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Thankfully, there are manufacturers out there producing lower carb alternatives for a reasonable price to keep life a little more simple (if not sinful), and at stores many of us either frequent or live somewhere akin to. I have to say that while I usually give the stink eye to bread and to gluten, I realize how much I miss it from time to time. Nonetheless, if the difference between making it and breaking it on your low carb lifestyle is 9 carbs’ worth of bread every couple of days, this could save you in the long run. The multi-grain version has a few more carbs (12 g for 2 slices vs 9) but it has no HFCS and tastes pretty good!
Of course the reason the Honey Whole Wheat showed fewer carbs in its nutrition label, compared to the regular Whole Wheat or Multi Grain, was either mismeasuring or mislabeling.

If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed or subscribe by entering your email address in the sidebar for updates. You’re not going to see me in a corner like Gollum stroking a loaf of bread and drooling on myself while gumming the heels off of the loaf with big, meaty bites. The ample 20 Sarah Lee ounce loaf offers up 26 slices of thin-sliced, full-sized bread, which is pretty wonderful. They changed the package and it’s now the same as the other two, which is what we were REALLY eating all along. I slathered the bread with two extra large scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon and it just said, “Puhlease, honey.

And because so many low carbers do partake in bread occasionally or regularly as a part of a lower carb lifestyle, and I’m already in a bread frame of mind, why not share all of my local findings? That this product is available at Super Walmart, a prolific store on the American landscape (and close enough to our Canadian border friends to be a viable option) makes this an easier-to-locate item.
I dont know if there is a difference but mine doesnt have any HFCS or any artificial flavors colors or preservatives.

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