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Including foods with soluble fiber in your diet, such as white bread, bagels and pasta, can help lower blood cholesterol.A  And foods with lots of insoluble fiber, like whole grains and vegetables, can help keep your digestive system operating smoothly. 1.Add bite-sized turkey breast pieces, cantaloupe, grapes, low-fat mayonnaise, raisins and a few cashews to whole wheat pasta for a lighter version of a tasty pasta salad. 3.Toss broccoli, spinach or peppers into your favorite Oriental noodle recipe or make cold pasta salads with fresh fruits or raw vegetables. 4.Satisfy snack attacks with fresh fruit plus low-fat crackers, graham crackers or fig bars.
Fiber-minded adults and seniors can put pep in their step by choosing from a variety of fiber-rich foods. 1.Begin your day with a bowl of fruit-topped, whole grain or bran cereal and a slice of toast or a bagel with all-fruit spread.
3.Add barley, beans or whole-wheat crackers to soups or have a whole grain roll or a slice of bread on the side.
With very little effort, you can easily add more fiberA  to most of your meals - and snacks, as well.

Whole grain muffins and fruit or vegetable breads make satisfying alternatives to empty calorie candy bars. Garnished with sliced oranges, raisins, parsley or a sprinkle of pecans, these tasty sides give you more fiber for your mouthful.
To get enough fiber, the National Institute on Aging recommends eating three servings of whole-grain products, three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit each day.
For example, introduce whole grain taste to the family by using one slice of white bread and one slice of 100% whole wheat bread when making sandwiches.
Try whole wheat bread pudding with fruit, or perhaps a treat as tasty as a whole grain muffin strikes your fancy. Most of the fiber is in the skin, which will help the digestive tract and may prevent colon cancer. Add whole wheat bread or cracker crumbs, oatmeal, oat bran or crushed bran cereal to your favorite meatloaf recipe.
By eating a balanced diet based on the USDAa€™s MyPyramid, most people wona€™t need fiber supplements.

AsYouAge reviews and updates its content regularly when new and relevant information is made available.
Thata€™s especially important if youa€™re taking medication, which can sometimes block the movement of fiber through your digestive system. This information is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional advice in any area: health, medical, legal, insurance, financial or any other area.
Ita€™sA  OK to reward yourself with an oatmeal raisin cookie or small slice of blueberry pie. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health provider, or caregiver, attorney, financial, insurance expert or other specialist prior to starting, dropping or changing your current program or have questions or concernsA  regarding current or anticipated issues.

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