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Beans, avocado, broccoli, artichokes, raspberries, blackberries, pears, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, seeds, walnuts, almonds, skim milk, yogurt, cabbage and bok choy. Imagine how thin and healthy you’ll be if you start eating the top fat burning foodsand stay away from sugars and starches like potatoes, white flour, white bread, and white flour pasta. Many women are plagued O-legs, especially when wearing shorts, short skirts, leg defects at a glance. If you want to try O-leg exercise, of course, you have to figure out that they are not really O-legs. 2 legs of the toes, ankles and heels together, even at the knees touch the thighs are not close together.
1.O-type legs, the pelvis is too often accompanied by a separate, this is the reason gastroptosis and physical pain.
2.O-type leg is difficult in thin slim down the lower body, upper body will lead to a small lower body big ugly situation. If the calf and thigh muscles enough, legs do not rope, even if the bone is straight, otherwise looks like a bend. Specific gestures are: hands on his hips, upper body upright, his legs spread 15-20 cm, toes slightly out, knees inhale slowly move closer to squat, squat as much as possible and stay a while and felt the leg muscle tension . STEP1: your hands on your back, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, squat stand, hold the position for 30 seconds after the restore.

STEP2: Straight, stretch and bend the left leg back, hold the left foot with his left toe, hold the position for 30 seconds, restore, for the right leg.
STEP3: your hands on your back, legs lifted up with in order to focus on toes, legs and back Bengzhi, would also like to hold the position for 30 seconds. STEP4: a major step forward right foot, bow the knee, hold the position for 30 seconds for the left foot. STEP5: lying in bed, his hands flat at your sides, feet slightly apart, knees, arch, raising the hip, thigh and lower leg bent 90 degrees as the goal, repeated 8-10 times. STEP2: the fingers of both hands grasp the feet of his right foot, so that slowly raise the right foot. STEP4: one side and slowly exhale, while the strength of his hands closer to the body to the right leg.
Japan and South Korea this popular weight loss methods, the symptoms can also be used to change the lighter "OX Girl"-shaped legs, in their spare time to practice with normal legs, maybe there will be a very good effect! The first step: First, the tip of the tape posted on the side of the central office near the ring finger, little finger through the nail toward the outside of the root (with the ring finger in the opposite direction) around.
The third step: re-perimeter and a half outside in the little finger side of the central end.
Sometimes though, even when you have your doctor’s blessings and you are diligently following a healthy weight loss plan that includes exercise, problems may still crop up and you find you can’t lose weight.

Do You Obsess Over Food?  Does Stress Give You Cravings?  Let’s Stop That Forever!  Click Here! Xiaobian teach you to do the following O-leg correction aerobics, allows you to quickly get rid of O-type legs. Skew for the O-leg pelvis and thigh and lower leg until the leg is not the biggest problem, if not the entire bone to build muscle need to be resolved.
It can increase the inside of the thigh and calf muscles of the way to solve the problem of O-type legs. Upper body bend the knee to the forehead close to the ideal state, but as long as just the beginning of the heel to keep the leg muscles tight and can not leave the ground. Little to change standing posture, you can use different parts of the leg muscles, which is the biggest characteristic of the squat exercise. Diet had previously mentioned are generally the middle finger as the center around to the inside from the outside, but the O-shaped legs, correction tape, by contrast, is around the inside to the outside.
If the knee is not the case of rope, tied with a bandage to the thigh, so knees as close as possible.

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