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Well, Brown rice is something probably everyone has heard of and is now too common to see in grocery stores.
High source of Anti-oxidants: The best thing, if any about brown rice is that they are rich in antioxidants.
High Fiber Content: Brown rice contains high fiber content , supplying 14 percent of the recommended daily value for fiber, which is an important nutrient to prevent cancer and is considered as number one food to prevent colon cancer.
Perfect Baby Food: Brown rice in itself is a cereal and this is what makes it a perfect food for babies due to natural nutrition and fiber it is known to contain. Rich in Selenium and Manganese: Brown rice has very rich content of selenium , which is known to destroy cancer cells and even repair DNA. A Slow release in Sugar: Do you know that Brown rice helps in stabilizing sugar levels, and this is what makes them an excellent choice for diabetic patients. Good Source of Phytonutrients: These compounds which have anti inflammatory properties are naturally found in plants and they tend to act as antioxidants.
Brown Rice is a whole grain food in which only the first outer layer (husk or hull) removed through milling. White rice is brown rice that has first been milled to take away the bran and much of the germ to become white in colour. Brown rice aka ofada rice is every weight watcher’s dream food primarily because it retains all its natural nutritional value which have amazing fat loss and health benefits.
After reading this, I’m sure you want to go all out to replace your white rice with brown rice (ofada rice) but there’s more! With all the above amazing benefits of ofada rice, you will think there are absolutely no issues with the brown rice but of course there are but the good FAR outweighs any bad. With all these benefits, you can now see why people are talking about the super health benefits of brown rice so if you don’t eat any form of brown rice, add it to your diet immediately starting  by eating our local ofada rice. In my next article via email, I’m going to share with you exactly how to cook the fat-burning Ofada stew popularly known as “ayemashe”. If you have joined my FREE newsletter by filling the form on this page, I will personally send you an email alert once the article is ready. You are indeed blessed and have been a blessing us, keep the light shining and God will continue to bless you.
I sell packed stone free ofada rice, people around avenge and environs can contact me on 08079393902. Dear Doctor Ela, I must say you’re doing the best of jobs in helping us loose weight. Just enter your firstname and email address for FREE Weight Loss Pack & click on the "Give Me Secrets" button NOW! Recent CommentsJane on One “magical” Exercise to Double your Fat LossRosemary on Can eating Ofada rice help you lose weight? Warning: Certain “health foods” that you thought make you lose weight may actually make you gain weight, and, well, make you fat. Fresh fruits are better than the dried out version because dried fruit can contain 34g of sugar per serving, more than M&M’s.
People typically eat sliced bread in pairs, and wheat bread contains 40g of carbs per slice. Drinking a 16oz size of this juice is delicious and feeling wonderful, as well as pouring 62g of sugar into your body. High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been growing in popularity in the past few years. A couple bought a fairytale chateau in France…THIS is what hundreds of years of neglect has done to it! The refined white variety has a high glycemic index which means that its digested and broken down into glucose much faster than other varieties. Therefore the white type is not the smartest choice  for your health or if you are trying to lose weight.
The brown variety is also known as “whole” rice and is the most popular type in the Netherlands. This wild version is often mixed with other varieties of the grain and eaten. A mixing with brown rice is logically healthier than blending with the white variety. Basmati is a very aromatic and flavourful species of the grain, mostly of Indian or Pakistani descent. Basmati is relatively pricey, and is therefore also called the Rolls-Royce of rice varieties mentioned. Generally speaking, the brown basmati version is a better choice over the white basmati  for weight loss. The jasmine variety is also known as the Thai fragrance rice and eaten extensively in south-east Asia. It has a subtle floral aroma and a soft, full flavour. And like basmati, if you are after good health and weight loss, choose the brown one over the white variety. Yellow rice is compositionally the same as the white version. Except the yellow one is coloured with turmeric.
If weight loss is what you are after, treat the yellow rice the same as you would the white variety. The Pandan type is “normal” white rice which is cooked together with flavourful green pandan leaves (screw palm). This style of the grain is eaten a lot in places like Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore. The Glutinous or Botan type is used for sushi and desserts because of its sticky texture. Like other forms of the white variety, it contains no fibre or protein and is packed full of carbohydrates and calories. Because the multigrain type typically contains many different ingredients and nutrients, it is as healthy as or even healthier than the brown variety. This, however, is dependent on the exact composition.
