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Thanks for visiting!This is another special guest post from our favorite study-dismantler, Denise Minger. Such a delicious felony doesn’t reflect a life of crime so much as a life of fat – the edible kind. If something seems fishy about this study, it’s not just the lutfisk: as usual, there’s more going on (or in this case, less going on) than the alarmist media would suggest. First and foremost, this study has nothing to do with low carbers, or even heart disease: it’s an observational study of Swedes Not Further Specified (SNFS). Although it’s possible that saturated-fat-loving, low-carbing Swedes singlehandedly raised the nation’s average cholesterol in 2008, this seems iffy for a few reasons.
If that graph convinces anyone that the Low Carb High Fat movement is spiking triglycerides, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell ‘em, too: the evidence is pretty consistent that low carbing makes triglycerides sink. Even when it comes to foods directly associated with high cholesterol, Sweden’s low-carb movement still can’t shoulder all the blame.
Although this study doesn’t reveal anything very useful about what food does to us (particularly where fat is concerned), fear not: the diet-disease data for northern Sweden is a many splendored thing, and other studies have mined it with much more fruitful results.
In 2010, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a paper looking directly at dairy fat and myocardial infarction among some of the same northern Swedes used in last week’s study.
It’s a mystery why our current study tried to glean anything about low-carb diets from such tight-lipped data – especially since it’d be easy enough to actually untangle those low carbers from the rest of the population and follow them, up close and personal, like the stalkers we all secretly yearn to be. I love me some caviar in a tube, coincidentally, I think Abba is the most popular brand in Sweden. But still Norway is the country famous for its many fjords – the natural habitat for the Norwegian Blue Parrot species made famous in the classical Monty Python scetch. After all it is more like olive oil in its fat composition with about 60 % monounsatureted fat and only about 20 % omega 6. The real problem with canola is it’s almost always hot-pressed at high temperatures, thus automatically making it rancid.
Actually, in Sweden you will find at least one brand of cold pressed Canola oil in every major supermarket. I knew that Facebook was somehow responsible for my bad cholesterol readings at the beginning of the year! I want to emphasize that I DO NOT inject insulin and I DO NOT take any diabetic drugs which in my opinion makes me a perfect guinea pig to test any supposed low carb product. Enlarge pictures below for a closer look and most of the labels have the ingredients listed. Yes, most (but not all) times when it comes to a lowcarb product you had better do your homework.
If it does not spike her glucose readings it is because she is injecting insulin as a T1 diabetic. I have already filed a formal FDA complaint and word of this scam is definitely getting out.
I’ll be traveling to see each of my children for the holiday, who live in opposite directions, over the next couple of days.
I am continuing to challenge myself even through the holidays, eating low carb, and hopefully I’ll see the scales move again over the next few days. Low Carb Bread You’ll LOVE!Low carb breads & bagels with quality ingredients, GMO FREE, Delicious taste & texture - and they even have Gluten Free bread available! All material provided on this site is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace professional medical advice. I knew if were to wake up one morning and stop eating everything I loved, I’d be hungry and cranky. The first step alone – cutting out sugar – led to weight loss and better blood sugar levels, and still allowed me to eat carbs whenever I wanted, just not sweet carbs. A great read low carb is a great foundation to keeping your A1c’s down I especially love #14. A year after my daughter (aged 6) being diagnosed with T1 hba1c has been halved, only started to come down when we switched to LCHF (6 months in) highs and lows are few and far between. About a year later, I’d resolved to start exercising to see if I could manage my Type II diabetes without meds (no medical insurance), which worked somewhat.
The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around, living a healthy life with diabetes.
