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The beach is still far away, but if you want to enjoy summer at the fullest, you may want to do something about that belly that probably looks cute to you now, in winter. Many of you probably go to the gym, abs exercises are your favorite, you carefully choose your meals, but there are still no results visible, right? Try these 4 exercises, and each of them will help you tighten your belly and the rest of your body as well. Do these exercises on a daily base and you will most certainly enjoy some good results and the body you have always dreamed of. Based in San Francisco, Beth Rifkin has been writing health- and fitness-related articles since 2005. Almost everyone has a trouble area on their body that they would like to change; the stomach is a common spot for such attention. Cardiovascular exercise is an effective way to burn fat throughout your body, including your stomach. Performing two to three full body strength training sessions per week can help you to build lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism. Exercise is only half the equation when it comes to slimming the stomach; your diet is just as important. Put one arm on the ground to support your body, and slowly push your legs up, and again, do not bend the knees.
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NIH) recommends women to have a waist circumference under 35 inches and for men to have a waist circumference under 40 inches.
Include stomach-specific exercises, such as crunches, reverse crunches, planks, boat pose and bird-dog, all of which can help to tone and improve the appearance of your midsection.
Nix foods with added sugars and saturated fats and instead choose lean proteins, mono and polyunsaturated fats, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit.

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Switch the weight from one hand to another right above the knees, resembling the shape of number 8.
However, there are actions you can take to reduce your overall body fat, which will help to slim your tummy. Consider running, cycling or a dance aerobics class that keeps you moving at a moderate to intense pace. This exercise will not only tighten your abs, but also reduce your cellulite and tighten your legs. First, bend down to your left, then to the right side, as if you are trying to touch your elbow with your knee.
Unfortunately, we can’t spot reduce fat loss meaning you can’t target where the fat comes off during weight loss.
However, there are some general guidelines that can help when trying to lose weight in your stomach.ExerciseAny weight loss program that encourages weight loss without exercise should be a red flag. Moderate aerobic exercise means you are working hard, but you could increase intensity if you had to.
You could also stay at that intensity for a while.General guidelines for exercise are 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week.
While moderate exercise is important to stimulate fat burn, higher intensity exercise is also beneficial for fat loss and boosting metabolism.Do a variety of exercise and combination of high and moderate intensity for the greatest boost for losing fat. Choose something that you like to do and will stick with long term.A common misconception is that doing stomach crunches or other abdominal strengthening exercises will promote fat loss in the mid-section. While these exercises are important for improving core strength, they will not melt the fat away. A combination of core strengthening exercises and aerobic exercise can help burn the fat around the midsection, and over time can show the developed muscles underneath.Low sugar dietIn general, a higher sugar diet promotes a rise in blood sugar which will increase blood insulin levels.

Insulin is needed to transport the sugar (energy from digested carbohydrates) into body cells for energy or storage.Another function of insulin is to promote fat storage.
Therefore, if blood sugar and insulin levels are constantly high, that can promote fat gain. If you are trying to lose weight, especially around your stomach, limiting intake of added sugar can definitely help.No magic dietPeople can lose weight on various diets whether they are low fat, low carbohydrate, vegetarian, paleo, Mediterranean, etc. Eating a high amount of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains can give your body adequate, balanced nutrition.Adequate sleepDiet and exercise are important parts of weight loss, but an often over looked aspect of weight loss is sleep.
When someone is sleep deprived it can actually interfere with the body’s metabolism, cravings and appetite. How much sleep you need per night can vary, but a general recommendation is 7-9 hours of sleep every night.Lower stressStress levels can affect your hormone levels, like cortisol and adrenaline to name a few, which can affect your body many ways including your metabolism. High stress levels can elevate cortisol and adrenaline which negatively affect weight loss and may promote fat storage around the mid-section.Practicing relaxation techniques and healthy coping mechanisms for stress are important during weight loss.
If you are eating really healthy and exercising, but your hormones are off, this could interfere with weight loss success.ConclusionMany things can impact weight loss, especially from the stomach. There is no magic secret exercise or diet that can automatically take inches off your waistline. However, cutting out sugar can help limit fat storage in the body and promote fat loss.Getting a combination of moderate, vigorous and strength training exercise can build up core strength, encourage your body to use fat more as a fuel source and increase your metabolism. Other important factors for losing weight around your stomach are getting adequate sleep, lowering stress in your life and finding healthy ways to relax.References used in this article Proven Ways to Lose Weight in Your Stomach by Holly Klamer About the authorHolly is a registered dietitian with a MS degree in nutrition and exercise science.

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