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Scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine found this potential cure by conducting fecal transplants for obesity. About MedulousMedulous is an online community of patients, doctors and health professionals sharing their health experiences. Chances are if you are trying to get one by losing weight for whatever reason then you may not be able to get it. You cannot change the structure of your skeleton very easily (and it would be painful if you could.
Some people are naturally able to have a thigh gap at a certain size, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you have to very thin.
There are two main reasons for why you probably won’t get one even if you lose weight. So because your femurs are going in-ward like the image above it would be difficult to obtain a thigh gap even if you have wide hips. Also remember that people on tumblr stick out their butts, straighten their legs, bending forward with their heels apart, or stand with their feet wider apart for the illusion for a thigh gap in these photos. If you’re still wanting a thigh gap despite of what I said you can get one easily by standing like peter pan and walk like that for the rest of your life. Why throw away your health to try and obtain something that most people don’t naturally have?

Even today, the word "feminism" stand as an ambiguous term that refers to those "man-haters" or those "feminazis" maybe? As it turns out, the secret to getting the figure of a Victoria’s Secret model may reside in something more obscure than a 5-day detox of cayenne-spiced lemonade or that thigh-compressor machine that brings awkward eye contact at the gym to a new level. For their experiment, researchers used the feces of four sets of identical twins (one of each set of twins was obese) and harvested the microbes found in the stool samples that each twin provided.
Mice given fecal transplants from obese donors gained substantial weight, exceeding that of mice containing feces from non-obese donors.
To put it simply, the more Bacteroides microbes you can get the less likely you are to be fat. The MeduMatrix system rates the efficacy of treatments for medical conditions based on real ratings provided by the community and provides alternative treatment options. Also considering that you also have muscle, skin, fat, veins, around your bones to make, well, legs.
So really, if they can’t have one naturally what’s the chances of you having one? The standards are only getting tighter since 20 years ago models weighed 8% less than a healthy weight and now it’s 23% less than a healthy weight. Well this blog was created just for that reason, to celebrate true essence femininity and feminism!

Using a new weight loss procedure, women aspiring for Barbie’s figure may now be after a previously-overlooked asset of hers: the bugs dwelling in her poop.
Researchers then transplanted the subjects’ feces into the microbe-free digestive tracks of mice specifically bred for the experiment. After careful analysis and further experimentation, the medical researchers claim to have found the source of the weight disparity between the mice. So next time you’re midway through a cheeseburger, yearning to fit into your friend’s size 2 jeans, why not give it a shot and ask, “Nice feces you’ve got there.
Through real user reviews and the MeduMatrix rating system, patients avoid unnecessary treatments and make informed health decisions.
Feminism, which is rightfully the idea that celebrates and deems no part in undermining the strength and beauty of a woman.
A microbe named Bacteroides, the new God Particle of weight loss, seems to be the factor distinguishing obesity between the similar subjects.
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