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Isadora lost 70 pounds in 8 months by creating a calorie deficit with healthy foods and running every day. Anonymous, age 20, lost almost 15 pounds in 3 months by eating more healthily and working out.
Click here to see more of her before & after weight photos and to read her weight loss success story. Fitness has been the number one aspect of my pregnancy that has kept me sane and feeling my best! I gained a total of 30lbs during my fit pregnancy and went into labour on the evening of my due date! At 6 weeks postpartum, I am weighing in less than my pre-pregnancy weight and I have not stepped foot back inside of the gym just yet as I am waiting to get cleared by my doctor sometime this week. I have invested in a jogging stroller so I can incorporate my son into my workouts by taking him to our local track for running. I have a long ways to go and I look forward to building and transforming my postpartum body into something greater than I had before.
Check out our FittaMamma pregnancy exercises and post pregnancy workouts too – make sure you warm up before working out while pregnant and cool down afterwards. Editing this periscope episode from a couple months ago really made me want to get back to doing them. If you’re new to the hCG diet protocol and need more step by step guidance, you can find the basics of the hCG Diet here. I attempted to copy and paste many of the comments from the live periscope below for those of you who like to read – there’s some fun info in there!
I’m definitely not perfect, and still struggle with binging way more often than I want to, but I am the smallest and fittest that I have ever been. After an incredibly fit pregnancy she has now had her baby boy and is getting ready for her postpartum exercise plan. For the last few weeks, I have been focusing on super clean eating since I have been unable to work out and it has certainly paid off! I have also developed an at-home mommy & me workout plan for when I am unable to make it to the gym because as a mommy, things are bound to happen! During pregnancy, as much as I lifted weights, my muscles really went soft so my main focus now is to gain muscle back. Download our free Safe Pregnancy Exercise guide written by FittaMamma prenatal exercise experts! You will learn about new foods, foods that are not only healthy alternatives, but also tasty alternatives.Multiple goals required for losing weight with Lap-band weight loss surgeryI met a young woman who had her weight loss surgery five years ago and was at goal, with a BMI of 21. I believe this is a factor due to the fact that Anti-depressants cause weight gain and that was when I started putting on weight in the beginning, also Depression craves Carbs for the endorphins. I have actually not maintained a weight except for maybe the first two weeks of round 2 and phase 3. I guess I have to say that I was fortunate that I live alone so before I started I went through my house and disposed of all the food in my cabinets. I am not sure if you would call this a trick up my sleeve but I found that chewing gum helped stave off hunger between meals. Oh yeah there is a big difference in my life everything I used to eat came out of a box or can. What types of things did you discover when it came to maintenance that did and didn’t work? So you can still enjoy and satisfy your cravings but not to the extent you used to or most people do. Also, are you ever able to indulge in a regular treat, like cake at a party, and still maintain? This is not just a “well see what happens, and ill just try it and see if it fits into my schedule” kind of diet.
I really enjoyed being able to answer your questions real time and just talk about things that can effect whether we do well on this protocol or not. I answered many of the questions that you see asked below, and while I didn’t have a lot of time, I tried to throw in some links to some of the information and products discussed during the episode. Not recommending them necessarily, the product links are just there if you want to check out what some others are utilizing while on the protocol.

