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Low-carb diets can be very tempting because they allow you to shed pounds quickly and see virtually immediate results.
With that said, a short-term plan that’s low on carbs can be helpful if you think a quick jump-start will inspire you to stick to a more long-term weight loss regimen afterward. The food pyramid is defined as a graphic intended to illustrate the principles of good nutrition with fruits and vegetables on the bottom representing the bulk of a healthy diet and fats and oils at the top. Generally speaking, Food Pyramid is just a diagram (healthy diet) used in nutrition education that fits food groups into a special triangle. Usually at the base of Food Pyramid are introduced products which should be eaten more frequently than those at the top of pyramid.

But going without carbohydrates indefinitely isn’t conducive to a well-balanced diet or to long-term weight loss.
Products from next level of pyramid can be used for 2-4 servings per day and products from pyramid apex should be avoided or used very rare.
My late stage T2DM sister was recently admitted to the hospital, where they fed her a diet that was between 300 and 400 g of carbs per day (divided between 3 meals and 2 snacks).
Yes, you’ll lose water weight, but when you inevitably go back to eating bread, rice and sugar, the pounds will come right back on. This originally presented simple illustration (food pyramid) was very simple presentation of healthy diet.

Later different types of Food Pyramid were invented for schools, medical institutions and general public.

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