I was able to go on vacation and eat out with out gaining any weight. Prior to the challenge I had several people make the mistake of thinking I was still pregnant. I was beginning to see the proof that perfection was not the answer but that progress is the key. I cannot afford to buy a whole new wardrobe and I needed to lose the weight to improve my self-confidence and body image in order to go back to work in the right state of mind.
Once I conquered that issue I switched to the 3 days a week schedule because I felt like I was revolving my whole day around a 15 minute workout. I can now tell when my body is telling me that is enough or you shouldn’t eat that again.
You have to understand, before having babies, I had a very flat tummy and a nice little 4-6 pack going on. So that might have something to do with the skin not adhering right to the muscle & fat below.
My belly looks okay in clothes and just this year I have been wearing more bikinis in front of people. I’m a beach lover and used of wearing bikinis or jog in central park with sports bra but cant do it anymore. If you continue eating oily foods or foods cooked in hydrogenated oil, you will obviously not lose your tummy fat. All my friends were getting too excited and everyone including my kids noticed my new saggy pants.
I used 8 total pairs to get these results, but I did notice a big difference after the 4th pair. This has resulted in many testimonials about the effectiveness of the Natural Sculpting System. Winning recognition as one of the top 5 at the 8 week mini-contest was exactly the validation I desired and needed to click this transformation into a whole new gear. It occurred to me while I was in Ireland with my family (weeks 10-11), that I was not getting my old body back.
That’s always hard to take, epecially when you have crazy levels of hormones in your system and are sleep deprived. Because I have so faithfully completed these workouts, my summer shirts are fitting in ways I never thought they would. But there’s still that little bit of nagging insecurity or maybe its vanity, that wishes this saggy belly skin would go away. I want you to keep eating healthy & exercising, not to get rid of the loose skin, but to be healthy for you and your family. You said you’re only 19 so you might still be able to get your skin looking better on your tummy!!! I started eating vegan in April and while I got even leaner and lost 12 lbs, I still have the wrinkly, saggy skin (which looks worse now LOL) But I’m growing to accept it more and more Let me know if you do opt for the tummy tuck and how it goes!!!
They know EXACTLY what they are putting in their mouth, and if that food will build lean muscle or be stored as belly fat.
I had no excuses anymore, except I just couldna€™t go through more failed attempts at losing weight! I hate to hear this since I am still young and honestly dont wanna believe him but considering your fitness & loose skin I think I should go ahead and get a tummy tuck as he advised. There can be NO MORE mindless eating.* Cut out junk food, cut out fats foods, cut out processed foods. It is tough to tell someone else they are not sticking what they say they wanted to do when you yourself are not sticking by your commitment. So while pregnant a second time while taking care of  a still pretty new baby and working full-time, I stopped working out.
So to look down and see that my tummy actually was worse looking than when I lost the weight was horrifying. I truly hope that my journal and interaction had a reciprocal effect for those I now count as friends.
I hate to admit this, but I also gained 50 lbs with this pregnancy due to lack of exercise & no lack of food.

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