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Going low-carb high-fat, good amout of protein is well established as getting a lot of fat moving.I've played around with developing a vegan carb-nite version but stopped it for now since I found it is not very good for increasing strength, maintaining works well for me.
From my research Paleo is not really possible with a vegan diet and the rules don't make much sense, ie you can eat sweet potatoes but not normal potatoes.
You just need to surround yourself with successful bulkers for a week or so and you will see the bulking light. Still had chocolate in bed, still often ate almond butter from the tub before bed, but lost a bit of fat and just generally felt a bit better physically.Obviously this is just one approach, I didn't have 5kg to lose, but if you are naturally a lower weight then as JP said I'm sure you'll snap right back to it, and maybe this approach will help you lose the fat and not feel deprived.
I only ate after training, during the day I had coffee + coconut oil, maybe snacked on some nuts.

Cleaning up my diet would get my down to 94kg without a couple of months, but dont think my body composition would change that drastically and when I start bulking again don't think it would respond as quickly. In any case I didn't feel deprived with food choices, I enjoy a regimented routine and being master of my eating.
The advantage with these food choices for me I got rid of the bloat and flatulence from the lentils and other legumes I was eating regularly. It is all an experiment, will see what happens.Now back to low carb, I see paleo diets let you eat sweet potato and devils play things includes corn salad. 105kg for the animals!So far this looks like the best advice Solid advice if the bulking was working, been stuck at 100kg for a year now.

Can live with being massive or being cutted at the moment I am stuck in the middle ground of chubbiness, plus its mid winter so no tan.

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