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Ready-to-drink, or in a shake mix, choose from great tasting chocolate, vanilla or strawberry for a low carb, smooth and filling drink. Low carb breakfast muesli and rye crackers to give you the variety of food you want, without the carbs.
Atkins products can be found at your local Supermarket or Pharmacy in the Diet and Nutrition section.
You will probably be aware that one of the key elements of New Atkins involves reducing your carbohydrate intake. Our low carb bread mix is a great way to enjoy eating the meals you love without worrying about heavy carb intake.

Even if you have never baked your own bread before, creating the perfect loaf from our bread mix could not be easier. Your freshly baked low carb bread is best enjoyed while it is still warm, and is perfect in a number of delicious recipes, from your favourite comfort foods such as cheese on toast to tasty lunchtime sandwiches. As with all our range of New Atkins products, you can buy our low carb bread mix directly from our online shop, while it is also stocked in a range of supermarkets both on their shelves and online. If you would like more ideas, or you have found a particularly good recipe for your New Atkins bread, our online discussion forums are a great place to swap tips and ideas with your fellow dieters.
Bread is one carb that is particularly hard to avoid, as it can potentially crop up in any meal, from a slice of toast in the morning to a hamburger at dinner time.

At just 2.3g of carbs per slice, New Atkins bread contains much less than your standard shop-bought white or brown bread, and is just as delicious. You can even get really creative and use your bread in other mouth-watering recipes such as our herb stuffing, a perfect complement to a low carb Sunday roast. You can also ask for advice from our nutritionists on getting started with your New Atkins weight loss plan.

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