However, on this site is also the SUPPORT CLUB for the BioChemical A&B Method, which took America by storm. Woman's World published a cover story about the BioChemical A&B Method, Breakthrough biochemical research. After being stalled for a few months at the end of the year, it’s really nice to see consistent (daily!) weight loss again – finally! I met my friend Kim at the gym last night and we did a solid one-hour intense cardio workout. The last time, when I lost my goal weight of 25 pounds (and before I gained some of that back again – ack!) I was disappointed at how much muscle tone I had lost once I was able to see my old figure again. Last year, Tim Noakes at the University of Cape Town, South Africa [a proponent of high-carb diets for athletes], an MD, started tweeting about changing his diet to eating low carbs, high fat.
I’d go from 154 pounds to 165 pounds over the course of winter, and in the spring I would try to take it off by restricting calories. Mark Sisson has a success story on his Mark’s Daily Apple blog from Joe who has lost a whole load of weight and feels much better since first hearing Gary Taubes give a talk in 2011 and then embarking on a low carb ketogenic diet.

My energy, sleep quality, every aspect of my health and day to day feeling, is as good or better now at age 44 as it was when I was 24. Incredible, deep, restful sleep – my sleep improved early on before I lost much weight; now I usually get up without an alarm and I feel great. Constant stream of energy throughout the day, regardless of the timing of my last meal…I usually fast 12 – 20 hours several times a week, usually before exercise – I recently did three hours of powerlifting and bicycling after a 20 hour fast…just to see if I could – I felt great.
I lost 115 pounds on the scale in about a year, but more importantly, I have lost over 12 inches off my waist size; I am back to the same college and high school clothing size. I can still enjoy wine with friends – I stopped drinking beer and mixed drinks with carbs, but continued red wine with meals and whisky or wine on social occasions. Neck, ankle, hip, and knee joint pains have disappeared – they went away rapidly, before most of the weight loss – makes me think that the inflammation was due to diet more than wear and tear from carrying extra weight.
Years of scaly, cracked feet have completely resolved spontaneously; a massage therapist accused me of having a pedicure and exfoliation and having the best feet she has seen on a 40 year old man – I had not done anything other than shower. For over 15 years I had episodic gastric reflux, stomach distention and constipation – this has completely resolved.
Success Story: Carolyn – I currently weigh less than I did my Senior year in high school! I had reached my late forties without ever dieting and my weight had slowly climbed, reaching a high of around 215lbs.
What advice (if any) would you give to someone interested in trying a carbohydrate-restricted or paleo diet?
Any and every restaurant, from MacDonalds to the very smartest, can provide you with food that will fit your diet: make sure you know what that is.
Please note…Articles are presented in good faith but we cannot be held responsible for any content - the opinions presented are for educational and illustrative purposes only and should not be considered as either individual advice or as a substitute for medical and other professional services intended to suit your specific personal needs.
Always consult a competent medical professional for answers specific to your questions and circumstances.
If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy levels or just generally look and feel healthier you've come to the right place.
There you'll find books, food, and the best supplements on the planet to help you take control of your health for life. Read all of her previous Mark’s Daily Apple articles here, here, here, here and here, and pay her website a visit. For nearly a decade, Sweden has been the unofficial headquarters of the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) movement, churning out an unprecedented number of lipid lovers. In a paper published in Nutrition Journal last week (PDF available here), researchers linked the Swedish low-carb boom to rising cholesterol levels, increased heart disease risk, and failure to maintain long-term weight loss. Researchers pulled 25 years’ worth of data from 140,000 folks in the North Sweden Diet Database, averaged everyone’s food intake, averaged everyone’s total cholesterol, and made some pretty graphs. It plummeted between 1986 and 1992, crept back up until 1994, rolled downhill again until 2000, stabilized between 2002 and 2008, and then began yet another upward jog until the study ended. Although the media apparently didn’t get the memo, the researchers even stated in their paper that “our study design does not allow a causal evaluation of the relationship between the increased fat intake since 2004 and the increased cholesterol values after 2007.” Likewise, the media thinks Sweden’s ever-increasing BMI, despite being an average of the general population, means that low-carb adherents fail to maintain their weight loss. For one, fat intake and blood cholesterol were hardly mirroring each other for the study’s previous 22 years: cholesterol levels continued to drop even when fat intake remained steady (though this could also be confounded by use of statins and ratios of specific fatty acids).