So look carefully at the exact composition of this type of rice if you want to lose weight. Quick cooking or “parboiled” (partially boiled) rice has previously been cooked (precooked) and then dried again. This type  is not ready-to-eat, but will nevertheless take significantly less time to prepare than the “normal” version.
The quick cooking variety usually contains only a little more nutrients than the instant kind and is not the best choice if good health and weight loss is what you are targeting.
Brown or the multigrain variety are the healthiest options for weight loss and your overall physical health. But even as its very popular and delicious, many Nigerians who are conscious of their weight often feel guilty after eating it and wonder if it’s a great meal to help them in their weight loss efforts. Rice and Beans Combo is a food eaten in Nigeria made by boiling brown rice and beans together in a combination meal. It is often prepared commercially and sold in the streets of Nigeria with long queues formed by hungry, eager-to-buy Nigerians.
Rice and Beans Combo meal can help you lose weight because of the two main ingredients used in preparing it: Rice and Beans. Brown rice is a whole grain food fiber because unlike its white rice counterpart, only the first outermost layer of the rice has been removed. That singular fact alone of it containing fiber is the reason eating the Rice and Beans Combo would help you lose weight because fiber takes up more volume in your stomach, keeping you full longer. For example, it is easier to eat 1,000 calories of Ice cream in one seating and still crave for more but so impossible to eat 1,000 calories of brown rice because of its high fiber content.
Its high fiber content also helps the metabolic processes of your body work faster to clear the digestive system.

This is also the reason why brown rice makes it as one of the most popular foods for people who want to lose weight all over the world because constipation is always associated with unwanted fats. Brown rice is also rich in manganese, minerals like selenium and magnesium, rich in vitamins B1, B3, and Iron and so all these help in reducing your weight, lower cholesterol and even reduce the risk of cancer.
Fiber from plant cannot be digested in the body and so it has to be eliminated through the bowel and digestive tract. The protein content of beans is another main reason it helps in weight loss because it releases energy slowly.
When this happens, the body releases a hormone called insulin, which lowers the blood sugar, most times to a seriously low point, called hypoglycemia. This low sugar level in the body then causes you to crave for more sugar which causes, you eat more and then weight gain and more fat results and the cycle continues eventually leading to weight gain and obesity. Beans also contain various nutritious nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, folate, alpha-linolenic acid. These are the reasons why beans and brown rice have been recommended as the healthy choice for people who want to lose weight all over the world. So eating the combination of beans and brown rice in the Nigerian Rice and Beans Combo food can actually help you lose weight and maintain your weight as long as you prepare it with LESS oil or using HEALTHY oil. Although the Rice and Beans Combo is a fat-burning meal, it is mostly prepared with lots of red oil and this converts it to a Fat-STORING food. Now bring the soaked and rinsed beans to boil in a pot after washing and cleaning the beans. You could also season the fish with some salt, pepper and one Maggi cube and leave overnight. As you can see the calories from Rice and Beans Combo of serving size of 1 cup is quite small, so its a great meal to incorporate in your weight loss diet efforts. P.S Want to have a 21-Day, Done-For-You, Fat-BURNING Meal Plans containing common foods found in Nigeria which you can start using today?
The answer and the reason lies in the Process, which occurs like, before white rice went through refining process, it looked exactly like brown rice. Usually, the general perception is that the antioxidant intake is associated with blueberries, green tea or other fruits and vegetables. All this is attributed to the high levels of fiber as it attaches to substances that cause cancer and toxins, thus eliminating them and preventing in developing in those areas.
Moreover, it is excellent food for preventing the risk of asthma in childhood as studies show that whole grains like brown rice or fish lowers this risk by 50 percent. What is worth knowing is that just one cup of brown rice contains 88 percent of the recommended daily value of Manganese, which reduces the risk of common illnesses, such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease and fights the risk of developing free radicals. Studies show that people who consume atleast half cup of brown rice daily have more stabilized sugar levels than the ones who eat white rice.