I didn’t count calories like a crazy person, but I tried not to exceed 1200 calories a day.
I am currently 6 weeks postpartum and would like to share my diet and fitness plans with you. I experienced round ligament pains heading into my second trimester and upon entering the third, it was all lower back and sciatic pain from there on. I went to my OB appointment and was only dilated to about 2cm with no promise that he would come that day. As for the gym, luckily my personal facility has a private parent’s room where I can bring my son while I work-out! I plan to incorporate weighted squats along with some body-weight CrossFit style exercises to burn the excess fat such as burpees & mountain climbers. While she maintained her weight on a diet of protein bars, water, shakes, and very little fooda€”she was missing out on the enjoyment of life. I used to try to explain the protocol to them but when I got to the 500 cal part they lost interest. There were times when I had little to no energy left, but I pushed through, set the alarm, put on my workout clothes, and headed to the gym anyway.
My diet will remain clean when I begin to work out, however, I am still breastfeeding so I will keep my calories up to maintain my milk supply while building muscle. Though my lower body is my primary focus, I will be benchpressing to create a well-defined upper body as well. When given the recipes in the guidebook, she threw away the bars and the shakes, and was able to enjoy meals with her husband and three children. Not starving myself just still following the eat to hunger philosophy, and also I have decided to not add bread and pasta back into my diet. I had never been a three meal a day person most of the time I would only eat one meal a day but it was not healthy by any means and often I would eat way too much of it.
Now when I get asked I say that I followed the original protocol written by Dr Simeons I point them in the direction of where to find the protocol and give them your website address. Also I know this sounds kinda shallow, but I would look at pictures of women at the weight I want to be to remind me what I am doing this for. A common mistake that most people make is focusing too much on a specific area instead of the big picture.
After college I looked at the back of the package and OMG they had 38gram of fat, not to mention how many carbs were in them. Working in a hospital sometimes you do not have time to sit down and eat so I used to eat from the vending machines ( Fat Boxes to the British) Now I do not even look in there as I walk by. I tell them in order to succeed they need to have your whole heart in it the ability to totally commit, and will power to make better food choices in the future. The points were determined but using a sliding scale and it tracked your calories, fat and fiber.
Otherwise as long as I did maintenance right, I ALWAYS stayed at my goal weight no matter what I ate, lol well within reason.
The body is a perfect calorie countera€”and you do not have to suffer, you can enjoy good food. I guess one of the things that I noticed about myself before I started my HCG journey was that I would lose my breath just bending over to tie my shoes. I can have Smoothies from Sheetz and they do not seem to affect my weight, but while at the beach for the wedding my Mom wanted a milkshake so I thought I need to try to see if that would be a no go or a thumbs up.
What was so good about these are that not only were they high in protein but they were also low fat, low calorie and very low carb. The damage had been done, and my body was used too this weight and had set my metabolism at a young age. I am still able to maintain during my craving moments because I can still choose to have it, I just use portion control! I cut my fruit out because it caused me to stall, and changed over to that and it fixed the issue. The next day I had gained a pound and a half, so no milkshakes for Tracy I will stick with the smoothies. Lol I guess it’s safe to say, the hardest part of the diet are the first few days of 500 calories.

If I want a candy bar, I will eat one no dought, but they do have smaller candy bars to choose from. Lack of knowledge on this diet leads to stress, and stress leads to discouragement and giving up usually follows.
I have seriously tried my best to stay away from food that will mentally put me over the edge. I handled it by literally saying no to myself to any food that I couldn’t eat, drinking lots and lots of coffee with Stevia since it is a good appetite suppressant, keeping the water coming to help with hunger pains, and removing all temptations out of the kitchen. Choose a time in your life that’s slow and routine That gives you the ability to totally focus on this life changing diet. As I started doing HCG I noticed that my sizes were changing kind of oddly from my experience with weight watchers.
They come in every possible flavor you could possibly imagine, oreo, chocolate chip cookie dough, Cheesecake, Lemon bars etc. So in order to maintain your weight you still have to follow the points system, calculating everything you eat. Like a cruise or special dance coming up that you want to dress up for and look good, or fit into that perfect dress. Ten pounds a year for ten years is one hundred pounds, which is when a person becomes eligible for weight loss surgery.
Quest also has protein chips, they do have a bit of carbs in them but still very low, and they are awesome.
By the time I dropped out of college due to depression, I had weighted a whopping 210 pounds!
If your BMR is 2000 calories, and you daily consume 2100 calories, you will gain ten pounds in a year. The quest line can be bought online just about anywhere but I discovered out of the ordinary they are cheaper when ordered through Quest Nutrition’s web site.
If you want to lose ten pounds in a year, then get rid of those 96 calories.Think of ita€”96 calories out of the 2000 or 2500 you consume on a daily basis. That is less than one fourth of a Snickera€™s bar, less than the difference between Taco Bella€™s Big Beef Nacho Supreme and their regular nachos.
Constantly eating to feel better about my weight, but then continued to pack on the pounds.
Later on I decided to join a ministry in Kansas City, MO and figured out some things in my own personal life. We want you to measure and determine the calories that you burn, and we want you to measure the calories that you consume. You have two choices to weight lossa€”you can move more, or you can eat less (or more sensibly). Maybe around 15 pounds at the most, but my body would not let go of any more weight no matter how much I exercised!
By measuring both what you burn and what you eat, you can take charge of how you want to lose weight, and even the time that you want to work at it.Again, set a reasonable timetable for weight loss. Then my spiritual counselor who lead inner healing courses for Christian students lost a TON of weight out of no where. It uses Flash presentations that will not be visible on tablets or phones (they do present good information about the advantages of Lap-band surgery for active men). Everybody on campus started doing this diet., and the transformation I saw in ALL of my friends who did it was incredible!
And back then, there were not a lot of resources on it so I had little knowledge, but enough to do it correctly .
I decided to stop there, but as time went on I thought, “ Maybe I can loose more, id it possible”?
Over time I had done the diet a few more times and now, people have a hard time believe I used to weigh what I did.

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