It seems more likely that other factors are lurking behind Sweden’s shifting blood lipid patterns, especially during the past few years. According to the researchers, foods associated with a high fat intake in Sweden were not just the predictable oils and meats, but also pizza, French fries, potato chips, corn chips, cheese-flavored puffed products, and popcorn, as well as “fats used for spreading on bread.” Unless Sweden has a very different definition of “low carb” than the rest of the world, it sounds like their fat intake isn’t coming solely from LCHF-approved fare, but from what most of us affectionately refer to as bona fide junk. According to a supplementary table kindly included with the paper (available as a Word document here), boiled potatoes and coffee made bigger statistical contributions to blood cholesterol than saturated fat did! But US folks seem to put canola in the same category as sunflower- and corn oil with about 60-70 % omega 6.
It’s another one I bought from that store but so far my research showed they are more or less legit, though I dont know what to believe anymore, except my keto test strip.
It was late morning, so I got grilled pork tenderloin & fried eggs from a little local place. I ordered a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with no croutons, and added an order of grilled shrimp. As you can see in my MFP Diary below, I just enter in the ingredients individually to get the most accurate carb count & macros I possibly can. As a type 1 diabetic of nearly 30 years, following a standard diet, I, too, found it very difficult to gain good glycaemic control.
Some people embrace the transition and get on with it, whilst for others, the change can be overwhelming and a stepped approach is what’s needed. Same thing with keywords biochemistr, biochemical, bodychemistry and all the keywords we discussed and which I sent. Unfortunately, trying to stay in control of blood sugars has wrecked havoc on my body because I had to continuously increase my insulin thereby continued to gain weight. I had been eating a very-high-carbohydrate diet, lots of starches, especially breads, cereals, pastas. If it doesn’t work, we won’t talk about it anymore.” I started eating that way, and for about two weeks I felt miserable.
By limiting carbs, first modestly and then more aggressively, he has now lost 55 lbs and is running half marathons. I gradually transitioned to a Keto diet over the next 5 months, reducing carbs further, and increasing fat over protein. And while Americans get arrested for things like DUIs and stealing socks from Walmart, Swedes get arrested for the more admirable feat of smuggling butter. In 2011, a whopping 25% of Sweden’s population was trying to eat more fat and curb their carbohydrate intake, with 5% of Swedes identifying as hardcore LCHF adherents.

Even more suspiciously, there was a four-to-six-year lag between the rise in fat consumption and the 2008 cholesterol jump – implying that Sweden’s fat-feasting took half a decade to affect blood values. Other foods associated with high cholesterol included not just high-fat foods, but also low-carb no-gos like sweet buns, crisp bread, white bread, and sweet fruit soups. But even if there’s no legitimate evidence dooming Swedish low carbers to an early grave, it’s possible that the LCHF movement is having some unhappy consequences in the Land of the Midnight Sun. I am now no longer taking any of my medications for my diabetes and I have lost 35 pounds in the last few months. In 2013 I started following a low carb way of eating and it has completely changed the way I manage my diabetes for the better. Many choose to go whole hog all at once into low carb, but like you I did it little by little. AND I’m eating lots of satisfying eggs, oils, bacon, cheese, meats, TONS of veggies, and nuts to the tune of 15 pounds lost! And there is no reason to eat carbs – carbs are just chains of sugar molecules and an unnecessary macronutrient. It sounded strangely familiar, so I did some legwork and found that low-carb diets have numerous bennies, one of which is improved BG control. One cover story Discover the European food-sequencing secret that sends energy sky-high and fast packing. I just wanted something quick, easy & light to put on my stomach knowing I was going out for a big lunch. I couldn’t even finish it all, so I ended up having the leftovers for dinner last night. That usually happens around day 3 for me, not week 3, but your situation could be different.