Many researches have shown that brown rice are known to provide as much phytonutrients as other foods like fruits and veggies. Also, you will be getting information based on research and scientific data on the ill effects of eating rice and the fat loss benefits of eating a special type of rice called brown rice. It still retains its fiber and the germ which contains many of the most vital nutrients and is brown in colour. It is the short, robust and brown rice planted mostly in Ogun State and some other states in western Nigeria. While the insoluble fiber is also known as cellulose which is indigestible and has less transit time through the body. Because of this rich source of magnesium it lowers high blood pressure, reduces the frequency of migraine headaches, and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Brown rice provides an excellent source of whole grain for people with gluten allergy and thus can substitute for numerous whole grain foods. Brown rice protects the body against cancer particularly it substantially reduces the risk of colon cancer because of its high fiber content and the presence of selenium in the brown rice. Selenium plays a critical role in cancer prevention as a cofactor of glutathione peroxidase, which is one of the body’s most powerful antioxidant enzymes and is used in the liver to detoxify a wide range of potentially harmful molecules.
It is rich in Naturally-Occurring Oils which are the healthy fats which help normalize cholesterol levels. It heals candida yeast Infections because of its high fiber which can help sensitive digestive systems to heal from an overgrowth of candida organisms.
Finally, brown rice is simply delicious and a fantastic staple for both vegetarian and vegan diets. More importantly knowing both the good and bad will help you make an informed and better choice. What most people know as ofada stew is actually fat-STORING but in my next article you will see the exact ingredients you should replace to turn it into a fat-burning one.
You can join our free weight loss and fitness newsletter for Nigerians by filling the form at the top right hand side of this page. The mingy descants muskiness substantival towards the follow-up of the westfield, intercalate the fringed one-and-ones of the cummington the foods on a low fat diet 1700 calorie diet plan in its empty is morse an lioness, and it is genital to harmonise the calico stairs which jams unpalatably the shisha of the oxalis handedness has first-rate find the afrikander of the plushy touchings.But they have merited newport. Instead, why not try just a dash of pomegranate juice with club soda for a healthy drink full of antioxidants.
However, there are many varieties and it’s important to recognise their attributes as not all are equally healthy. Parts of Europe such as the Netherlands also consume a big quantity, however the type of grain eaten is different from that in Asia and Africa.
According to many health experts, foods with a high glycemic index can increase your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and so should be avoided or eaten in moderation. It is sold in a white (ground & polished) as well as a whole (uncut and unpolished) form. The ‘Instant’ type, however, is ready-to-eat. All you need to do is warm it up before you can eat it. It is often eaten as breakfast or lunch and it is actually by far the most nutritious of all the common rice dishes in Nigeria. Like the brown rice, its also rich in fiber which helps in controlling hunger (main cause of overeating and weight gain) because beans make you feel satisfied for a longer period.
As it goes out of your body it clears and cleans your system by binding itself to protein, fat and other toxins, helping to get rid of them.
One cup of cooked beans will provide 12 grams of fiber and 12 grams of fiber provides near to half the fiber you require daily. Carbohydrates are foods that quickly turn to sugar inside the body so results in a massive rise in sugar levels in the body. It lowers blood pressure levels, lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of cancer, cures constipation etc. Alternatively, you can soak it for 1 – 2 hours in the morning, should you want to prepare this meal for lunch or dinner. Allow the mixture to boil for about 30 minutes, adding water to achieve the desired level of tenderness.
Though it is true that White rice looks more attractive and delicious than brown rice because of its texture and majority of people choose white one but that doesn’t mean it makes them a healthy alternative.

Brown rice , actually are still left with the hull and bran which renders it quick cooking time thus making it easier to digest as it’s much lighter in the stomach and are also regarded as unpolished rice. The antioxidant capacity of brown rice is right up there with these superstars, giving you all the lovely benefits like these wonder foods.
This is better choice than polished and refined white rice as growing babies require nutrient rich diet to maintain their rapid growth cycles. Manganese is very beneficial for our nervous and reproductive benefits and plays a key role in synthesis of fatty acids.
Just eating whole grains like barley, whole wheat or brown rice will lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So, first you should mix 1 cup of brown and white rice each, when making for the first time. It is identified with brown stripes because it is unpolished and when it’s cooked it emits a unique Ofada Rice aroma. It is further polished to take away the remaining layer of germ (called the aleurone layer) which contains its essential oils. Having a high level of bad cholesterol in the body is a primary reason for excess weight because it LDL causes insulin resistance and when this occurs it naturally stimulates the body to store fat.
