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Frozen Meals: I live off of frozen meals at work, so I found an article of 50 healthy frozen meals that I should try instead!
Halloween Candy Calories: If you work in a office of some sort, you most likely have a goody basket full of halloween candy.
Weight loss Blogs: I love blogs, there is one for every subject out there, including weight loss. Well I hope you guys liked these links and if you have your own, you’re always welcome to share! When I first did the 7 day food diet plan with the 3 products a day I lost 4 pounds in a week.
Hey guys, I really haven’t done any WLW posts in I think like 2 weeks and there should be no excuses, I know! I was recently given the opportunity to try out Skinny Jane, a newer weight loss company that has a great kit to help kick start your weight loss. This week for the Weight Loss Wednesdays series I thought I’d share part of a Low-cal meal plan that I started using, which I also love.
Start your day off with a protein shake and then mid-morning have an apple and some green tea, then have whatever you want with lunch and more green tea. I hope I gave you guys a useful tip for those who usually skip breakfast and if you all have questions let me know!

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I've been blogging for about 2 years and have a passion for sharing my favorite products with women who share my hobby! Well I found a post that has the most popular candy and how much you’d have to work hard to burn off! I am getting a little off track but I did order this on thursday and got it on Monday afternoon so props to Skinny Jane on fast shipping!
Well, what I did differently this time was I stuck to the meal plan 85% of the time and only modified according to what I had purchased that week. But today I am going to be sharing my all time favorite gluten free, vegan recipe thats also good for you!
My sleep schedule is very messed up and I’m working again as I took a break before so I’m very groggy and tired all the time which makes me not want to work out! Here on the blog I’ve been doing Weight Loss Wednesdays and I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to help you guys lose weight as well! I really am not sure if I wanted to do more than one but I like the idea of planks and it seems easy enough but also effective. As I come to continue my goals I just wanted to share with you all some helpful, but random articles that I’ve read and enjoyed!

They included a 7 day eating plan which I didn’t stick to 100% of the time but I still lost 4 pounds in that first week. Let me know what YOU guys do to work out as I’m trying to continue T25 and if you have tips for motivation share it with me also! We got snow here today and I’ve been sleeping and cuddling on the couch and totally forgot about posting today! It’s a great website that gives you more 30 Day challenges but also how to do each workout! Stress, as well as lack of sleep and good eating habits have definitely gotten in the way of my own personal weight loss goals and I’ve been trying to be more positive.
Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish Swatches- Caramel Cupcake, Sweet Lavender & Magic Stardust8.

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