A friend of mine, a runner, kept telling me about a project he was working on, which he was calling the Paleo diet, short for Paleolithic. The research [I read] doesn’t support that fat causes heart disease or that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. The relief of living without headaches makes everything better and this alone would be enough for me to recommend Primal.
Despite plateaus of staying at the same weight for many weeks at a time, I have continually decreased my clothing size each month – I continue to gain strength, vascularity and muscular definition. The health climate there is clearly whipping fat-phobia into remission – which, despite the admirable triumph over bad science, could also breed a new species of half-hearted dieters like Low Carb Weekend Warriors, Low Carb As Long as There’s Not a Cookie in Front of Me, and Why Don’t I Just Put Butter on Everything Edible and Buy New Pants When They Get Too Tight.
You can obviously feel the way you want with this, but I myself have see amazing results using Wio and I have see others that are having the same success. This rule kept me from going to bed with high blood sugar, or needing to take insulin late at night.
Did a controlled test, my blood sugars plummeted, and I went full-boogie on the Bernstein regimen. And the success story of Pauline Chipponeri The Story That Made the Difference (Thanks to First, my daily fatigue is now history!) Petra Magazine called it a work of genius and along with PILATI the best way of eating in the world. I’m getting pretty anxious, but just ending four weeks on bed rest and not quite up for it yet.
At first, I had to crash the insulin down to avoid massive low blood sugars-I estimated pretty well and was able to lower my insulin by 60 %. Anyway, the best solution is to drink chicken broth – to replace the electrolytes and sodium lost, which is what causes the cramps.
I was doing a triathlon at that time, and I would normally begin to experience upper-respiratory conditions: a sniffly nose, even a sore throat, which is quite common if I got my volume [of exercise] very high, depending on how many hours I trained in a week. But in the last few years, I experienced what all aging athletes experience, which is I was gaining weight in the off-season. Folks who jump on the “high fat” bandwagon while still living in high-carb land may indeed find themselves gaining weight and frightening their doctors with ominous lipid panels. Roasted cauliflower, green beans, broccoli, spinach, green salad… I tried to have at least one veggie at every meal.
Just under 11 months later, my lipid profile is dead perfect, HTN is no longer an issue, BGs are embarrasingly normal, and I’m no longer taking any meds. The new A&B BioChemical Method® in Eleonora De Lennart's book is a work of genius, as well as being scientifically sound.
Here is my question this week, I started having hours of muscle spasms in the trunk of my body-could not even sleep it was so bad.I am a little discouraged because I m not sure my body can tolerate Ketones.
Go ahead and drink some right away for immediate relief, but continue working with your doctor.
Yet another study (PDF), again based on those fat-loving northern Swedes, found dairy fat to be beautifully protective against strokes – especially in women. Whether or not this is happening in Sweden right now remains to be known, but it is a possibility.
Now start visiting all the amazing low carb food blogs out there, like this one, and get advice from the pros. Frank McNamara (AUTHORS of BIG APPLE VISON) Health, Diet, Weight, Health Problems, Weight Problems, Wellness, Self Help, Weight Loss, Glycemix Index, Low Fat, Low Carb Diet, High Protein Diet, GI Diet, Blood Type Diet, Oprah's Weight Loss Secret, 3-Hour Diet, 6-Day Body Makeover, 8 Minutes in the Morning, ABS, Acid-Alkaline Diet, Atkins, Blood Type, Bob Greene, Body for Life, Cabbage Soup, Jenny Craig, Curves, Glucose Revolution, G.I. Basically the only carbohydrate I get is fruit at breakfast: half of a piece of fruit, half a pear, or sometime during the day I might have another piece of fruit after a ride.
Cindy Reid, Community Relation Manager of Barnes & Nobles said: The book is flying off the shelf.

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