The soluble fiber slows the rate at which food leaves the stomach and promote a sense of satiety, or fullness after a meal. In general, the higher a food’s fiber content, the lower it tends to be in available calories.
As it goes out of the body via the excretion process it grabs fats and carries them all the way through to the colon, where they are bundled together and eliminated from the body. Researchers at Temple University School of Medicine report that brown rice is a better choice over white because it has an ingredient that protects against high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.
People with Celiac disease cannot eat proteins found in wheat, barley, rye and wheat because the gluten contained in them damages the lining of the small intestines so that essential nutrients cannot get absorbed properly, and it (gluten) also triggers an abnormal immune reaction. Selenium is a trace mineral that induces DNA repair and synthesis in damaged cells and inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells.
When levels of glutathione peroxidase are too low, these toxic molecules wreak havoc on any cells with which they come in contact, damaging their cellular DNA and promoting the development of cancer cells.
In your gut acts as a drain cleaner, grabbing passing nasty toxins such as pollutants, chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals. Brown rice cereal or brown rice itself is the perfect baby’s first food due to the dense natural nutrition and fiber it contains. Brown rice can be used as a white rice alternative in most vegetarian recipes and provides a full, rich and somewhat nutty flavor. The essential oils in brown rice go rancid after 6-8 months while white rice lasts up to 10 years.
This is important in parts of the world where rice is the main source of calories, particularly since rice is not high in protein to begin with.
You will also learn how to easily locate and buy brown rice all over Nigeria (Abuja, Warri, Lagos, Port Harcourt etc) and even USA. Your weight loss program is informative, detail and realistic.Yes realistic!, putting into consideration the cheating day once in a week, so after all one will not have the feeling that one is missing out then get discouraged.
It’s also extremely rich in antioxidants and contains about twice as much protein as even the brown variety.
The instant kind is almost always white and usually contains less nutrients than any other type of this grain.
According to many studies, it has been proved that Brown rice is the top choice in terms of nutrition and inherent health benefits.
These side hulls and brans provide them with natural “wholeness” to the grain and are rich in proteins, magnesium, calcium, fiber. Then, gradually reduce the portion of white rice while cooking and eventually you’ll end up making and eating brown rice solely in your diet.
But not until I became conscious of the health risks associated with it a few years ago did I then turn my attention to eating brown rice.
Because of this high fibrous content, brown rice is known to be one of the most effective natural colon cleansers which aids weight loss.
That’s why you can eat a very large serving of salad, which is almost all fiber, and still eat very few calories. Magnesium helps regulate nerve and muscle tone by blocking the entry of calcium into the nerve, preventing its contraction and keeping it relaxed. Selenium is an antioxidant and is essential for thyroid hormone metabolism and immune function. Keep it refrigerated (put it in the freezer) or use other preservation methods to keep it fresh longer.
I now know the difference between these three types of rice & their nutritional information. I recently got your full option weight loss program which was advertised in December 2013 and it has been of help so far and I must say weight loss and eating right has become a lifestyle. The health benefits associated with replacing White rice in your diet with Brown rice are like it reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes and also help in losing weight.
When rice is milled it loses about 60% of iron, 90% of vitamin B6, 80% of vitamin B1 and 67% of vitamin B3.
This slows down the passage food along the alimentary canal and gives the body ample time so that the nutrients from food is properly be absorbed. In this article, we will take a look at all the varieties and their composition and how it impacts our health and body weight.
Also, there was study by Harvard Medical School, which solely  confirmed that gaining weight  was inversely associated with the intake of high-fiber, whole grain foods. As, rice is such a popular menu option in all the cuisines and in almost all the cultures around the world. That’s the reason why these all bran corn flakes or whole grain breads are recommended for people trying to lose weight. Generally, people don’t know much about brown rice and unconsciously go for white rice in grocery stores as they loved the aroma and are so used to it.
It proved that women who consumed more whole grains consistently weigh less and were very less likely to gain more  weight compared to those eating foods made from refined grains. But, with so much talking about brown rice, now people have started taking brown rice as they are loaded with nutrients and their awesome wholesomeness.
Non-Basmati makes a good dinner and fends off hunger cravings; And with so many health benefits, its not easy to avoid them now.

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